How to choose a pomelo

How to choose a pomelo

Surely, each of you met in the supermarket on the counter with fruit a fruit, vaguely resembling a grapefruit, with the inscription pomelo. This exotic fruit is considered the largest representative of the citrus family, its mass can reach ten kilograms and its diameter is 30 cm. The fruit is loved for its sweet and sour taste with bitter notes and for the mass of beneficial properties it possesses.

Useful properties of pomelo

Pomelo contains a large amount of vitamins A, C and B, which set the body to tone, essential oils that can strengthen the immune system, potassium, which helps support the activity of the cardiac system, limonoids, which have anti-cancer effect. In addition, in the pomelo is a huge amount of ascorbic acid, so this fruit is an excellent prevention of colds, viral infections and influenza. The pomelo also contains unique enzymes that break down fats and proteins, which is why it is an indispensable assistant for those who are overweight and always want to look slim and healthy.

How to choose a pomelo

In order to enjoy the taste of pomelo and get all the wealth of beneficial enzymes that gives this fruit, you need to make the right choice. Due to the fact that at present the pomelo is not as popular as, suppose, bananas or oranges, I want to inform those parameters that should be paid attention to when choosing. Aroma. Approaching the counter with a pomelo, smell it. The ripe fruit will present itself with a pronounced aroma that will be felt at a short distance.

Color. The color of ripe pomelo can vary from light green to yellow-pink. The main condition is that the fruit should be evenly colored, shiny, without any stains. If you saw the stains of citrus on the peel of an uncharacteristic color, then refuse to buy such a fruit, because it will be tasteless.

Peel. About what color should be ripe delicious pomelo we reported. However, it would not be superfluous to say that the peel should be of uniform thickness throughout the fruit, no seals are permissible. Since the latter may be evidence of improper cultivation and storage of an exotic fruit. In addition, the skin should be complete, without damage and any growths.

Following our simple tips, you can choose and buy a pomelo that will be tasty and healthy.

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