Wedding snacks - how to treat relatives and friends? Original wedding snack recipes: canapés, rolls and stuffed eggs

Wedding snacks - how to treat relatives and friends? Original wedding snack recipes: canapés, rolls and stuffed eggs

There are always a lot of hot dishes and cold snacks on the wedding holiday table. Soups, second, roasts, salads, pickles and other-other dishes that catch the eye and stimulate the appetite.

It is important that wedding snacks are varied and each guest finds a treat to his taste.

Wedding snacks - general principles

Wedding snacks can be expensive: made from red fish, red and black caviar, ham, hard cheese, olives, various nuts, fruits, meat, etc. There is also a budget version of wedding snacks: pickles, eggs, processed cheese, pickled mushrooms, vegetables, crab sticks, etc.

Whatever products are chosen for snacks for a wedding, they can be prepared both tasty and beautiful, correctly combining the ingredients.

Usually salads, sandwiches, tartlets, canapés, slices are made as snacks. You should not overlook the greens - its presence on the table will give the table an elegant refreshing look.

1. Wedding snacks: sandwiches with red caviar


• red caviar - 2 small jars;

• butter - 80 g;

• 1 baguette.

And so that the sandwiches look nice and appetizing on the festive table, take another half a bunch of fresh parsley, dill and one lemon.


1. First, prepare all the necessary ingredients: lemon and parsley thoroughly wash, dry on napkins.

2. Cut the baguette into thin slices no thicker than two centimeters. When choosing a baguette for sandwiches, give preference to a flour product with a crispy crust, this baguette is easier to cut and looks beautiful.

3. Cut the lemon into thinner slices, after each circle, cut it in half, tear the parsley into arbitrary pieces, and leave the dill in whole twigs.

4. Each piece of sliced ​​baguette thoroughly grease softened butter.

5. Top with a small amount of red caviar, evenly distributing it over the entire surface of a piece of baguette. 6. Garnish with lemon and parsley sandwiches.

7. Put the sandwiches on a flat portion of the dish, next to a beautiful lay out the twigs of dill and lemon slices.

2. Wedding snack made from crab sticks


• 3 packs of crab sticks;

• Dutch cheese - 80 g;

• egg - 3 pcs .;

• garlic - 5 cloves;

• a small bunch of fresh dill;

• any mayonnaise - 80 g.

And for a beautiful supply of wedding snacks, take two more leaves of Batavia salad.


1. If you have frozen crab sticks, remove them from the freezer before cooking so that they are thawed.

2. Wash eggs, put them in a small saucepan, cover with water and boil on medium heat after boiling for five minutes. Cooked eggs cool in cold water, peel and remove the yolk from the protein. Grind proteins on a fine grater and put in a small cup. Chop the yolks too and put them in a separate cup.

3. Rinse the dill with cold water, shake it off, get rid of moisture, chop with a knife.

4. Grind Dutch cheese grated (you can take any cheese, for example, Russian or Gouda, only to be hard) and place in a cup with chopped proteins. Squeeze the peeled garlic through the garlic pan in the same cup, mix everything well.

5. Also in a cup of proteins, cheese and garlic, put a little mayonnaise, again, thoroughly stir until a smooth consistency.

6. Unwrap the crab sticks, brush them with a thin layer of protein and cheese filling. Roll up a roll.

7. Dip the remaining mayonnaise on both sides, sprinkle with chopped yolks.

8. Cover a flat portion dish with lettuce leaves and put crab sticks on them.

3. Wedding snacks: stuffed eggs with walnuts and cheese


• 4 chicken eggs;

• 70 grams of Dutch or Russian cheese;

• 50 grams of any mayonnaise;

• 2 handfuls of peeled walnuts;

• garlic - 5 cloves;

• 10 grams of salt and black pepper.

And for a beautiful serving, take three leaves of green salad Batavia. And to decorate the finished stuffed eggs, take a small bunch of fresh parsley and one pomegranate. Preparation:

1. Rinse the parsley and salad well, dry on paper napkins.

2. Peel the garlic.

3. Cut the pomegranate in two halves, remove the grains, put them on a separate plate.

4. Wash eggs and boil in salted water for five minutes. Cool in cold water, free from shell. Cut in half, remove the yolk. Place the yolks in a deep cup and crush with a fork.

5. Grate cheese with fine teeth and add it to yolks.

6. Sort out the walnuts so that there is no garbage, chop them in a blender and add to the yolks and cheese.

7. Add garlic chopped in a garlic dish, add salt, black pepper, mix well.

8. Put the mayonnaise, mix again.

9. Lettuce leaves tear your hands into small pieces, put one piece inside each half of the egg.

10. Stuff the cooked egg stuffing.

11. Put the stuffed eggs on a flat dish, garnish with pomegranate seeds and parsley sprigs on top.

4. Wedding snacks: homemade salted salmon


• 1 medium salmon;

• sea salt, sugar - 20 grams;

• black pepper powder - 10 grams;

• Lavrushka leaves.

And to decorate the finished snack, take the leaves of green lettuce, half a bunch of parsley. And, of course, not one fish dish or snack is served at the table without a few slices of lemon.


1. First, prepare the salmon: if you use a whole carcass, then cut off the head, fins, cut the abdomen and remove all the insides. Separate the skin, cut the ridge. But, if you need to make a snack very quickly, you can buy salmon that has already been cut. Rinse the salmon fillet well with cold water, place it on a metal grid to make excess water over the glass, cut it into two identical pieces.

2. Prepare the mixture for salting the fish: pour sea salt, sugar, and mix into a small cup. Rub the salmon pieces well. Rub the fish only with sea salt and sugar, without using other seasonings, as they will discourage the delicate taste of the fish, and the appetizer will turn out not so fragrant. 3. Put the pieces of fish in a deep cup, sprinkle with black pepper, put laurel and a few slices of lemon.

4. Top the fish with a lid, put something heavy on the lid to press it on the fish, put the cup in the refrigerator for 24 hours.

5. After this time has elapsed, remove the container of fish from the refrigerator, drain the liquid that has evolved and put it in the refrigerator again for the same time.

6. Cut the prepared salted salmon into slices, place it beautifully on a flat dish, pre-laid with lettuce leaves, garnish with parsley leaves and lemon slices.

5. Wedding snacks: fruit canapes


• 1 medium banana;

• 1 Kiwi;

• 1 small sprig of any grapes;

• canned pineapples - 125 grams.

And for stringing fruit, take a wooden toothpick. The exact number of toothpicks in the recipe is not indicated, it all depends on the number of canapés being prepared.


1. Wash all fruits well with cold water.

2. Peel a banana and kiwi (if you want to make a lot of canapes, then you can take more fruit), cut the bananas into circles, kiwi in small cubes.

3. Pineapples reach from the jar, cut into small pieces.

4. Spread bananas first on toothpicks, then kiwi cubes, pineapple and last grapes berry. But you can change the sequence as you like.

5. Place the finished fruit canapes on a flat, small tray.

6. Wedding snacks: fried cheese balls


• slightly less than half a kilo of Dutch cheese;

• 2 eggs;

• 3 handfuls of peeled walnuts;

• flour - half a glass;

• vegetable oil - 1 cup;

• 5 g of salt;

• salad greens - 3 leaves;

• half a lemon for serving.


1. Divide raw eggs into yolks and whites. Set aside the yolks and whites the whites with a mixer at low power (you can whisk with a whisk) until a stable foam.

2. Grate cheese with fine teeth, pour into whipped whites.

3. Form a small ball of cheese and squirrel mass by rolling a piece of walnut into the middle (you can take any nuts, for example, hazelnuts, peanuts and others). 4. Dip each bead in flour.

5. Pour vegetable oil into a deep metal container, heat well and place the formed balls, fry until golden brown appears.

6. Spread the lettuce leaves on a flat small tray and lay the fried cheese balls, decorate with lemon slices. Next to the tray in a small saucepan, put tomato ketchup.

7. Wedding snacks: chicken roll with prunes and dried apricots


• Two breasts;

• 160 grams of prunes;

• A couple of garlic cloves;

• a piece of cheese;

• salt, pepper, butter, mayonnaise.


1. Rinse prunes, cover with water for 40 minutes.

2. Breast fillet, cut each piece of fillet is not completely across. Cover with cling film, gently repel.

3. Salt and pepper each chop, brush with mayonnaise, sprinkle with grated cheese.

4. Squeeze the prunes, cut them into small cubes, spread over the cheese.

5. Chop garlic and sprinkle it with prunes.

6. Fold the fillet with a thick roll, tie with cooking thread.

7. Put the rolls in a greased form, grease the fillets.

8. Bake at a moderate temperature for half an hour.

9. Cool the finished rolls, cut, decorate with fresh greens.

Wedding Snacks - Tricks and Useful Tips

Any wedding snack can be beaten in a festive way, responsibly approaching the decoration of the dish.

Use citruses, berries, greens, nuts, grated chocolate - it all depends on the composition of the snack.

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