How to germinate wheat

How to germinate wheat

There are a lot of secrets of youth, health and beauty, in each of them there is a grain of truth. If you think about it, then following even the simplest and most well-known rules can lead to a very good result. But who performs them: does not eat after six, leads an active lifestyle, walks in the fresh air, goes to bed on time? But it is so simple and, moreover, completely free.

Probably, the realization that magic does not happen and the miracle pill, like the time machine has not yet been invented, comes to everyone in due time. Then the person begins to see the rational in the most simple recommendations. One of these recipes - old, proven and well-known is eating sprouted wheat. Many articles have been written about its beneficial and medicinal properties, the effectiveness of this product has been scientifically proven, it is used in dietology, cosmetology and traditional medicine.

The results of wheat germination are simply excellent and at the same time do not require much effort and financial costs to prepare. Everybody can sprout wheat at home - it’s not at all difficult. Try it and you will have a super-useful biologically active product on your table every day.

How to germinate wheat at home?

First you need to buy wheat grain - they are sold in supermarkets, markets, online stores. It is better to buy “medium” grains - not exactly dirty, full of husk, but not crystal-clear, prepared for a spoiled buyer.

Determine for wheat germination some capacity. It is most convenient to use flat plastic containers or trays, large dishes with sides, bowls, basins. Dry wheat is poured into the container, the amount depends on how much finished product you need and what size container you choose. For the first time, try sprouting a small portion of wheat, about 50-100 grams, to taste it and estimate the volume that you can eat. If you are cooking wheat for several people, then increase the dosage according to the number of eaters.

Next, the wheat should be poured with water - not cold and not hot, perfect water at room temperature. Leave the wheat for several hours, about two to four hours, and then wash it under running water. You will see a muddy sediment - it will need to be washed, some grains may float up - they must be removed, as they are empty and useless. By the way, the amount of waste well helps to assess the quality of wheat of one or another seller, so pay attention to it. Also, the percentage of germinated grains will tell you about the quality, wheat is considered good when sprouted 95-97%. Water should be drained, and wet wheat in a container should be covered with a lid with holes or a damp cloth so that the moisture does not evaporate too quickly. Wheat should be germinated in coolness, preferably in a refrigerator, since it can sour or ferment in heat. When sprouting wheat in the refrigerator on the bottom shelf or in the vegetable compartment, it should be washed twice a day. When germinating wheat at room temperature, it should be washed more frequently, about once every 6 hours.

Sprouts hatch on day 2 - they can already be eaten. Sprouted wheat continues to be kept in the fridge and washed until it is out of stock. From wheat with large shoots - in 7-10 cm you can squeeze the healthy juice. The rate of wheat germ per person - 1 tablespoon per day, it can be eaten on an empty stomach, added to vegetable and fruit salads, fresh juices, muesli, porridge. It is useful to eat wheat germ with honey and lemon juice.

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