Gorloder with garlic - a hearty snack for a holiday and every day. Interesting recipes for cooking horloder with garlic from a professional

Gorloder with garlic - a hearty snack for a holiday and every day. Interesting recipes for cooking horloder with garlic from a professional

Gorloder with garlic - 100 names of one snack

Gorloder, hrenovuha, hrenovina, light, pluck the eyes, Russian adjika - these are all the names of a popular snack based on tomatoes and garlic. It perfectly replaces ketchup and is combined with meat, fish dishes, cereals, vegetables. Spicy gorloder snack with garlic is not only tasty, but also extremely useful. It will help to resist colds and viruses in the autumn-winter period and will stand guard over immunity. At the same time, it is very easy to prepare it from affordable vegetables and the cost of seasonal harvesting is budget.

Gorloder with garlic - the general principles of cooking

For the preparation of gorodeder with garlic you will need a meat grinder, food processor or blender. But if nothing is not, then you can use the usual grater. Tomatoes can be used with or without peel. In the second version, the consistency will be softer. If you prepare a horloder with a grater, then it is convenient to immediately peel back the skin.

Grind tomatoes in a blender or meat grinder whole faster. But if you want to remove the skin, it is easy to do this with boiling water. It is enough to hold vegetables in it for a few seconds, then dip them in cold water. Tomatoes are easily peeled, it will only remove the stalk.

Gorloder happens:

• Raw. Not subject to heat treatment, requires storage in the refrigerator or basement.

• Boiled. Boiled, decomposed into sterile jars and rolled. Successfully stored for 2-3 years.

Often make gorloder with garlic and horseradish. Use the sharp root is necessary in the autumn months. It was at this time horseradish recruited wonderful taste and mustard flavor. The snack will turn out especially fragrant and vigorous.

Recipe 1: Classic Garlic Groder

The classic version of Russian gorloder with garlic has a minimum of ingredients. Stored in the refrigerator for only a few days. But on the other hand, it is very quickly prepared and will help out, if you need the sauce for dumplings, meat or pasta. Ingredients:

• tomatoes 1 kg;

• 10-12 cloves of garlic;

• salt.


Chop tomatoes and garlic in any way, salt and mix. Let it stand. The final taste will unfold in 1-2 hours when the salt has dissolved and garlic will disperse.

The amount of garlic and tomatoes can be changed to taste. Someone loves spicier, but someone has a light aroma of garlic. But usually a garlic clove is taken for one tomato. If the spice is small, you can add ground red pepper.

Recipe 2: Gorloder with garlic and horseradish

Horseradish has the ability to kill germs and molds. That is why the snack, in which he enters, is stored much better and can safely stand in a cool room for several months.


• tomatoes 3 kg;

• 500 gr. garlic;

• 300 gr. horseradish;

• 30 gr. salts;

• 60 gr. Sahara.


The main difficulty is the preparation of horseradish. It is quite hard, poorly amenable to grinding and cleaning. Therefore, it is recommended to soak it in advance with cold water, then wash it with a brush and remove the upper skin using a vegetable peeler. If possible, it is best to do it in the open air.

For the preparation of garderloga with garlic and horseradish, all the ingredients must be crushed, if desired, remove the skin from tomatoes. Add salt and sugar, mix thoroughly until dissolved, pour mass into dry cans and store for storage.

Recipe 3: Gorloder with garlic and bell peppers

Gorloder with garlic and bell pepper is distinguished not only by its taste, but also by its beautiful color. When using ripe pepper, it turns out to be an unusually bright and appealing shade.


• tomatoes 3 kg;

• 1.4 kg of pepper;

• 400 gr. garlic;

• 3 pieces of hot pepper;

• 40 gr. salt.


Before cooking gorlodera with garlic and pepper must be cleaned all the vegetables. Remove seeds from pepper, fruit stalks from tomatoes. Grind everything thoroughly, season with salt. If the tomatoes are sour, you can add 2-3 tablespoons of granulated sugar. Mix everything and put into storage containers. In this recipe there is no horseradish, so the appetizer from the top can mold. To avoid this, you can pour a spoonful of vegetable oil under the lid. The mustard powder also helps.

Recipe 4: Gorloder with ladies garlic

Ladies' gorloder with garlic has a lighter taste, it is not so sharp and is prepared on the basis of several types of vegetables. Despite the name, his men also gobble up both cheeks.


• tomatoes 3 kg;

• apples 1 kg;

• 550 gr. garlic;

• carrots 1 kg;

• 1 kg of sweet pepper;

• 5 chilli pods;

• 50 gr. salts .;

• 200 gr. sunflower oil;

• 30 gr. vinegar 9%.


Vegetables are washed and cleaned. Then you need to grind everything together, except garlic. It must be put in a separate dish. A more homogeneous mass is obtained by using a blender. Vegetable mixture should be put on the stove and cook 40 minutes after boiling. Periodically skimmer to remove foam. Then add salt, add sugar, boil for 5 minutes. Pour garlic, pour vinegar, add oil. Bring mixture to a boil, spread out in prepared jars and roll up the key.

Banks can be sterilized over steam, in an oven or microwave. Some housewives just prefer to wash with soap or baking soda. The method of preparation does not matter, it is important to observe sterility. And then the ladies' gorloder with garlic will stand without problems in the basement all winter.

Recipe 5: Gorloder with garlic and hot pepper

Another recipe for a spicy garloder with garlic, which includes various types of peppers and has a rich taste. Snack, cooked according to this recipe, is especially well combined with meat dumplings or aspic.


• 1 kg of tomatoes;

• Bulgarian pepper 500 gr .;

• 500 gr. chili peppers;

• 1 tsp black pepper;

• 600 gr. garlic;

• 1 tbsp. l salts;

• Vinegar 1 tbsp. l


Remove the stems from the tomato, peppers from seeds, garlic from the husk. Grind everything in a meat grinder. Add salt, black pepper, vinegar. All carefully razbolat and put in jars. Put in the fridge. Snack infusion and reveal its final taste in 5-7 days. In the refrigerator can be stored 4-5 months. Acetic acid is used as a preservative, but if desired it can be replaced with aspirin. Enough 1 tablet per liter of the finished product. It must first crush, add to the total mass and allow to dissolve.

Recipe 6: Gorloder with garlic and apples

Apples are a great addition for garlic loafers. They add him fruit notes and lightness. To prepare the sauce, it is better to use the fruits of sour or sweet-sour varieties.


• tomatoes 3 kg;

• apples 1.5 kg;

• 800 gr. garlic;

• 300 gr. horseradish;

• salt.


To appetizer turned out more tender, you need to clean the fruit. Peel the apples, remove the core. Remove the skin from a tomato. Prepare garlic with horseradish. Grind everything, then salt. Stir and let stand for half an hour. Then mix again and bring to taste.

If not enough salt, you can add more. You can add a little sugar to a too sour sauce if you wish. But with sharpness you need to be careful, it will finally be revealed only in a few days. Keep the snack you need in the refrigerator or basement.

Recipe 7: Gorloder with garlic and plums

On the basis of plums preparing the famous tkemali sauce, which has a unique taste. But why not add these wonderful fruits to your gorloder with garlic? The result is a wonderful sauce that in the cold season will remind you of the sun.


• drain 1 kg;

• 1kg of tomatoes;

• 400 gr. garlic;

• horseradish 200 gr .;

• 50 gr. salts;

• 50 gr. apple cider vinegar.


Plums need to be stoned and chopped. Add the chopped tomatoes to them and send to boil on the stove. At this time, prepare horseradish and garlic. They need to be cleaned and chopped. After boiling the plum-tomato mass, reduce the heat and boil for 15 minutes, add salt at the end. Let the sauce cool. In the cold mass add horseradish, garlic, vinegar. All mix and spread on banks.

This sauce is particularly suitable for kebabs. To add spice to the recipe, you can add 0.1 kg of granulated sugar.

Recipe 8: Gorloder with garlic from green tomatoes

It is not necessary to use red tomatoes for a garloder with garlic. Are there green tomatoes left? Of these, you can make a wonderful sauce, which is appreciated by the whole family. And if you do not speak of what he is, then no one would guess.


• 1 kg of green tomatoes;

• 200 gr. garlic;

• Horseradish 200 gr .;

• 1 tbsp. salts;

• Sugar 2 tbsp. l .;

• oil 50 gr.


Bitterness may appear in the finished sauce, so it is important to choose tomatoes that are not very green, but slightly whitish. If the fruit has only begun, and the size is less than a walnut, then the final dish may have an unpleasant taste of tomato tops.

In green tomatoes, remove the stem, garlic and horseradish peel. Grind all ingredients, add spices and mix thoroughly. Let stand for an hour to dissolve the spices, then pour in the vegetable oil, knead again, spread on the banks and store for storage.

Recipe 9: Gorloder with fragrant garlic

This sauce is prepared with the addition of fragrant spices: coriander, cloves, curry and basil. They combine wonderfully with garlic, emphasize its taste and make it much deeper. This gourder will appeal to lovers of store ketchup, which is used in the preparation of an abundance of spices.


• tomatoes 1 kg;

• 300 gr. garlic;

• 1 spoon of salt;

• curry, basil, coriander - spoon mix;

• 5 allspice peppers;

• 2 star studs.


Dry spices need to grind in a coffee grinder to a powder. If fresh basil is used, it can be scrolled in a meat grinder with tomatoes. A classic horloder is made from tomatoes, garlic and salt, spices are added and everything is mixed. Give the sauce to brew for 1-2 hours and can be eaten.

Recipe 10: Gorloder with garlic and beetroot

Beetroot is a great addition to the hearty garloder with garlic. This appetizer turns out very spicy, equally well suited to fish and meat dishes. Ingredients:

• beet 1 kg;

• horseradish 400 gr .;

• 200 gr. garlic;

• salt to taste.


Beets, garlic and horseradish peel, grind through a meat grinder, season with salt and mix. Arrange in a container with a lid for storage and store in the refrigerator. If you want to cook mee spicy snack, then hell, you can pre-pour boiling water. For this, sliced ​​root is placed in a colander, watered with boiling water for a few seconds and then passed through a meat grinder.

You can also add Bulgarian or hot peppers to the beetroot horloder, which will only benefit from this. Some connoisseurs spice walnuts. It acquires a savory taste, but this can be done only immediately before eating. Otherwise, the nuts soften.

Recipe 11: Gorloder with garlic without tomatoes

A wonderful spicy snack that you can use on your own or add to sauces. It goes well with any dishes, stands well in the fridge and is easy to prepare. And if you mix it with mayonnaise or sour cream, you can get fragrant sauces for main dishes and meat snacks.


• Bulgarian pepper 1 kg;

• hot pepper 300 gr .;

• garlic 300 gr.


Hot pepper and paprika, as well as garlic, clean from seeds and chop through a meat grinder. Mix everything thoroughly and arrange in jars. Salt can be added as desired. Keep gorloder better in the refrigerator.

Gorloder with garlic - tricks and useful tips

• To quickly peel the garlic, you need to disassemble the heads on the teeth and soak them in cold

water for 1-2 hours. Peel will be easy to slazit.

• A large amount of garlic can be peeled with a glass jar. To do this, teeth are poured into it, the lid is closed, and the jar shakes intensely for several minutes. The husks burst and crumble, it remains only to extract the peeled slices from it.

• To work with horseradish is problematic, as it irritates the mucous membranes of the eyes and nose. To facilitate the procedure, you can slightly freeze the root. • Also saves your eyes from irritation when grinding horseradish package that you need to put on the meat grinder. The ground product will fall into it.

• To remove the smell of garlic and horseradish from the skin of your hands, you need to wash them in salted water. For a better effect, you can add any aromatic oil.

• Ordinary stainless dishes, such as a spoon, will also help to get rid of the unpleasant smell. It is necessary to rub fragrant hands about her.

• Horseradish slaughters mesh grinder, so it must be grind last. Otherwise you have to disassemble it in the process.

• The shelf life of gorloder directly depends on the amount of garlic and horseradish, the more of them, the longer the sauce will remain fresh.

These simple, but very useful tips will help in the preparation of fragrant garloder with garlic and facilitate the process. Let the appetizer pleases with its taste and protects against viruses in the cold!

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