Cheese snack - spectacular, beautiful, satisfying! Cooking various cheese snacks with garlic, eggs, ham, grapes and crab sticks

Cheese snack - spectacular, beautiful, satisfying! Cooking various cheese snacks with garlic, eggs, ham, grapes and crab sticks

Cheese is a common product that can be served for a snack. It is just too much. From this product you can make a lot of different snacks, which will amaze not only with the view, but also with taste. Here are the recipes of the most interesting choices of cheese for a festive and everyday table. Most of them are prepared in a hurry, that is, very quickly and simply.

Cheese snacks - general cooking

Cheese for snacks use different: melted, solid, creamy, cottage cheese. Moreover, among themselves they can be mixed in any proportions, achieving the desired taste. It is only important to remember that most varieties contain a lot of salt, so you need to add spices very carefully. You also need to be more careful when filling the cheese mass with mayonnaise or sour cream, as it is easy to overdo it, the snack will float.

What combines cheeses:

• garlic and mayonnaise - a classic;

• eggs, cottage cheese, cream, sour cream;

• fresh, canned, fried vegetables;

• crab sticks, fish products;

• sausages and meat products.

All this is used to prepare spreads for sandwiches, fillings for stuffing vegetables, rolls, tartlets and much more. Cheese allows you to get a plastic mass, from which it is convenient to sculpt figures. Usually it is balls of small size, sometimes with filling. Below there are recipes for appetizers “Raffaello” and European with grapes for these reasons.

Cheese snack with chips

To prepare such a snack, you need chips of the correct form so that they coincide with each other. The cheese used here is processed, but you can take a solid variety.


• 16 chips;

• 100 g of processed cheese;

• 2 eggs;

• 4 olives;

• 0.3 tsp. finished mustard;

• salt, dill;

• a bit of mayonnaise.


1. In order for the chips not to become damp from the wet mass, you need to put them together in pairs.

2. Boil eggs in advance, chop very finely, pour into a bowl. 3. Grate cream cheese or any other variety. Chop a few sprigs of dill and all this to shift to the eggs.

4. Add salt and mustard to the mixture and mix thoroughly. Rate the consistency. If necessary, add a little mayonnaise, stir again. The filling should be thick.

5. Spread the prepared mass on the chips, beautifully flatten.

6. Cut olives lengthwise. Each stick into the filling with the convex side up. Optional upon decorating with greens. Serve a snack immediately, it is not subject to storage, over time, the chips will soften.

Cheese appetizer with crab sticks “Raffaello”

A variant of a very beautiful cheese snack, which is also easy to prepare. In appearance, it resembles the popular “Raffaello” sweets.


• 100 g chopsticks;

• 50 g of hard cheese;

• 60 g of processed cheese;

• two eggs;

• a clove of garlic;

• mayonnaise, salt, pepper;

• optional nuts.


1. Grate hard cheese very finely, set aside.

2. Cook eggs, chop, pour into a bowl.

3. Grind the processed cheese, add it to the eggs.

4. Chop the garlic, you can add greens, pour in a bowl.

5. Grate crab sticks, it is better not to thaw. To measure the spoon and pour to the cheese chips, which was previously postponed. The rest of the sticks send to the total mass.

6. Add mayonnaise, salt, pepper, mix well. It should be such a mass, from which it is convenient to sculpt balls. Therefore, we put mayonnaise neatly, in a small spoon and stir well each time.

7. Roll the balls. It is possible to thrust inside each nut.

8. Roll the balls in a mixture of cheese and crab sticks, shift to the plate.

9. We put for 30 minutes in the fridge to snack “Raffaello” got stronger.

Cheese snack on skewers to wine and champagne

A variant of the simplest cheese snack, which is perfect for wine, champagne and other similar drinks. If there are no skewers, then you can use toothpicks. Cheese is better to use different types.

Ingredients • bank of olives;

• 150 g of cheese of the same type;

• 150 g of cheese of another type.


1. Cut the cheese into neat cubes, the size of an olive.

2. Open a jar of olives, drain the marinade, put them on napkins, let them drip.

3. Put on a skewer a piece of cheese, then an olive and again cheese, but of a different kind.

4. Put the appetizer on a plate, decorate with greens. Optionally, you can additionally put a cherry tomato or a piece of cucumber on a skewer.

Cheese snack in 5 minutes from pita

This recipe for cheese snacks can be a real wrap. It does not require much time, as well as expensive or inaccessible ingredients. It's very simple, but delicious!


• pita bread;

• 200 grams of cheese;

• 3 cloves of garlic;

• two boiled eggs;

• 120 g of mayonnaise;

• 0.3 tsp. salts;

• a bunch of dill.


1. Peel the boiled eggs, chop with a knife or grate.

2. Chop the dill and garlic, pour to the eggs.

3. In the same bowl, grate the cheese, salt and add mayonnaise. Stir well until smooth. If desired, you can crumble the Bulgarian pepper, a few crab sticks, add smoked sausage or ham.

4. Lubricate the pita bread with cooked cheese, roll up roll.

5. You can give him a little to lie down or take a very sharp knife, carefully cut into slices, put on a dish.

Cheese snack with eggplants

Tomatoes are often wrapped in eggplants, but the snack is even more tasty with cheese. Especially when using the popular mass with mayonnaise and garlic.


• 2 eggplants;

• 150 grams of cheese;

• 1 bunch of parsley;

• 2 cloves of garlic;

• 2 tbsp. l mayonnaise;

• at the request of nuts;

• oil, salt and other spices.


1. Eggplant to cut off the tips, plastirovat in length, the thickness of a slice 3-4 mm. If it is larger, then there may be problems with folding.

2. To remove the bitterness, sprinkle the slices with salt, stacking each other. We leave for half an hour, you do not need to cover anything.

3. You can still cook the stuffing. Just grate the cheese and garlic on a fine grater, add half a bunch of chopped parsley, leave the rest of the greens to finish decorating the snack. 4. Add mayonnaise to cheese, stir. If suddenly cheese is not enough, for example, only 80-100 grams, then you can add one boiled egg, only chopped finely. Salt to taste, but remember that eggplants were soaked. For the sharpness of pepper, you can enter a little mustard. Often chopped walnuts are added to this filling, which can also be done.

5. Rinse the eggplants dry.

6. Preheat a wide pan with oil, you do not need to make a large layer, as eggplant will still actively absorb fat. Put the pieces, fry.

7. Now on each slice of eggplant put a little filling. Twist the roll so that it is inside. Get a kind of roll.

8. Form an appetizer of all eggplants, put them on a beautiful plate, decorate with the remaining parsley leaves.

European-style cheese snack with grapes

Chic option is very simple in the preparation of European snacks. One of the main ingredients is grapes, it is important to choose large berries, the variety does not matter. Cheese is used different.


• 200 grams of grapes;

• 50 grams of walnuts;

• 150 grams of pistachios;

• soft cream cheese 150 grams;

• 130 grams of soft cheese with mold.


1. Nuts with pistachios need to grind, but not to the state of flour. You can simply put it in a blender and chop it into slices. Pour into a bowl.

2. Combine both types of cheese and just grind together. If suddenly the mass turns out cool, you can add a little cream. Turn cheese into a kind of clay.

3. Cut the grape, but not until the end. Take out the bones, as they are out of place in this snack, combine the halves of the berry. Remove the seed from the rest of the grapes.

4. Pinch off some cheese, flatten, put the berry and wrap. Give the ball a neat shape.

5. Roll cheese snack in a mixture of walnut and pistachio. Blind such balls from other products.

Cheese snack with ham

For the preparation of need very thin slices of ham, which can be easily rolled into a tube. Additionally, olives are served in the appetizer. Fans of brighter tastes can replace them with olives. Ingredients

• 150 g of any cheese;

• 230 g ham;

• 2 cloves of garlic;

• mayonnaise if necessary;

• 15 olives;

• greenery;

• 2 eggs.


1. Grate boiled eggs and any cheese with large chips, pour into a bowl.

2. Peel the garlic, chop the cloves or grate them, but use a fine grater.

3. Add the garlic to the cheese, cut the greens and pour in also.

4. If the cheese is used is not soft, then put a little mayonnaise, stir.

5. Cut olives into strips or ringlets, pour them to cheese, stir again.

6. Arrange slices of ham in front of you, spread the stuffing around so that everything will turn out evenly. But no need to lay out a handful, better lane.

7. Roll up ham rolls, immediately shift to the plate. For the fortress can be stapled with a toothpick or decorative skewer.

Cheese Snacks - Tips and Tricks

• Is there little cheese? You can add to the appetizer boiled eggs or only proteins. They have a neutral taste, perfectly dilute any product. You can also dilute the cheese with cottage cheese, but only fat and not too sour, otherwise the taste of the snack will be hopelessly spoiled.

• Cheese is combined with all types of greens and spicy herbs. You can add any seasoning, add a new flavor to the snack.

• Melted cheeses often need to be rubbed. It will be easier if you first hold the product in the freezer for an hour. It is also recommended to lubricate the grater with oil so that nothing sticks to it.

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