How to freeze the arrows of garlic

How to freeze the arrows of garlic

So much has been written about garlic, that even a child knows which garlic is useful, especially during epidemics of influenza and other colds. And adults, in general, treat garlic as a panacea for all diseases, ranging from the treatment of sclerosis and brain spasms and ending in forcing out ... worms.

They also make an elixir made of garlic, which is rumored to prolong youth and increase longevity. After all, regular use of garlic (if there are no contraindications in the form of a peptic ulcer), really, relieves many sores.

But all these praises sing heads of garlic with their many cloves, and the above-ground part in the form of arrows ... ruthlessly thrown into the trash! Without even thinking about the fact that these same arrows contain as many nutrients (and vitamin C is much more) than in the lobules themselves.

But since the shooters have the same stinging bitter and the same killer aroma as the garlic itself, it’s simply unrealistic to eat them in large quantities! Leaving the beds in the growing form of the arrow can not be, because they quickly go into the “inedible” stage. A long time arrows can not be stored either.

Knowledgeable people in garlic shooters, people simply pickle them or salt them - separately or together with other vegetables, in the end to get a tasty and healthy snack.

But garlic arrows can not only be marinated or pickled, but also frozen. And in the frozen form, the arrows perfectly retain their appearance, color and weight of those vitamins with which Mother Nature awarded them. By the way, after freezing, garlic shooters become not so bitter and burning. And in the thawed form, the arrows do not limp, but remain almost as dense and fragrant.

How to prepare the arrows of garlic to freeze

Only young shooters of garlic, which have not yet managed to bloom, are suitable for freezing. At this time, they are still very gentle, juicy and easily broken. Later, when they become rough, even cooking will not be able to soften them. Then they become fibrous, rigid, and with long cooking the inside of them is digested, and only hard fiber remains, which does not even chew.

The arrows of garlic are sorted out, cut off with scissors the lower parts and the ends of the tops with the outlined thickening - bud.

Reject yellowed and hard arrows.

Then the arrows wash well in cold water and lay out in a single layer on paper towels to dry.

Dried arrows cut into pieces 3-4 cm long.

How to freeze the arrows of garlic

If the arrows are still slightly wet from the water, they are laid out on a tray, covered with parchment, in one layer and placed in a freezer for the initial freezing.

After 1-2 hours, the frozen cut-off arrows are poured into plastic bags, if possible they let the air out of them, giving the bags a flat, compact form, tie or close the zip-fastener and put it in the freezer.

If the arrows of garlic remain dry after cutting, they can be packaged in sachets or containers without prior freezing and immediately put into the freezer.

How to freeze garlic spawn caviar

If the hostess has free time, then she can cook garlic caviar, which is also well kept in the freezer and in addition takes up much less space than whole hands. To do this, prepare the garlic arrows washed, dried from water and cut into slices.

Then they are ground in a blender or passed through a meat grinder.

5 grams of salt (per pound of arrows) and 20 grams of sunflower oil (optional) are added to the caviar and mixed well.

Caviar is packaged in small plastic containers, covered with lids, or the top is tightly tied with polyethylene and put into the freezer.

How to defrost the arrows of garlic

Defrost garlic caviar in the refrigerator or in a cool place. Since caviar is not subject to re-freezing, containers must be initially selected so that their contents can be used at one time.

The arrows of garlic, frozen fresh, are used in cooking without defrosting.

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