How to make coffee in turk

How to make coffee in turk

Natural coffee is green grains from the fruits of the coffee tree growing in the tropics. The finest aroma and familiar brown color of coffee acquires only as a result of proper roasting. On the impact of this tasty drink on the human body are ongoing controversy. But it has already been proved: if coffee is consumed moderately, then it not only does not harm, but, on the contrary, strengthens the thinking process, increases stress resistance and improves the reaction.

There are many ways to make coffee in a special Turk, while almost every lover of this drink uses its own, unique and refined way over the years. At the same time, there are several basic principles of making good coffee in the Turk, which should be followed in each case without exception.

Preferably, the Turk, which is used for brewing coffee, was made of copper, and a teaspoon - of silver. Himself coffee should be ground very finely, “to dust”. Water for making coffee is suitable either well or filtered tap water (boiled, from the tap or hot water is not used).

Cooking coffee in the Turk - the main rules

The first stage of cooking is the obligatory warming up of the Turks - they warm it up a little over a small fire, after which they pour coffee. The optimal amount is easy to determine - usually take one teaspoon for a small cup, if you want to get a stronger drink, you need to take a little more powder. With a coffee, you can pour a pinch of salt - connoisseurs argue that this will enhance the flavor of the drink.

Then the Turk with ground coffee is reheated on the fire without water, then it is time to add sugar and spices. Consider that you should not overdo it with spices, mixing several types at a time - because they should complement the taste of coffee, and not be its foundation. In coffee, add ginger, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and honey - this is a matter of personal taste. Sugar, spices and coffee are mixed in the Turk, after which it is again sent to a low fire. Then pour cold or better icy water into the cezvea, gently stir the contents and put them on fire again. It should be noted that the water level at the same time reaches the narrowest point in the Turk - due to this, the surface of contact between coffee and air will be minimal, which allows it to better reveal its aroma and taste.

While the drink is being heated, boiling water can be poured into pre-cooked coffee cups to warm them up a little. Experts say that a cold cup can spoil the taste and aroma of the best coffee. When the coffee warms a little bit, it needs to be stirred again - as a result you will get a light foam, which can be carefully removed and put into cups, after pouring water from them. This procedure can be repeated several times - after stirring the heated coffee to the surface of the drink a small amount of foam will rise each time.

When the coffee is warm enough, it will rise in the Turk. It is necessary to have time to remove it from the fire at the last moment before boiling the drink, preventing it from spilling out. After that, the coffee should be cooled for a few seconds until the foam is lowered, and then sent back to the fire until boiling. This procedure can be done two or three times - it helps to better reveal the taste and aroma of the finished drink.

A few more tips

To get a high-quality drink, roasted grains cannot be stored in an open container for a long time. After just 10 minutes of air access, most of the unique aroma simply disappears. Grinding plays an important role - the thinner it is, the more delicious coffee will be. The drink is prepared for only a few minutes and during this short time the coffee should have time to give its unique properties to the water. The finer the grinding, the greater the area of ​​contact of the grains with water, therefore, the process will go more quickly. Finely ground coffee rises faster before boiling. Such coffee has a thicker foam, it seems to be a cork between the air and water at the narrow neck of the Turks, preventing the evaporation of the aroma. Sugar is added before brewing, so it will dissolve before the drink is ready. And if you pour the sugar into the cups and then stir, the caffeinas will settle for a long time, and the drink at this time to cool. In addition, the syrup, into which, when dissolved, sugar turns, increases the boiling time of water. Without sugar, bubbles would form faster, boiling would occur more intensively, which reduces the cooking time, as the process stops with before boiling. The foam also holds better in the drink, in which the sugar was placed before cooking.

You should not increase the rate of coffee, enough 1-2 teaspoons per cup. For the better, it does not change the taste, and a large amount of caffeine will give the drink a bitter taste. And for health is not very good.

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