Spicy Korean cucumbers for the winter: this is where the overgrown cucumbers go! Features of cooking Korean-style cucumbers for the winter

Spicy Korean cucumbers for the winter: this is where the overgrown cucumbers go! Features of cooking Korean-style cucumbers for the winter

Many people like Korean salads, but not everyone knows that you can cook them yourself for the whole winter.

Korean salads are prepared from various vegetables, combining them with spices and seasonings. For example, Korean cucumbers are very tasty for winter.

Korean-style cucumbers for the winter - general principles of cooking

Often in the beds, cucumbers outgrow and are no longer suitable for salting or pickling. It is from such overgrown cucumbers that the most delicious winter harvest in the form of cucumbers in Korean will turn out.

For salad, cucumbers are cut into cubes, ringlets, quarters, or grated (for Korean or ordinary carrots). Additionally, following the recipe, add other vegetables. This may be sweet peppers, tomatoes, onions, garlic, carrots, etc.

A mixture of vegetables is seasoned with spices, some sunflower oil, white sugar, salt and apple or table vinegar are added. Everything is mixed, covered and left for a few hours in a warm place to let the cucumbers juice. Some recipes require additional heat treatment, i.e. vegetables before sterilization stew.

Then the cucumbers are arranged in sterile jars and sterilized from 15 to 30 minutes. The time depends on the displacement of the glass container. Half-liter jars are usually sterilized for no more than 15 minutes, and a liter container is half an hour.

For preservation of cucumbers in Korean for the winter, as well as for other blanks, you need to prepare banks in advance. To do this, they are well washed with soda solution, rinsed and sterilized. This can be done in different ways. Steam over the hot steam, calcined in a microwave or put on a baking sheet, fill every third by water and put for 15 minutes in the oven (200-220 degrees). Covers for seaming also need to wipe thoroughly from the remnants of factory oil and boil, dropping in a saucepan with water.

After seaming, the jars must be installed on the lids, wrap up the heat and soak until completely cooled. Such conservation should be kept in a cool room, cellar or basement. There are a lot of recipes for cooking cucumbers in Korean and each housewife can choose the recipe you like.

Korean cucumbers for the winter with vegetables

Korean cucumbers for the winter - a spicy twist that will not leave anyone indifferent. Korean-style crispy cucumbers go well with fried potatoes or crumbly rice.


1. 2 kg of cucumbers;

2. 3 stuff sweet paprika;

3. 3 large tomatoes;

4. 2 large onion heads;

5. 1 whole garlic head;

6. 0.25 art. sunflower oil;

7. Spices - to taste.


For the recipe, pick cucumbers with thin skin and without bitterness. Wash and dry all vegetables well. With cucumbers cut the ass and cut into medium-sized straws, put in a bowl. Insist a couple of hours to stand out enough cucumber juice. To speed up this process, you can slightly salted and mixed vegetables.

In the meantime, prepare the remaining components. Free the pods of the Bulgarian pepper from the seeds and chop into sticks (it is better to choose fleshy sweet peppers). Peeled onions cut into thin half rings. Tomatoes cut into medium slices. For this preservation, tomatoes are better to choose fleshy, so they felt in the salad, and the consistency was not too thin.

Spread vegetable oil on the pan and, when it is hot, put onion rings. After time, put tomatoes and sweet peppers. Bring vegetables until soft, set aside and cool.

Stir the vegetable mass gently mixed with cucumbers and arrange in sterile jars. After sterilizing the salad jars, screw them up with iron lids and wrap them as described in the previous section of the article.

Korean cucumbers for the winter with carrots

This recipe is easy to prepare and does not take you too much time.


1. 4 kg cucumbers;

2. 1 tbsp. grated carrot;

3. 1 tbsp. white sugar;

4. 1 tbsp. simple vinegar (9%);

5. 1 tbsp. sunflower oil;

6. 100 gr. salt;

7. 4 garlic cloves.

Cooking Method:

Wash carrots thoroughly and clean. Using a special grater, rub it with straws, as for carrots in Korean. Measure one glass, filling it tightly. For this salad cucumbers, it is better to choose not very long neat, even forms. Wash well, dry and dissolve in length for 4-6 parts. Mix in a bowl cucumbers with carrots. Season vegetables with garlic, salt and red pepper. Mix all ingredients and leave for half a day so that the vegetables are soaked with spices, otmykli and let the juice.

Arrange the Korean-style cucumbers for the winter in one-liter jars, cover with clean lids, sterilize and roll up.

Spicy Korean cucumbers with soy sauce for the winter

Such an appetizer will greatly delight lovers of spicy cuisine, and soy sauce will soak up the appetizer with real Asian notes.


1. 4 kg of crispy cucumbers;

2. 1 kg of carrots;

3. 2 spoons of high quality soy sauce;

4. 100 gr. salt;

5. 1 tbsp. refined sunflower oil;

6. 1 tbsp. white sugar;

7. 4-5 garlic cloves;

8. 1 tbsp. 9% edible vinegar;

9. 15 gr. seasonings for the Korean carrot.

Cooking Method:

Cleaned washed vegetables (cut only butts off cucumbers) and process into thin “noodles” with a special knife or Korean terochka. Press down the garlic teeth with the flat side of a kitchen knife, remove the separated husk and finely chop it with a sharp knife.

Put cucumbers with carrots in a saucepan, season with garlic and spices. Separately mix soy sauce, rock salt with sugar and table vinegar. The resulting marinade pour Korean cucumbers for the winter, mix and leave to marinate for two to three hours. Then arrange the salad in sterile jars and, after sterilizing it for 10 minutes, roll it up.

Korean cucumber-garlic salad

This winter twist will appeal to real lovers of spicy snacks.


1. 4 large garlic heads;

2. 1 tbsp. white refined sugar;

3. 1 cup ordinary vinegar (6%);

4. 4 kg cucumbers;

5. 2 tablespoons ground black pepper;

6. 1 cup of sunflower oil;

7. 3 tablespoons of salt.

Cooking Method:

As for any other conservation, rinse the cucumbers, trim the “butts” and divide along into several parts (4-6). Peel and chop the garlic. Pile cucumbers in a saucepan, sprinkle with garlic, add butter, table salt with sugar, vinegar and ground peas. Mix vegetables and let rest, covered with a lid, for 5-6 hours. The contents of the pan should be periodically mixed. After the time the salad is arranged in sterile jars, sterilized for a quarter of an hour. Once cool, move the twist in storage in the cellar or basement.

Pickled cucumbers in Korean style with mustard powder

Pikuli, which grow in private plots, can also be prepared for the winter. Spices and mustard powder will give vegetables a unique taste and aroma.


1. 4 kg of young cucumbers-Pikul;

2. 200 gr. salts;

3. 2 tablespoons ground mustard seed;

4. 3-4 large garlic cloves;

5. 200 gr. vegetable (sunflower) oil;

6. 200 gr. vinegar (6%).

Cooking Method:

Washed cucumbers dissolve lengthwise into two halves and put into a container (pan, basin, etc.). Fill the billet with vegetable oil, mustard powder, chopped garlic, sugar, salt and black pepper. Stir the salad with your hands and leave under the lid for several hours. Preparation will start up juice in which it will be sterilized.

Then distribute the Korean cucumbers for the winter in clean and dry jars, pour the cucumber juice and cover with a lid. Immerse the coat on warm water, sterilize for a quarter of an hour with a calm boil. Then twist and turn upside down, covered with a warm cloth.

Korean cucumbers with hot peppers and tomatoes

The combination of Korean-style cucumbers for the winter and tomatoes is always good, so many lovers of exotic cuisine will like this recipe.


1. 3 kg non bitter cucumbers;

2. 1 pod of spicy paprika;

3. 1.5 kg of ripe tomatoes;

4. 4 pieces pepper (sweet);

5. 0.5 Art. 6% table vinegar;

6. 100 gr. garlic;

7. 1 tbsp. sunflower oil;

8. 0.5 Art. white sugar;

9. 2 tbsp. salt.

Cooking Method:

Before cooking cucumbers in Korean for the winter, all used vegetables should be rinsed well. If cucumbers with pimply skin, then you need to walk on them with a brush to get the smallest particles of dirt.

Pepper seeds removed from garlic peel to remove, tomatoes cut into slices. Vegetables cut into arbitrary slices and drive through a meat grinder. Cucumbers cut into long transverse slices. All prepared ingredients are mixed in a saucepan, adding all spices and seasonings except vinegar.

Salad to send to the hob. Boil for 20-25 minutes (it is not advisable to digest cucumbers), stirring occasionally. After a quarter of an hour in the Korean-style cucumbers for the winter pour vinegar, mix and, spreading on the bed container, close the lids. This recipe does not require sterilization.

Korean cucumbers with sesame seeds and apple cider vinegar

The snack is extremely crispy, savory and very tasty. Any side dish is perfect for this salad.


1. 1 kg of small cucumbers;

2. 2 tbsp. vinegar (apple);

3. 100 gr. sesame seed;

4. 4 spoons of vegetable oil;

5. 4 garlic cloves;

6. 2 tbsp. quality soy sauce;

7. 1 tea l. salt.

Cooking Method:

If the cucumbers are not quite fresh, they need to be immersed in cold water. Cut each cucumber into 4 long strips, salt and leave to let the juice for 10 minutes.

Then decant the excess juice, put vinegar, cayenne pepper (optional), soy sauce.

In oil in a heated frying pan, fry the sesame seeds to a blush. Pour the contents of the pan onto the cucumbers, mix and send the salad to the fridge for half an hour.

These Korean-style cucumbers can already be eaten for the winter, but you can also prepare them for the winter. It is only necessary to arrange cucumbers in jars, sterilize and roll up the lids.

Korean cucumbers with French mustard

Delicious Korean-style cucumbers for the winter with French mustard seeds, which are so crunchy. What could be better in the winter to fried potatoes?


1. 7 kg of young cucumbers;

2. 6 large carrots;

3. 2 garlic heads;

4. 12 tbsp. sweet sand;

5. 6 tbsp. salt;

6. 2 tsp. coriander powder;

7. 1 tbsp. refined sunflower oil;

8. 300 ml of 9% regular vinegar;

9. 2 tsp. red paprika;

10. 6 tbsp. mustard with grains;

11. 2 tsp. black pepper;

Cooking Method:

Rinse cucumbers, remove the tails and cut into long slices. Peel and chop carrots, as for Korean. Mix carrots with cucumbers, add vegetable oil and all the spices from the list of ingredients. Mix everything and let stand for a couple of hours. After 2 hours, Korean-style cucumbers are mixed again in the winter and distributed in sterile jars. Cover with tin lids and sterilize for a quarter of an hour. Roll up and store in the cellar.

Korean cucumbers for the winter with zucchini


1. 4 kg of young zucchini;

2. 4 kg of cucumbers with a bumpy surface;

3. 1 liter of vegetable oil;

4. 2 tbsp. 9% plain vinegar;

5. 4 tbsp. pepper;

6. 4 tbsp. table mustard;

7. 8 cloves of garlic;

8. 4 tbsp. salt;

9. 2 bunches of fresh greens.

Cooking Method:

Wash vegetables thoroughly. Zucchini cut into half rings, if you want to remove the peel. Cucumbers cut into the same half rings or rings. Finely chop clean dry herbs and add to vegetables. With garlic cloves remove the husk and chop them finely. Mix all the ingredients, add spices and leave for an hour under the lid.

Arrange the Korean-style cucumbers for the winter in jars, sterilize and roll up the lids.

Korean salad with cucumbers and cabbage for the winter


1. 1 head of ordinary cabbage;

2. 3-4 large cucumbers;

3. 1 pod of colored Bulgarian pepper;

4. 2 garlic cloves;

5. 1 spoon of sweet sand;

6. 1 tsp. sesame;

7. 2 carrots;

8. 50 gr. vinegar;

9. 100 gr. sunflower oil;

10. 2 tsp. fine salt “Extra”;

11. 3 tbsp. quality soy sauce;

12. 1 tsp. ready seasoning hop-suneli;

13. 0.5 tsp. hot pepper.

Cooking Method:

From the head to remove the top flaccid leaves and cut into large squares. Grate carrots with valley straws. Cucumbers cut into thin circles. Pepper peel and cut into strips. All vegetables combine and mix. Sprinkle with chopped garlic.

Fry the sesame with seasonings and spices in oil until all the salt and sugar have dissolved. Hot dressing pour the prepared vegetables.

Tightly fill the jars with salad, cover and leave for a couple of hours in the cold. Then put sterilize and roll up the covers.

Korean-style cucumbers for winter - tricks and tips

For the preservation of Korean-style cucumbers for the winter, you need to choose fresh cucumbers, just picked from the bush. If this is not possible, then the vegetables can be reanimated, pour cold water for several hours. In the process, the water needs to be changed, because she pulls bitterness from a cucumber. As for the shape and size of cucumbers, absolutely any kind of fruit is suitable for this salad. They can be rubbed, cut into strips, circles, cubes or half rings.

The amount of sugar, pepper, garlic in the recipe can be reduced or increased to your liking. Experimenting with spices, you can create a taste from hot to delicate-sweet.

In order for the cucumbers to start the juice faster, they need to be slightly salted and mixed, kneading them with their hands.

Store Korean-style cucumbers for the winter is better in a cool basement, pantry or cellar. Do not store jars in the apartment, otherwise they may swell.

Do not sterilize cucumbers for too long. In this case, they quickly digest and turn into unappetizing porridge.

A side dish for such a winter salad can be boiled rice, mashed potatoes, baked potatoes or pasta.

Almost all Korean salads can be eaten immediately fresh. So to speak, take a sample, and then roll up.

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