How to drink "Cinzano"

How to drink

Many connoisseurs distinguish drinks under the brand Cinzano among the large assortment of vermouth. This Italian company produces wine since 1757 and is respected. Vermouths “Cinzano” are almost as popular as drinks under the brand name “Martini”, and some prefer it. It’s impossible to appreciate the delicate and rich bouquet of this vermouth if you don’t know how to drink “Cinzano” correctly. There are general rules for the use of this type of alcohol, but there is also its own specificity.

Cinzano Varieties

“Cinzano” is not one vermouth, but a whole line of drinks. The company produces the following varieties of vermouth:

  • “Bianco” (Bianco) - white vermouth, has a sweet taste with bitter notes of wormwood, delicate aroma of herbs and vanilla;
  • “Rosso” (Rosso) - red vermouth;
  • “Rose” (Rose) - pink vermouth;
  • “Extra Dry” (Extra Dry) is a strong drink with a pronounced grassy aroma;
  • “Orancio” (Orancio) - a distinctive feature of this vermouth, produced only by “Cinzano”, is an orange flavor and aroma;
  • “Limetto” (Limetto) - the production of this vermouth uses lime and lemon peel, this drink is also available only under the brand name “Cinzano”.

When using the Cinzano vermouth, its unique features are taken into account.

Usage Features

The use of “Cinzano” is subject to the general rules on the use of vermouth, but certain types of drinks in this series are drunk in a special way.

  • Vermouths are not accompaniment drinks, they are not served for dinner. “Cinzano” can be drunk as an aperitif or digestif, and also without reference to food intake in general.
  • The best temperature of Cinzano's vermouths, which makes it possible to appreciate the delicate bouquet and multi-faceted taste of beverages, is 8-12 degrees. You can cool the bottle in the refrigerator or with the help of ice cubes, adding them directly to the glass with vermouth. Vermouth "Limetto" can be cooled much more strongly, some freeze it even to the state of ice crumb.
  • “Cinzano” vermouths can be drunk from cone-shaped glasses with thin high legs, from which Martini vermouths drink. It will not be a big mistake to serve them in cognac glasses or thick bottom glasses, from which they usually drink whiskey.
  • The Cinzano vermouths are drunk neat or diluted with filtered non-carbonated water. You can also dilute them with sweet carbonated drinks (tonic, soda), juice. Permissible mixing with other types of alcohol. Cola interrupts the aroma of vermouth, it should not be used to dilute “Cinzano”.

Vermouths drink in small sips without using a straw.

What to eat “Cinzano”

Vermouth "Cinzano" snack is not necessary, but acceptable. In this case, preference is given to light snacks. Best suited:

  • olives;
  • cheese;
  • fruits;
  • fruit salad;
  • nuts;
  • chocolate;
  • shrimp.

If you drink orange or lemon “Cinzano”, it is logical to eat it with citrus fruits.

If “Cinzano” seems too strong or, on the contrary, light, try cocktails with these vermouths.

Cocktail “Admiral”


  • Vermouth “Cinzano Extra Dry” - 40 ml;
  • bourbon - 20 ml;
  • lemon juice - 1 drop;
  • lemon - 1 slice;
  • crushed ice - to taste.

Method of preparation:

  • Shake alcoholic beverages with ice in a shaker, strain.
  • Place a slice of lemon on the bottom of the cocktail glass.
  • Pour in cocktail.
  • Drip lemon juice.

The drink prepared according to this recipe is strong, but thanks to the pleasant grassy aroma of “Cinzano” and a light lemon flavor, it is drunk fairly easily. Instead of lemon juice, you can use lemon “Cinzano”.

Cocktail “Adonis”


  • red Cinzano vermouth - 10 ml;
  • white Cinzano vermouth - 20 ml;
  • orange “Cinzano” - 1 drop;
  • sherry - 20 ml;
  • orange slice - 1 pc .;
  • crushed ice - to taste.

Method of preparation:

  • Pour white and red vermouth, sherry and orange “Cinzano” into the shaker glass. Add ice to taste.
  • Shake the ingredients for 30 seconds.
  • Strain the drink and pour into a cocktail glass.

Serve the cocktail by decorating with a circle of orange.

Cocktail “Amato”


  • vodka - 20 ml;
  • Vermouth “Cinzano Extra Dry” - 20 ml;
  • tangerine or orange liqueur - 10 ml;
  • orange peel (spiral) - 1 pc .;
  • ice cubes - to taste.

Method of preparation:

  • Fill the glass with ice cubes.
  • Mix three types of alcohol with a shaker, pour the mixture into a glass with ice.

Orange zest is used to decorate a cocktail when serving.

Hilltop Cocktail


  • Red Cinzano vermouth - 40 ml;
  • orange juice - 40 ml;
  • pineapple juice - 2 drops;
  • orange “Cinzano” - 1 drop;
  • orange - 1 slice;
  • crushed ice - to taste.

Method of preparation:

  • Place all ingredients except the orange slice in a shaker container. Do not forget to add ice.
  • Shake the shaker for 30-40 seconds.
  • Strain the cocktail, fill it with a cocktail glass.
  • Thread an orange slice on the edge of the glass.

The drink has a pleasant shade, easy to drink. This version of the cocktail like ladies.

Cocktail Vesper


  • Vermouth “Cinzano Bianco” - 5 ml;
  • Vermouth “Cinzano Rosso” - 5 ml;
  • gin - 40 ml;
  • vodka - 15 ml;
  • lemon peel - 2 g;
  • a slice of lemon - 1 pc .;
  • ice - to taste.

Method of preparation:

  • Mix alcoholic beverages in a shaker.
  • Fill the glass with ice, pour in a cocktail.
  • Sprinkle with zest.

The lemon slice is used to decorate a glass, but it can be put together with ice on the bottom, then the drink will acquire a slightly more pronounced citrus notes.

Ambassador Cocktail


  • Vermouth “Cinzano Bianco” - 20 ml;
  • gin - 40 ml;
  • lemon juice - 20 ml;
  • banana liqueur - 40 ml;
  • crushed ice - to taste.

Method of preparation:

  • Using a shaker, mix ingredients, including ice.
  • Strain the cocktail, pour into a chilled glass.

The taste and aroma of this cocktail is unique, it is enjoyed by both women and men.

Vermouths “Cinzano” are available for sale in a large assortment. In the line there are drinks that are produced only under this brand. If you drink “Cinzano” correctly, only good impressions will remain from the use of this drink.

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