Lamb stewed with vegetables in a slow cooker

Lamb stewed with vegetables in a slow cooker

Mistresses who have a multicooker, unanimously claim that it greatly simplifies the process of cooking.

The food in the crock-pot does not burn even with a minimal amount of liquid, because during operation the water cycle occurs inside: boiling steam rises upward, settles on the inside of the lid in the form of large drops, and those, in turn, flow back into the bowl.

In the slow cooker, you can cook absolutely everything. In it, even the stew turns out to be especially tasty.

Take, for example, lamb. Because of the peculiar smell, many housewives do not want to cook dinner out of it. And you just need to choose the right meat, because the smell is only in adult meat, especially male. Young lamb turns out juicy and tasty even with the minimum amount of spices.

To distinguish young meat from the old is simple. Young meat of light red or pinkish color has white fat and almost does not smell. If it is dark red, and the fat is yellow and an unpleasant odor emanates from it, then there is an adult in front of you. And without soaking, marinating you can not do.


In the Asian, Caucasian cuisine and in some European lamb cook and the first and second courses.

  • But, given the peculiar flavor that comes from lamb during cooking, it is recommended to cook this meat with a lot of vegetables, seasonings and spices. And they should have a pronounced aroma, but not enough to drown out the natural smell of meat.
  • Feel free to add onion, garlic, pepper, eggplant, potatoes, tomatoes, as well as beans, turnips, carrots, beans and greens to mutton.
  • If you got a lamb with a smell, cut it into pieces, sprinkle with vinegar, lemon juice or wine. After keeping in the marinade, the smell will hardly be felt, and the meat will become softer. Try not to use vinegar if you intend to cook lamb with potatoes, as the acid will keep the potatoes hard for a long time.
  • In accordance with some recipes, the meat is first fried, and then vegetables are added alternately. Such dishes are nourishing, with a rich taste and a concentrated gravy.
  • Other recipes require meats and vegetables to be laid together. In this case, they are not mixed. In the process of cooking there is an abundant release of liquid from vegetables and meat, and they are stewed in their own juice. This dish is almost dietary and very tasty.
  • Lamb with vegetables can become sweet and sour if you stew it with tomatoes and paprika. If you cook meat with the addition of garlic, adjika, red pepper, then the dish will be with a spicy taste.
  • When cooking lamb, do not brown it until brown. Such meat as a result will lose juiciness and it will turn out less tasty.
  • If the meat is not young, fry it, then pour in some water and stew until soft. And only then put the vegetables. Otherwise they will be digested, and the meat will remain tough.
  • Lamb with vegetables can be both the first course and the second. It all depends on how much liquid you pour into the bowl. Instead of water, you can take broth, beer, wine, tomato juice, liquid sour cream. And then if you have the same composition of vegetables, you will always get dishes with a completely new taste.

Lamb stewed with vegetables in a slow cooker: a first recipe


  • lamb - 800 g;
  • onions - 2 pcs .;
  • carrots - 2 pcs .;
  • tomatoes - 6 pcs .;
  • Bulgarian red pepper - 2 pcs .;
  • ghee - 30 g;
  • salt;
  • bay leaf - 2 pcs .;
  • peppercorns - 10 pcs .;
  • sugar - 0, 3 tsp;
  • dry seasoning for meat - 0, 5 tsp;
  • garlic - 5 cloves.

Preparation Method

  • Lamb cut into portions. Sprinkle with seasoning and leave for one hour to let the meat marinate a little.
  • Switch on the slow cooker in the “Frying” mode. Pour butter into the bowl, melt, put the pieces of meat. Fry on all sides to form a crispy crust.
  • Put the onion cut in wide half rings. Stir. Fry until soft onions.
  • Rub the carrots on a Korean grater, put them in the bowl. Stir again.
  • Pepper seeds are removed, cut into large pieces. Put in a bowl.
  • After 2-3 minutes, add diced tomatoes. When they give the juice, pour in half a glass of water, put pepper in peas, close the lid. Switch the slow cooker to the “Quenching” program and cook the meat for 1 hour.
  • Salt, put bay leaf, sugar and chopped garlic. Simmer another 15-20 minutes. Serve the lamb with vegetables with mashed potatoes, buckwheat, crumbly rice or pasta.

Lamb stewed with vegetables in a slow cooker: a second recipe


  • lamb - 800 g;
  • onions - 3 pcs .;
  • carrots - 1 pc .;
  • eggplants - 1 pc .;
  • Bulgarian pepper - 2 pcs .;
  • bitter red pepper - a small piece;
  • tomatoes - 5 pcs .;
  • vegetable oil - 2 tbsp. l .;
  • salt;
  • sugar - 0, 3 tsp;
  • ground coriander - 1 tsp.

Preparation Method

  • Cut the prepared lamb into medium sized pieces. Put in a heated bowl with one spoon of oil. Fry in “Frying” mode until golden brown. Put the chopped onion.
  • When it is slightly roasted, pour half a glass of hot water, close the lid and, having set the program “Quenching”, cook the meat for 30 minutes. Salt it.
  • During this time, cut the carrot into slices, peeled peppers from the seeds - in wide strips, and chop the pepper and garlic.
  • Cut the eggplants lengthwise and then cut them across. Salt lightly and leave for 20 minutes. Released juice drain.
  • Place carrots, eggplants, and pepper in a bowl. Lower the lid.
  • Pour the remaining oil into the pan. When the dishes are warm, put the sliced ​​tomatoes, garlic, hot peppers, coriander, sugar and fry until the tomatoes have a uniform consistency.
  • Cover the vegetables with this sauce. Stew until soft meat and vegetables. Serve with any side dish.

Lamb stewed with vegetables in a slow cooker: third recipe


  • lamb - 700 g;
  • onions - 2 pcs .;
  • carrots - 1 pc .;
  • potatoes - 800 g;
  • Bulgarian pepper - 1 pc .;
  • garlic - 5 cloves;
  • butter melted - 50 g;
  • tomatoes - 3 pcs .;
  • salt;
  • black pepper;
  • bay leaf - 3 pcs .;
  • cumin - pinch.

Preparation Method

  • Turn on the “Hot” mode. Cut the lamb into chunks, place in a bowl heated with butter. Fry until golden brown.
  • Cut onion and carrot into straws, add to meat and fry everything together.
  • Put the diced potatoes, mix, cook for 5 minutes.
  • Pepper seeds, peeled, cut into strips, cut tomatoes into cubes, chop garlic. Put it in the bowl. Salt, pepper, put bay leaf and cumin. Stir.
  • Close the cover. Switch to the quenching program and cook for 1 hour.

Mistress to note

If in your multicooker there is no “Frying” mode, replace it with “Baking” mode.

Fry meat and vegetables with the lid open, close the lid while stewing.

The “Stewing” program can be replaced by the “Soup” function, but you should be prepared for the fact that the dish will boil more actively.

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