Korean Tomatoes for Winter

Korean Tomatoes for Winter

Most housewives know a few salad recipes with tomatoes, because they have a unique taste, are useful, combined with many vegetables, spices, and greens. However, Korean tomato snacks are unlike any other. If you are tired of traditional preparations for the winter and want to close the unusual, but tasty canned vegetables, it makes sense to make tomatoes in Korean. Such snacks are popular with many thanks to the savory taste, they are easy to prepare and stand well at room temperature.

Cooking Features

If you had to close tomato snacks for the winter, then you can prepare tomatoes in Korean without much difficulty. An inexperienced cook makes sense to get acquainted with the peculiarities of the technology of preparing such canned foods so that the result does not disappoint.

  • Strong ripe, but not overripe tomatoes and even green fruits that are covered according to special recipes are suitable for preservation in Korean. Preference is given to small tomato varieties Cream, Adam's apple, ladies fingers. Canned and cherry tomatoes of any kind. Fruits for preservation are cut in half or into 4 parts. Large vegetables, it is advisable to cut into large slices.
  • Banks in which it is planned to store the snack must be thoroughly washed and sterilized. The lids are also sterilized - they are boiled for this. It is necessary to use the metal covers providing tightness. Under the plastic store snack can be only in the refrigerator.
  • Fresh greens are almost always added to canned tomatoes in Korean style, which advantageously emphasizes the taste and color of these vegetables. Especially good tomatoes are combined with parsley, celery and basil. Greens are finely chopped with a knife or ground with other ingredients using a blender.
  • To prevent Korean-style tomatoes from deteriorating quickly, they are often sterilized in cans. If sterilization is provided by the recipe, it is better to fold out the snack by medium volume cans (1-1,5 l), otherwise they may not fit in the pan, and the sterilization process will take a long time. According to the recipe without sterilization, tomatoes are often closed in banks of 2-3 liters.

The preparation technology for the winter of tomatoes in Korean according to different recipes may not be the same. To avoid mistakes, you should carefully follow the instructions accompanying the selected recipe.

A classic Korean Korean recipe for winter

Composition (2 liters):

  • tomatoes - 1, 5-1, 7 kg;
  • carrots - 0, 3 kg;
  • sweet pepper - 0, 4 kg;
  • fresh parsley or celery - 20-30 g;
  • garlic - 5 cloves;
  • table vinegar (9 percent) - 50 ml;
  • vegetable oil (refined) - 50 ml;
  • salt - 15 g;
  • sugar - 50 g;
  • hot peppers - to taste;
  • seasoning for Korean salads - to taste.

Method of preparation:

  • Sterilize the jars and lids that fit them.
  • Scrape, wash carrots, blot with a napkin. Crush on a special grater, designed for the preparation of Korean salads.
  • Peppers from seeds, cut into strips, not too small.
  • Tomatoes, washed and dried, cut in half or cut into quarters. It is important that the pieces easily enter the jar.
  • Wash and dry the greens. Peel the garlic cloves.
  • Pepper, sweet and spicy, rotate through a meat grinder or chop with a blender.
  • Also chop the greens and garlic.
  • Pepper mass, chopped greens and garlic combine in a small bowl, mix them with sugar, salt, seasoning, oil and vinegar.
  • Put in a saucepan and bring to a boil over low heat, remove from heat.
  • Tomato slices down put in prepared jars, covering each layer with marinade. Top with the remaining marinade.
  • If the snack is stored in the refrigerator, the cans can be immediately closed. For storage indoors cans with tomatoes must be sterilized. To do this, they put a towel on the bottom of the pan, put cans on it, cover them with lids, pour water into the pan so that it reaches the shoulders of the cans, then put the pan on a slow fire, bring the water to a boil. Banks with tomatoes are sterilized in boiling water for 15-30 minutes, depending on their volume (15 minutes is needed to sterilize a 1-liter container).
  • Roll up the cans, turn them over and wrap them up. Leave to cool in a steam bath for additional preservation.

The above recipe for tomatoes in Korean is one of the most popular when it comes to closing these vegetables for the winter in the form of a savory snack.

Korean-style tomatoes for the winter without carrots

Composition (3 liters):

  • tomatoes - 2 kg;
  • Bulgarian pepper - 0, 8 kg;
  • hot peppers - 1-2 pcs .;
  • garlic - 10 cloves;
  • table vinegar (9 percent) - 100 ml;
  • vegetable oil - 100 ml;
  • fresh greens - 50 g;
  • salt - 10 g;
  • sugar - 40 g;
  • ground coriander - to taste.

Method of preparation:

  • Wash vegetables and herbs, let them dry.
  • Peel both types of pepper and chop with a meat grinder.
  • Scroll through the meat grinder greens and garlic, mix with peppermint.
  • Add coriander, sugar and salt to the resulting sauce. Pour in oil and vinegar, mix thoroughly. Leave on for 20-30 minutes so that the salt and sugar can dissolve.
  • Cut the tomatoes into slices.
  • Place the slices of tomatoes in prepared jars, fill with spicy sauce. Close jars tightly, shake. Put the bottoms up, leave for 1-2 hours.

After the indicated time the jars can be turned over and put into the refrigerator. If you intend to store the snack at room temperature, you should not rush to close it: first you need to sterilize at least 20 minutes. After seaming, the banks that will be stored indoors are put on the lids and wrapped so that they cool down in the conditions of a steam bath.

Korean Green Tomatoes for Winter

Composition (3 liters):

  • green tomatoes - 2-2, 2 kg;
  • sweet pepper - 0, 5 kg;
  • onions - 100 g;
  • carrots - 0, 2 kg;
  • garlic - 10 cloves;
  • table vinegar (9 percent) - 60 ml;
  • vegetable oil - 120 ml;
  • salt - 30 g;
  • sugar - 100 g;
  • Korean seasoning - 10 g.

Method of preparation:

  • Wash, dry the vegetables.
  • Cut tomatoes into slices, pepper and carrot into strips, and onion into thin half rings. Finely chop the garlic with a knife.
  • Stir vegetables, sprinkle with spices, salt and sugar, pour in oil and vinegar, mix well and put in the refrigerator for 5-6 hours, overnight.
  • Spread the appetizer over the prepared jars, tamping with a spoon. Pour marinade.
  • Cover the jars with lids, put in a saucepan, fill it with water, put on a slow fire. Sterilize jars for 30-60 minutes, depending on their volume (half an hour is needed for one-liter containers).
  • Roll up the cans, set them upside down, wrap them up. Leave to cool in this form.

Korean snack made from green tomatoes has a spicy flavor. The recipe will help you out if there is a need to preserve immature fruits.

Korean salad prepared for the winter looks appetizing, so they are not ashamed to submit even to the festive table. Spicy taste of these snacks like many.

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