Pickled eggplants - quick, tasty, fragrant! All methods of cooking quick and tasty pickled eggplants

Pickled eggplants - quick, tasty, fragrant! All methods of cooking quick and tasty pickled eggplants

Eggplants can be not only stewed or fried, but also marinated. In this form, they turn out just awesome, sometimes do not even differ in taste from wild mushrooms. In order not to wait for a long time result and have no doubt in the end, you can prepare marinated snacks in quick ways.

Your attention is invited to a selection of the most successful recipes.

Pickled Eggplants - General Cooking Principles

Eggplants can taste bitter, which makes them tasteless. It is for this reason that the vegetable is often poured with salt or poured with concentrated brine, allowed to infuse. But before marinating, eggplants are usually boiled. You can do this in salted water and the unpleasant taste will go away. After cooking, you need to squeeze the vegetables. You can simply put them on an incline under the yoke. Next, eggplant is cut, if it is not done in advance, and combine with other products according to the recipe.

With what you can cook:

• pepper sweet and hot;

• carrot;

• garlic;

• greenery.

Marinade usually cooked with vinegar. Add salt and sugar to it. Often in the eggplant add oil. Water is not always added. There are concentrated marinades, there are options on juices, usually it is a tomato. Eggplant snacks often have different spices. It can be a Korean spice mix, different peppers, coriander. If it seems that the seasoning is too much or just something not to your taste, you can reduce the amount or remove some components.

Very tasty pickled eggplants: quick and tasty

A variant of very simple, tasty and quick pickled eggplants. For this dish, it is desirable to choose small vegetables, in which there will not be a lot of seeds.


• 500 g eggplant;

• a bunch of dill;

• garlic head;

• half a teaspoon of salt;

• 20 ml of vinegar;

• 30 grams of oil;

• mute coriander.


1. Cut off the tips of the eggplants with a sharp knife, make several punctures in the vegetables, throw them into boiling water and boil for about ten minutes. Remove, cool, squeeze out excess water. 2. While the eggplants are cooling, prepare the marinade. For it we use 3% ordinary vinegar. At the back of any bottle are the proportions of dilution

3. Combine the vinegar with the oil. It is best to use unrefined sunflower or olive oil for pickling. Add salt to it, put spices and grind.

4. Cut the peeled garlic cloves, chop finely fresh dill, mix. Instead of dill, you can use parsley. Some people like to use cilantro. You can take a mixture of different greens, but not more than one beam, as it will also absorb the marinade.

5. Chopped eggplants cut along the stripes. First in half, then again and again.

6. Pour some greens on the bottom of the container, lay out a layer of eggplants, pour marinade with spices and sprinkle with herbs again.

7. Repeat layers of eggplants and greens, trying to evenly distribute the marinade. Close the container, turn upside down, leave for a couple of hours.

8. Return the container to its normal position, rearrange it in the fridge, stand for another couple of hours and the eggplants are ready!

Korean pickled eggplants: quick and tasty

The recipe is simply amazing pickled eggplants, they can be quickly and tasty cooked for dinner or for the holiday table. Be sure to try! One of the main ingredients, in addition to vegetables, is soy sauce.


• three eggplants;

• one sweet pepper;

• cilantro beam floor;

• four cloves of garlic;

• 10 g sesame seeds;

• 1 tsp. (can be less) hot peppers;

• 70 ml of oil;

• 20 grams of soy. sauce;

• half a spoonful of sugar;

• 2 tsp. vinegar.


1. Wash the eggplant. We make several punctures with a sharp knife.

2. Boil a couple of liters of water, throw a spoonful of salt and throw in eggplants. Boil until soft, but do not overdo it, 7-8 minutes is enough.

3. We take out the vegetables from the boiling water, lay out on the board under the slope, from above we put the oppression so that the water flows out.

4. While the eggplants are cooling, you need to cut the Bulgarian pepper into thin strips, chop the garlic and the washed greens. You can mix them right away. 5. Cut the cooled eggplants into sticks or long straws, as you prefer. Combine with other vegetables, add soy sauce, sugar, vinegar and stir.

6. Heat the vegetable oil, throw hot pepper into it, add sesame seeds, hold for a few seconds on the fire, remove and pour over the vegetables.

7. Quickly stir, cover with a tight lid, leave for an hour warm. Then stand an eggplant for another couple of hours in the fridge. You can periodically stir to marinating process went faster.

Pickled eggplants: we make mushrooms quickly and tasty!

The variant is very similar to mushrooms marinated eggplant, very fast and tasty. You can have a snack in a few hours. But it is still better to let the eggplants stand and soak in the refrigerator for several hours.


• 1.2 kg of eggplants;

• 6 Art. l vinegar 9%;

• 1.5 liters of water;

• 1 tbsp. l salts;

• one small head of garlic;

• a bunch of dill;

• 100 g of oil.


1. You can clean the eggplants before use, then they will look even more like mushrooms. Cut into cubes of one and a half centimeters.

2. Boil water, add salt, pour eggplant and boil for about three minutes. Vegetable must reach readiness, but not boil soft. Merge into a colander.

3. A bunch of washed dill chopped, combine with eggplants, which should have cooled.

4. Peel the head of garlic, but it is possible and less, also chopped, shifted to eggplant.

5. Mix vinegar with vegetable oil, pour in eggplants. Optionally put any spices.

6. We mix everything carefully, put it in a jar or even a few. We put in the fridge, let the vegetables soak for several hours.

Pickled eggplants: quick and tasty (with carrots and greens)

This snack is prepared for two days, but the result is simply amazing. To cook pickled eggplants quickly and it turned out delicious. Choose small fruits. They are gentle, without seeds, well soaked.


• 10 small eggplants;

• 5 cloves of garlic;

• cilantro or parsley (small bunch); • three large carrots;

• a pair of tablespoons of oil;

• 800 ml of water in marinade;

• 2 tbsp. l vinegar (take 9%);

• 2 tbsp. l salt in marinade;

• six peppercorns.


1. For each eggplant, cut the stem and small tip. Use a sharp knife to cut a sore pocket, without cutting through to the very end.

2. Put the eggplants in lightly salted boiling water, boil for about seven minutes. Transfer to a colander, let cool.

3. Boil the water for the marinade with pepper and salt. Leave on the table, let it cool. Then add vinegar and a couple of tablespoons of vegetable mass, which will improve and slightly smooth the taste of the marinade.

4. Grate the carrot into large strips, add chopped greens and garlic, mix the filling thoroughly. You can add different spices to it and mash well.

5. Fold the carrot mass over the eggplants and tie each one with threads so that nothing falls out.

6. Put the stuffed vegetables in the pan or container, pour the prepared marinade, close and send in the refrigerator. After a couple of days you can try.

Spicy pickled eggplants: quick and tasty

The sharp version of pickled eggplants, very fast and tasty.


• seven eggplants;

• two chili;

• two bell peppers;

• 0.5 Art. vinegar 3%;

• 1 tsp. Korean Spice Blend;

• five art. l oils.

• salt 12 g.


1. Cut the eggplants in half lengthwise, dip in boiling water and boil for 4 minutes. Remove, cool, squeeze out excess liquid from the pulp.

2. Cut the peppers into strips, sharp pods as small as possible.

3. Boiled eggplants cut across the slices, get small sticks, combine with two kinds of pepper. If desired, add herbs and garlic to the appetizer.

4. Pour vinegar, add salt, add Korean spices, stir.

5. At the end, pour in the oil, stir again, remove the appetizer for a few hours in a cool place, let it marinate.

Tomato Pickled Eggplants: Quick and Delicious

A variant of simple, fast and tasty eggplants marinated in tomato. It is advisable to use pure juice without skins and pulp, it will be much tastier. Ingredients

• five eggplants;

• five cloves of garlic;

• 500 ml of juice;

• 20 ml of vinegar;

• 1 tsp. pepper mixes;

• dill beam floor;

• 20 g of sugar;

• five grams of salt.


1. First, cut the eggplants lengthwise into two halves, then each part across into 3-4 pieces, depending on the desired size.

2. Salt the water, put on the stove. After boiling lay out the pieces of eggplant and boil for two minutes. Drain into a colander, let the water drain. After cooling down, squeeze in addition with your hands or immediately put a small yoke, right in the colander.

3. Put tomato juice on the stove, bring to a boil, remove the froth if it appears. Pour the sugar. Add vinegar, salt and pepper. You can put any spices to your taste. Boil a minute. Turn off the fire.

4. Cut the garlic and greens, mix with eggplants.

5. Pour the appetizer with hot tomato juice with vinegar, stir and cover.

6. Waiting for complete cooling, then send the eggplants for a couple of hours in the fridge.

Pickled Eggplants - Tips and Tricks

• Mature eggplants have not only hard seeds, but also a peel. Better in this case, shoot it.

• The larger the eggplant and spelles, the more harmful substances it contains. It is corned beef that gives bitterness, which can be soaked, but still it is better to choose young and small vegetables.

• If the taste of ordinary vinegar does not like or it is poorly tolerated, you can use apple vinegar, it is more useful. There are recipes of pickled dishes with diluted citric acid and even with juice.

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