Black chokeberry jelly: a healthy dessert and a supply of vitamins for the winter. Variants of chokeberry with gelatin and without

Black chokeberry jelly: a healthy dessert and a supply of vitamins for the winter. Variants of chokeberry with gelatin and without

Jelly - as we believed in childhood, this is magic that can make all our dreams come true. I emphasize: delicious dreams. This dish caters to all: both children and adults. For a child, this is a colorful wonder, for parents - popular ingredients, ease and speed of preparation. But, like any dish, this sweet has its own cooking rules, which we will learn about today.

General principles for making chokeberry jelly

As you know, jelly is popular not only in Russia. It takes pride of place mainly on the nursery, no matter what nationality, tables. Originally, jelly was invented in France from the 16-17th century. And you can imagine that jelly became fragrant and unusually colorful only by 1985 in America, thanks to Peru White, who perfected the ingredients of a standard recipe.

The basis of jelly - gelatin, which helps to freeze the desired shape. This takes time, which is also the main “ingredient” of the recipe. This fact is explained by the fact that it depends on time whether your jelly will be beneficial and safe for your health. After all, you can go to the store and buy ready-made gelatin with specific fruits, but they do not carry anything useful in themselves. Many transmissions, doctors and experiments, even at home, have proven that such ready-made jelly bags do not contain natural, chopped fruit. Moreover, trusting unreliable store products, you can poison or poison the child. Therefore, we offer you a safer, older, as they say “grandmother's” way of tasty cooking - a recipe with homemade fruit. Of course, you cannot make gelatin yourself, but in this you can already trust the store products.

The number of recipes may depend on the variety of fruits, and more recently they have begun to combine colors, creating unusual beauty and various recipes. To date, counted more than two dozen varieties of jelly. Most often, home cooks, pastry chefs use fruits such as strawberries, raspberries, lemon, cherries and many others. This is due to the presence of bright color and pleasant taste. But rarely cooks remember such a fruit as mountain ash. And in vain! Jelly from chokeberry contains a large amount of vitamin, and such energy values ​​(per serving): • 18.8 proteins;

• 136.7 carbohydrates;

• 2.5 fats.

As well as high calorie - 689.5. Jelly from chokeberry can be prepared in any country, anywhere, as with the current civilization it will be enough to go to the store of fresh or frozen fruit and buy the right amount.


We turn to the most interesting - cooking. Everything is very simple, there is nothing complicated. Since the variety of recipes for chokeberry jelly has no special names, even though the recipes differ from one another, we will simply number them. The similarity of each recipe consists of three main ingredients: juice, sugar and gelatin. In almost every recipe, available tools are repeated:

• 2 bowls;

• sieve;

• tolkushka;

• sterile jars.

First of all, when you find the right ingredients, decide what kind of gelatin you will work with. There are two types of purchased gelatin: standard (regular) and instant. Standard gelatin should be filled with water for half an hour before cooking and set aside. Instant gelatin is poured with warm water and stirred at a speed.

Recipe 1. Chokeberry jelly without gelatin

Go to the ingredients:

• 2,500 g of chokeberry;

• 1 g sugar;

• 3 glasses of water.

1.If you have frozen berries, then first of all you need to wait until they melt.

2. Pour out the peeled berries from the twigs and leaves into a bowl, pour in water. Carefully wash the berries.

3. Move the already clean berries in the second bowl. Add to the berries 3 cups of water. We leave everything on the included plate, the temperature of which should be moderately strong.

4. After boiling, mountain ash should stand on the fire for 30-40 minutes. Boil the berries, at the same time mix it.

5. Remove from heat. We prepare the juice in this way: push the berries down with a tart, passing their juice through a sieve. The remaining cake after it can be thrown out, leaving a small amount of pulp.

6. The pulp and the remaining juice boil with sugar for about 15 minutes. The amount of sugar depends only on you. If you want to make less sweet jelly, 1 kg per mass will suffice. 7. Transfer the resulting tasty solution into sterile jars and rely on time, leaving the dessert in the refrigerator.

Recipe 2. Chokeberry Jelly with Apple


• 1 kg of mountain ash (black);

• 1 kg sweet and sour apples;

• 0.5 kg of sugar;

• 1.2 liters of clean water.

The variety in the form of apples will make from a dessert uneasy jelly from black chokeberry.

1. For previously thawed, washed and cleaned mountain ash, boil in saline solution for approximately 10 minutes. After, we care.

2. We clean the apples and the mode into small segments.

3. We pour out all the fruits in one pan and pour in water until the ingredients are completely covered. Turn on the fire and within 30 minutes the fruit will take the desired form.

4. Squeeze the fruit with gauze. A little pour water.

5. Add lemon juice, sugar.

6. Stirring everything, turn on the fire again.

7. For about an hour, mix the mixture and remove the foam until it looks thick.

8. It remains only to pour in molds and wait for the results at the refrigerator.

Very beautiful form in the form of some figures.

Recipe 3. Chokeberry Jelly with Gelatin

To prepare a delicious chokeberry jelly you will need:

• 1 kg of mountain ash;

• 150 grams of sugar;

• 600 ml of cold water;

• 200 grams of gelatin.


1. First of all, soak 200 grams of gelatin in 100 ml of cold water.

2. Go to the pan, which you need to pour half a liter of water and 150 grams of sugar.

3. After the water boils, we can, we throw the cleaned rowan. During boiling, it is desirable to remove the foam. On a weak fire rowan should cook for 10 minutes. Soon, turn off the heat and add the swollen gelatin to the pan and stir until the water in the pan becomes warm.

4. When the syrup has cooled, you can pour yet not thickened jelly into molds or dishes. The process of cooling jelly occurs in the refrigerator, according to, 4-5 hours.

You can decorate the dish with the same berry - rowan, placing it on top of a frozen jelly and a drop of butter, for beauty.

Recipe 4. Jelly from black-jam


• Purchase gelatin 2 tbsp. spoons;

• Cold boiled water;

• 1 kg of black chokeberry berries;

• A little rowan jam (amount to taste)


1. Take the capacity. Put 2 tablespoons of gelatin in it and fill it with cold boiled water. Stir well and in about an hour the gelatin should swell.

2. An hour later, pour the water with gelatin into the pan, where it will take a normal view in a couple of minutes. While the gelatin is being prepared, we can make black chokeberry juice: we put the adapted rowan in the sieve, which is placed on a deep plate, and squeeze the juice using a rolling pin. Unnecessary cake rowan can throw.

3. Pour juice into pan with gelatin and mix.

4. The peculiarity of this recipe is that instead of sugar, rowan jam is added to the syrup, the amount of which depends on you, that is, to taste, you get more than 3 spoons.

5. Stir until boiling.

6. After half an hour, the cord got a little cold, pouring into the prepared dishes. But remember that the dishes must be deep!

7. Using a small sieve, remove gelatin balls or extra pulp from the jam from the dishes. In other words, we clean and put in order the beauty of the dessert.

8. We send dessert to the fridge and wait for complete thickening.

Recipe 5 Blackberry Jelly for Winter

If you want to stock up on a useful product for the winter, follow this recipe. But do not forget to prepare jars lids for preservation. It is desirable to sterilize them well or fry them.


800g rowan berries;

650 sugars;

4 tbsp. l gelatin;

1.2 liters of drinking water.


Berries are placed in a saucepan, and well mnёm their hands.

We pour the juice into another container, pour water in the cake, put it on a shelf. It needs to be boiled for 15 minutes.

Next, with the help of gauze and colander we filter it. In the resulting broth, add sugar, boil for 7 minutes.

Pour 1 cup of compote, and dissolve gelatin in it and pour it into compote. There also pour out the juice of mountain ash.

Boil another 5 minutes. Ready, but not yet frozen jelly is poured into prepared cans.

We cover with iron lids, you can start rolling up.

After cooling, do not forget to send the banks in the basement or in the refrigerator.

Recipe 6. Chokeberry Jelly: Natural


• 1 kg of black chokeberry;

• 700g of sugar;

• 500g of water.


1. Cooking berries: clean, put in a container and pour boiling water.

2. When the ingredients are enough to boil dry, sift them with gauze.

3. Add all the sugar. Turn on slow fire.

4. After 15 minutes of boiling, you can pour into sterilized jars.


1. When pouring the prepared liquid into sterilized jars or molds, use a sieve.

2. For a dietary dessert, you should add less sugar, since the fruit contains enough glucose.

3. Jelly from chokeberry and similar desserts with this berry are prescribed by doctors to those people who have brittle nails and hair.

4. If you want to make jelly without gelatin, you can use pectin.

By itself, aronia leads to a normal state of pressure, strengthens the immune system and normalizes blood circulation.

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