Adjika with tomatoes and garlic

Adjika with tomatoes and garlic

In each kitchen there is a group of hot spices and snacks, perfectly suited to meat dishes. Many of them are prepared on the basis of vegetables, hot spices and spices. In the Caucasus, adjika is one of such seasonings. Here it is made from hot peppers, garlic and salt, which is thick and oily. This seasoning relished many of our compatriots, but to some it seems unusually spicy and salty. As a result, skillful housewives adapted her recipe to include tomatoes. Adjika with tomatoes and garlic is more tender and juicy than traditional Abkhazian, and it is good in its own way. It can also be served with meat, and can be used instead of a savory snack or even spread on a sandwich.

Cooking Features

Adjika with tomatoes and garlic can be raw, that is, cooked without heat treatment, and boiled. Additional ingredients may be added to it. Most often it is Bulgarian pepper, onion, apples. Of course, the seasonings made according to such different recipes will differ, but you can also identify the general features of the preparation of this dish.

  • For adzhika you need to choose ripe, you can even overripe tomatoes. Fruits are allowed to be cracked. The main thing that they were not rotten, spoiled.
  • Pieces of tomato skins that come across in seasoning make it less palatable. Therefore, most of the time, tomatoes need not only to be ground with a blender or scrolled through a meat grinder, but also cleaned. If you do not know the small subtleties, this process can take a lot of time. But in fact, there is a simple way of removing the skin from tomatoes, and, knowing it, you will be able to cope in a matter of minutes. Boil the water. Cut the tomatoes crosswise. Throw the vegetables for a couple of minutes in boiling water. Shumovka shift into a bowl of cold water. After a few minutes, remove the tomatoes from the cold water and, grasping the skin at the lagging tips, remove it.
  • Almost always hot peppers are also included in the adjika of tomatoes and garlic. It is also required to grind. This can be done without peeling the seeds from the seeds or after they have been extracted. In the first case, the seasoning will be much sharper.
  • When handling garlic and hot peppers, protect your hands with gloves. Otherwise you may get burned. This is especially likely if you cook adjika in large quantities.
  • Garlic loses its spiciness during cooking. If you want him to keep his savory taste, add it only 10 minutes before the snack is ready.
  • Be sure to sterilize the jars into which you plan to pour the adjika. Otherwise, it will quickly deteriorate, regardless of the method of preparation.

Adjika, made without cooking, can only be stored in the refrigerator. If the seasoning has been subjected to prolonged heat treatment, it can also be stored at room temperature.

Adjika from tomatoes and garlic without cooking

Composition (4 liters):

  • tomatoes - 3 kg;
  • sweet pepper - 1, 2 kg;
  • garlic - 150 g;
  • hot peppers - 100 g;
  • table vinegar (9 percent) - 150 ml;
  • salt - 40 g.

Method of preparation:

  • Wash, dry and slice tomatoes. Dip for a few minutes in boiling water, then cool by transferring to an ice water tank. Clean up.
  • Cut the stem with seals near them. Cut tomato pulp into large slices.
  • Peel the garlic.
  • Wash the sweet pepper. Cut the stalk and remove the seeds. Rinse, dry and cut into large, long pieces.
  • Wash hot peppers. Remove the stalk. Cut each pod into several pieces. If you want to get a spicy seasoning, do not remove the seeds, otherwise it is better to get rid of them.
  • Scroll through the ingredients in a meat grinder. You can use the blender, if you find it more convenient.
  • Place the vegetable mixture in a common container. Salt, pour vinegar. Mix well. Leave to infuse for an hour.

As long as adjika insists, you will have plenty of time to prepare the jars. Then they will remain filled with fragrant seasoning, tightly closed and put in the refrigerator.

Classic adjika with tomatoes and garlic

Composition (5 l):

  • tomatoes - 2 kg;
  • garlic - 0.5 kg;
  • Bulgarian pepper - 3 kg;
  • hot peppers - 0, 3 kg;
  • vegetable oil - 100 ml;
  • table vinegar (9 percent) - 40 ml;
  • sugar - 40 g;
  • salt - 40 g.

Method of preparation:

  • Prepare the tomatoes by peeling them and cutting them into pieces.
  • Wash and clean both types of pepper.
  • Separate garlic cloves, peel them.
  • Separately, turn the tomatoes, peppers and garlic through a meat grinder.
  • Tomato and pepper puree mix, garlic mass, set aside to the side.
  • Place the saucepan with the tomato and pepper sauce on the fire. Heat until it starts to boil.
  • Pour salt and sugar, pour in vinegar and oil. Cook over low heat, stirring occasionally, for an hour and a half.
  • 10 minutes before the readiness, enter the garlic, mix.

A ready-made snack is only needed to spread out over prepared cans and roll them up. Such adjika is well worth it at room temperature.

Simple adjika recipe from tomatoes and garlic

Composition (4 liters):

  • tomatoes - 2 kg;
  • garlic - 5 heads;
  • hot pepper - 2 kg;
  • salt - 40 g.

Method of preparation:

  • Peel tomatoes, mince.
  • Remove seeds from pepper. Chop the pepper with a meat grinder and mix with the tomato puree.
  • Use a blender or meat grinder to chop the peeled garlic.
  • Place a saucepan with tomato puree and pepper on the fire and bring to a boil.
  • Add salt and garlic. Cook for 7-8 minutes.
  • Spread over sterilized jars, tightly close them.
  • Turn and wrap the cans, leaving them so that they cool.

This very hot seasoning should be stored in a cool place. It does not have to be a fridge - a cellar or an unheated pantry will also work.

Adjika with tomatoes, garlic and apples


  • tomatoes - 2, 5 kg;
  • garlic - 0, 2 kg;
  • capsicum - 150 g;
  • Bulgarian pepper - 1 kg;
  • carrots - 1 kg;
  • apples - 1 kg;
  • salt - 60 g;
  • sugar - 150 g;
  • vegetable oil - 150 ml;
  • table vinegar (9 percent) - 150 ml.

Method of preparation:

  • Wash and peel the fruits and vegetables.
  • Twist them through the meat grinder. Chop garlic separately.
  • Set aside the garlic, stir the remaining vegetables. Applesauce should also be mixed with vegetables.
  • Put the resulting puree in a thick-bottomed saucepan.
  • Put on a low fire and cook for an hour.
  • Pour in the oil and vinegar, add sugar and salt, as well as garlic. Stir.
  • Continue cooking for 10 minutes.
  • Spread over prepared banks, seal them and store them in storage in the pantry.

According to this recipe, the seasoning is not too hot, so it can be served as an independent snack.

Adjika with tomatoes and garlic is one of the most popular seasonings. It can be served with meat or as a separate dish.

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