Cake "Tenderness": the mystery of one dessert. Cake recipes - tenderness everyone understands in his own way


As you know, each cake has its own history of creation. Often, these stories are connected with curiosities and mistakes in the work of professionals, who have declared to the world that their mistakes are not mistakes, but ingenious inventions. That is how the cake “Kiev” appeared. Each famous cake has its own patented name and a specific recipe, which every confectioner tries to follow. Although, the same “Kievsky”, and the cakes “Bird's milk”, “Prague” - all known desserts have “doubles” - products with similar cooking technology, but with minor deviations in the technical and technological map, even if they are made in a production environment, not to mention the home cooking options.

What is the cake "Tenderness", with a tempting and promising title? The word “tenderness” does not indicate the place where the cake was made, and it has nothing to do with the name of its author. Tenderness is a word expressing feeling, emotions, an abstract and at the same time subjective definition. Who came up with such a dessert, and what does a cake with such a sensible name look like?

Tenderness cake - the basic technological principles of cooking

Having reviewed a lot of special and popular literature on the history and technology of confectionery, you can find quite a lot of recipes for cakes “Tenderness”. But it immediately catches the eye that the lists of ingredients and cooking technology for this dessert often do not even have an approximate resemblance. About the authors of the recipes of this mysterious and many-sided confectionery invention - nowhere is there a single line.

Yes, it seems that this is the case when confectioners, professionals and amateurs have a desire to express tenderness in their work, when one after another ideas for a cake with a sensual name are born, but everyone understands this word in his own way, and He selects the ingredients for the cake “Tenderness”. It remains to hope that one day the feelings of one of the pastry chefs will be known and understood by the whole world. Isn't it an unusual occupation - to select products that can “tell about tenderness”? But try:

Cream - from them you can make a very light and delicate cream, combine them with cottage cheese or eggs, fruits, to get a delicate texture of the cake.

“Meringues”, “meringues” or puffy protein dough is a great idea for creating a light and brittle cake base.

Berry mousses, dairy soufflés are also perfect for a cake, which should be a model of exquisite taste.

For the cake “Tenderness” it is quite possible to use more saturated versions of the dough for the cake layers: shortbread, puff, biscuit. But for puff pastry it is necessary to pick up a cream with a high enough humidity so that the dessert melts in your mouth. If you choose sand cakes, they should be thin, and in addition to them - cream meringue and fruit mousse. You can choose several variants of the cream to a thin biscuit base with good impregnation.

In general, many famous confectioners to create their masterpieces were often guided not by knowing the recipe of the dessert they were supposed to make, but by their ingenuity and creative impulse. Fantasy and good mood in the kitchen - the necessary helpers and the key to success.

While the cake “Tenderness” with the patent, technology, copyrights does not exist, there is a great opportunity to show your own creative abilities and join the ranks of world famous confectioners using the ideas suggested below and the suggested name suggesting which direction to think and create.

1. Cake “Tenderness” made of sponge cake and sour cream - based on “Tiramisu”

For biscuit roll:

Flour 120g

Corn Starch 50g

Eggs (cat. D-1) 200 g (4 pcs.)

Refined sugar 125 g

Water 60 ml (4 tbsp.)

Baking powder 12 g

Flavoring - to taste

Berry jam 200 g (grated strawberries, raspberries, sea buckthorn - any berries with sugar)

For cream:

Gelatin, instant 20 g

Warm water 100 ml

“Mascarpone” 400 g

Fresh berries (in assortment)) 0.5 kg

Proteins 80 g (2 pcs.)

Sugar, refined 50 g Cream, cooking 200 ml

Cooking Technology:

Biscuit dough does not like delays and fuss: it must be cooked quickly and baked immediately after cooking. Therefore, heat the oven to 210 ° C, 2 sheets bake the parchment to immediately pour the ready dough on it.

Beat eggs with sugar. In the fluffy mass, continuing the whipping, add cold water. If the flavoring is liquid, then add it to the egg mass, and dry add to the flour mixture. Combine flour with starch and baking powder; Sift into the beaten eggs while simultaneously mixing the dough with a spatula.

Pour the dough on a baking sheet, a layer of not more than 0.7-1.0 cm, dividing it in half. Bake for 7-8 minutes. Cool ready biscuits. Lay the first cake with the parchment up, carefully peel off the paper, spread it on the back of the biscuit. Top grease abundantly rubbed with sugar berries. Fold the roll, aligning its shape with parchment. Put the biscuit roll in the refrigerator, and then cut it into slices (1.0 cm).

From the second sponge cake cut out two circles, 12 and 14 cm in diameter. Soak them in berry puree and set aside temporarily.

Proceed to the preparation of the cream.

Warm up the gelatin with warm water and stir until dissolved, if necessary, slightly warm it.

In a bowl, place the proteins and beat with a mixer until fluffy, adding sugar. Separately whip cream and cheese. Set the mixer aside. In whipped whites, add cream, warm, dissolved gelatin. Stir the mixture with a whisk and add fresh berries.

We collect the cake.

Take a large bowl in the shape of a hemisphere, with a diameter of 16-18 cm. Spread it inside with cling film. Spread sliced ​​biscuit roll on the inner surface, tightly to each other, about the center to the edges of the bowl. Put a third of the cream on the bottom. Cover it with a biscuit round cake of smaller diameter. Next, put another piece of cream, cover it with a second round biscuit. Store the collected cake in the fridge for freezing.

When the cream hardens, turn the shape on a dish or stand. Lubricate the surface with the remaining cream, decorate it with whole berries or fruit syrup.

2. Tenderness Airy Cake with Fruit

For meringues:

Proteins 240 g (6 pcs.)

Sugar 180 g

Water 150 ml

Vanilla powder 6 g

Cream number 1:

Lemons (juice and zest) 300 g

Sugar 550g

Butter (82.5%) 240 g

Yolks 6 pcs.

Starch 40 g

Cream number 2:

Egg whites 2 pcs.

Powder 50 g

Water 75 ml

Banana 300 g

Strawberry 150 g

Cognac 75 ml

Cooking Technology:

Preheat oven to 120oC. Cover the baking sheet with parchment paper, having previously drawn 3 circles with a diameter of 22 cm on the reverse side. If the dimensions of the baking sheet do not allow placing all three circles, use a second baking sheet or round forms with a removable bottom. Grease the parchment on the inside.

From 180 g of sugar and water, boil liquid syrup. Put a clean and dry container for whipping proteins on ice. Beat the squirrels until foaming. Then, without stopping beating, pour a hot syrup in a thin stream. At the end of whipping, if desired, add flavoring.

Squeeze the protein mass from the pastry bag onto the prepared molds, in a layer of 1 cm. Put the molds in the oven for about 1.5 hours. Before the appearance of a ruddy crust on the surface of the air dough, the oven cannot be opened. When the cakes are baked, turn off the oven, slightly open the door, but do not reach the cakes to cool completely.

Ideal when they lie down for 10-12 hours and dry well. Only after aging can you collect a cake from them.

Peeled banana cut into slices or large cubes. Heat the pan, put the butter in it, melt and fry the banana slices. Sprinkle them with sugar, and when it melts and the fruit is caramelized, pour in the brandy and set it on fire: alcohol will burn out, the liquid will evaporate, leaving a flavor. Put the bananas on a plate to cool.

Preparation of cream number 1:

Remove the zest from the lemons and then squeeze the juice. Combine the zest with sugar (300 g), chop with a blender and add the same amount of juice. Separate 50-70 g: this amount will be needed in order to combine it cold with starch and pour it into the ready boiling syrup. With the rest of the sugar, prepared for the cream, pound the yolks and pour a little hot lemon jelly to them, while actively stirring the mass with a whisk. Bring it to a boil over a pair. Set the pan aside for cooling. Put the butter in the cream, beating it all together until ready.

Cream number 2:

Powder pour boiling water (70 ml), boil for 5-7 minutes. Pour hot syrup into the whipped protein mass.

Collect the cake:

Air cakes fold on a stand, on top of each other, smearing them with lemon cream. In each cream layer, except for the top layer, put the slices of prepared bananas.

Align the sides and top of the cake with white cream (No. 2). Through a sieve strain the surface with powdered sugar. From the bag, apply a curb around the circumference of the cake. Wash, dry and moisten the beautiful picked strawberries in a whipped protein, and when the protein dries out, sprinkle the strawberries with sugar and place them on the cake.

3. Tenderness cake with toffee flavor


Biscuit cakes (according to prescription number 1) 5 pcs.

Almond flakes 150 g

Sugar syrup (thin) 100 ml

“Amaretto” 75 ml


Condensed milk, boiled 300 g

Milk chocolate 50 g

Oil “Extra” 180 g

Vanilla (or cognac) - to taste

Cream, pastry 150 g

Cooking Method:

Cook the dough for biscuit cakes according to the first recipe, divide into 3 sheets and bake. Separate the cooled biscuit semi-finished products from the parchment, soak it in a mixture of syrup and “Amaretto”.

Cut each cake in half to make identical rectangles. One of them is crushed into a crumb, dry in the oven: this crumb is needed for powdering the side of the cake.

Place butter in a mixer bowl and whisk, evenly, adding boiled condensed milk to it in small portions. At the end of whipping add melted chocolate, flavor. Stir the finished cream with whipped cream, quickly and gently working with a silicone spatula.

Pour the almonds into the cream mass and put together the cakes: spreading them one after the other, place them on top of each other. Level the sides and top with the same cream. Sprinkle the side surface of the cake with biscuit crumbs, and the top with almond flakes and chocolate chips.

4. Cake “Tenderness” with chocolate cream


Sponge cake on sour cream: Eggs 3 pcs.

Fatty homemade sour cream100 g

Food Soda 15 g

Flour 140 g

Starch 40 g

Sugar 120g

Vanilla extract

Rum essence

Cream, chocolate:

Cocoa powder 30 g

Whole milk 100 ml

Sugar 120g

Oil 40 g

Whipped cream 200 g

Fruit syrup and dessert wine - for impregnation (1: 1) 250 ml

Cooking Method:

With a mixer, beat the eggs with sugar until the volume has increased three times, gradually adding thick, cooled sour cream. Combine the dry components of the dough, and sift the mixture into the batter, while mixing, from the bottom up. Round shape with a removable bottom and high side lined paper and fill it with cooked dough half the volume. Bake at 200 ° C for 35-40 minutes.

Divide the finished sponge cake into thin cakes (1 cm) after cooling, soak them in syrup prepared from equal parts of dessert wine and any syrup, of your choice.

For cream and glaze:

Mix the sugar and cocoa, boil the milk and pour the cocoa in it with the sugar. Cook on low heat until thick. Add oil, mix. Optionally, at the end you can add rum or other flavors. Cool the chocolate to room temperature.

Whip the cream. Add 2-3 tablespoons of chocolate to the cream, mix. Cover the cake with the remaining chocolate. Grease each cake with butter cream, stack them on top of each other. Cover the top of the cake with warm chocolates, and the sides with cream. From the same cream with a pastry bag and nozzles, draw a pattern on the chocolate glaze.

5. Cake “Tenderness” with ice cream


Spread (72.5%) 250 g

Flour 700 g

Sour cream (20%) 200 g

Baking Powder 20 g

Cream custard with cream:

Egg yolks 4 pcs.

Creamy ice cream 450 g

Corn Starch 50g

Sugar 80g

Cream 250 g

Protein Cream:

Protein 4 pcs.

Powder 100 g

Essence 2 ml

White and black chocolate - 50 g (for registration)


Pour the sifted flour on the table. Grate the frozen spread directly on the flour. Quickly grind the flour with fat or chop with a knife to make a crumb. Collect it a hill and make deepening. Add baking powder to sour cream and pour it into crumb. Knead the dough. Thinly roll it with a square, sprinkle with flour on both sides, roll and roll again. Repeat this operation quickly 16-20 times. If during the rolling process the dough becomes greasy and sticks to the surface of the table, keep it cold, then continue to work. Divide the finished dough into 7 pieces, each roll into a square (18 cm). Put the blanks on a baking sheet, pierce with a fork, bake for 5-7 minutes at 210 ° C.

Beat yolks with sugar and ice cream, add starch. Boil the mixture until boiling in a water bath, working intensively with a whisk. Cool the thickened mass, whisk again and combine with whipped cream.

Lubricate cakes cooked cream. Move the cake in the cold for 8-12 hours to infuse.

Prepare a cream of protein for decoration. Cover them with the sides and surface of the cake. Decorate with chocolate chips of two colors.

6. Tenderness Orange Cake (without baking)


Biscuit biscuits 600 g

Orange syrup 180g

Sherry 100 ml

Cottage cheese (36%) 400 g

Natural yogurt 200 ml

Gelatin 25 g (+15 g for jelly)


Oranges 4 pcs.

Sugar 150 g

Working order:

In the cottage cheese, add yogurt, powder and whisk to a creamy mass. Dissolve 25 g of gelatin and add to curd cream.

Wash the oranges, cut two of them into slices, together with the skin, and remove the zest from the others, peel and cut into large pieces. Put the pieces in the cream.

Fold the circles into a saucepan, pour boiling water (200 ml). After half an hour, place the lobules on a napkin, and add removed peel and sugar to the water. Boil the syrup, cool slightly and add sherry to it.

Lay out a deep shape with a removable bottom with cling film. At the bottom lay a layer of biscuits, wetting it in a syrup with sherry. On the inside of the side lay out slices of oranges, also moistening them in syrup. Fill the form until the middle of the curd-orange cream. Put the second layer of biscuits dipped in the same syrup. Again put a layer of cream, the third layer of cookies.

Cover the top of the cake with orange slices. Strain the remaining syrup, add the dissolved gelatin, and pour over the surface of the cake, covering the oranges. Put the cake in the fridge in shape. After three hours, put it on the stand.

Tenderness Cake - Tips & Tricks

For confectionery, use corn starch: it has a softer texture and a pleasant white rather than grayish color, unlike potato starch.

If cream cheese is needed for making the cream, but it was not available, take ordinary cottage cheese, with the highest fat content (preferably from whole homemade milk), and add cream (at least 30%) to it and smash the mass to a creamy consistency. . One part of the curd will need 25-40% cream, depending on the humidity of the curd.

For the preparation of protein or butter cream, it is desirable to use powder, and not sugar. This speeds up the process of whipping, and the cream turns out more gentle and uniform, without grains of sugar.

Cream should be whipped only after thorough cooling. Beating cream begins at the lowest speed, adding speed as it thickens. If for some reason the cream is not whipped for a long time, add a thickener (according to the instructions on the package).

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