Potato dough with minced meat in the oven: casserole or pie? Cooking nourishing, simple and tasty potato grandmother with minced meat in the oven

Potato dough with minced meat in the oven: casserole or pie? Cooking nourishing, simple and tasty potato grandmother with minced meat in the oven

Potato headstock is a dish of Belarusian cuisine that is cooked quite simply and looks like a casserole. But it can also be served for tea instead of a pie, or to make a wonderful dinner. Universal option for all occasions. You can cook with different fillings, but meat or chicken mince is most often used.

Potato headstock with minced meat in the oven - general principles of cooking

In the traditional recipe for the dish is used exclusively raw potatoes. It is cleaned and rubbed, as on tributaries. Variety does not matter, but it is good if the vegetable contains a lot of starch. For the filling, raw minced meat is sometimes used, you can buy it or twist the meat yourself. With a chicken or other bird dish is also great. There are even lean options that use minced mushroom, such a recipe can be found just below.

What else can be added to the potato headstock:

· Onions, carrots and other vegetables;

· Eggs;

· Flour or starch;

· Fat

· Spices, greens.

The exact composition depends on the recipe, you can also make your own adjustments in the dish, there are no strict rules. Grandma from potatoes with minced meat is cooked in a conventional oven. Collect the dish in the form. It will bake 40-45 minutes at a temperature of 180-200, if other parameters in the recipe are not specified. Serve grandmother to the table hot, supplemented with sour cream, tomato ketchup, greens. You can use cheese or garlic sauce, they are excellent for potato dishes.

Simple potato headstock with minced meat in the oven

One of the basic recipes of potato grandma with minced meat in the oven. Cooking is not difficult, in addition, you need a little onion and carrot. Mince take any meat, you can with the addition of poultry.


· 5 potatoes;

· 250 grams of minced meat;

· 1 onion;

· 4 spoons of butter;

· 1 egg;

· 2 cloves of garlic;

· 1 carrot.

Method of preparation 1. Cut the onion and carrot, fry on three spoons of prescription oil. You can take some fat instead. No need to fry vegetables. As soon as they begin to brown, remove from heat.

2. Grate the potatoes. Juice that will stand out in the process, do not need to merge anywhere. Add garlic and spices to it immediately, add an egg and mix thoroughly.

3. The vegetables in the pan had to cool down a bit, it's time to combine them with minced meat, salt and pepper, stir.

4. Spread half of the potatoes in a mold, level, cover with a second layer of potatoes. Smooth, stretch the foil.

5. Put the grandmother in the oven for half an hour.

6. Remove, remove the foil, lubricate the layer with oil residues and prepare another quarter of an hour or a little more. You can check.

Potato headstock with minced meat in the oven (with bacon)

The recipe is rather fatty, high-calorie, but very tasty potato headstock in the oven. You can simply cook it with lard or take the peritoneum with layers. Minced meat, poultry or any other, you can use the remnants of the cutlet mass or stuffing for dumplings.


· 200 g fat;

· 7 potatoes;

· 200 grams of meat;

· 2 bulbs;

· Egg

· 3 cloves of garlic;

· Spices.

Method of preparation

1. Cut the bacon into pieces about a centimeter or a little smaller, send to roast, cook on low heat for about four minutes, then add the onion to it. On request, you can grate a carrot, and not even one, with vegetables too delicious. After a couple of minutes, turn off.

2. Season the filling with spices, let cool slightly, then add raw minced meat. Stir.

3. Peel the tubers, coarsely grate and add to them garlic, egg, salt. Immediately stir and ship half in a greased form. Align, cover with a new layer of potatoes, and then stretch a piece of foil. You can use the cover of refractory material.

4. Sent to the oven. Ten minutes before the end of cooking we remove the foil from the potato heads, brown the top, it can be greased with butter.

Potato headstock with minced meat in the oven (with cheese)

Very tasty and ruddy version of the potato headstock. The dish is prepared without eggs, but with the addition of cheese. We use any solid or semi-solid varieties. Additionally, for the meat filling, you will need a bell pepper and a little tomato paste, you can replace it with ketchup.


· 400 g minced meat;

· 8 potatoes;

· 1 Bulgarian pepper;

· 1 onion;

· 130 g of cheese;

· 20 g of pasta;

· 1 carrot;

· butter;

· 2 tbsp. l thick sour cream;

· 2 cloves of garlic and other spices.

Method of preparation

1. Peel carrots and onions in any way, it is not so important. We put them on the pan, pass a little, throw the Bulgarian pepper and fry it in just a minute. Add tomato paste, stir, turn off after a minute.

2. Cool the stuffing and mix with minced meat, add garlic and add salt, pepper, you can pour a little dried or fresh herbs.

3. We clean the potatoes, indicated the tubers of medium size, if necessary, increase the number of stuff or reduce. We rub large.

4. Cheese is also rubbed and laid out to the potatoes, but not all, you need to leave a couple of spoons, so that a beautiful and ruddy crust appears on the grandmother.

5. We collect the dish in the form of the classical way, we level the potatoes on top, but do not tamp firmly.

6. Fill the dish with the remaining cheese, cover with thick sour cream. We put in the oven for 45 minutes, this grandmother can not cover with foil.

Potato headstock with minced meat in the oven (mashed)

What is mashed? From it, you can also cook a potato headstock, but this will not be quite a classic dish. The recipe uses minced meat with lard. If the mashed potatoes are small, then just rub one or two potatoes into it, but finely so that the vegetable has time to cook during baking.


· 700 g of mashed potatoes;

· 1 egg;

· Spices;

· 300 g minced meat;

· 100 g onions;

· butter;

· 30 grams of crackers;

· Carrot;

· 50 g sour cream;

· 130 g fat.

Method of preparation

1. Fat crumble diced, fry. As soon as the first fat is melted from the pieces, add the carrot immediately with the onion. Fry until the cracklings do not need anything. 2. Give the vegetables a little browned, season with spices and cool, you can add garlic, herbs. After that, combine vegetables with minced meat, do not forget to salt. For the brightness of taste, you can add one spoonful of ketchup, but no more.

3. We break egg into mashed potatoes, we stir. If the consistency is watery, you can add 1-2 tablespoons of flour.

4. Lubricate the form for the potato headstock, sprinkle with a thick layer of crackers and send half the prepared mashed potatoes.

5. Put the stuffing, then the potatoes. Lubricate the top with sour cream, set for 35-40 minutes in the oven, bake the potato headstock until ready.

Lenten potatoes with minced mushrooms in the oven

Potato headstock is not always cooked with bacon or minced meat, there are lean options. They will also be appreciated by vegetarians. The recipe without eggs, mushrooms can be used of any kind.


· 600 g of potatoes;

· 250 g of mushrooms;

· 50 ml of vegetable oil;

· 1 carrot;

· 3 spoons of crackers;

· 1 tbsp. l flour;

· 2 bulbs;

· Garlic, herbs to taste.

Method of preparation

1. Starting with mushrooms. If they are not greenhouse, then you must first boil. Then chop. When using champignons, cut immediately, send to roast. Add onions with carrots, if desired, other vegetables. We do not bring the filling to readiness, but all the moisture needs to be evaporated. As soon as the vegetables begin to brown, remove from heat.

2. Add salt to the mushroom mince, spices, garlic, herbs and any seasoning to your liking. Leave it to cool.

3. Peel the potatoes. For the mushroom heads we rub the potatoes finely so that we can almost make gruel, we can drive through a meat grinder. Add flour, stir, salt to taste.

4. Sprinkle greased croutons.

5. We collect grandma, pave the filling in the middle. We set to bake, prepare 25 minutes of the fruit with foil. Then we grease potatoes with vegetable oil and bake in open form until cooked.

Potato headstock with minced meat in the oven in a pot

Potato headstock does not have to be cooked in shape, keep track of it and pull on the foil. This is one of the most lazy ways of cooking Belarusian dishes in the oven. It will take one big pot. You can do in portion dishes. Ingredients

· 6-7 potatoes;

· 2 bulbs;

· 400 g minced meat;

· 80 g sour cream;

· 80 g fat;

· 3 cloves of garlic;

· Mix of spices;

· butter,

Method of preparation

1. Vegetables for this recipe will not fry, which will save time. We rub the pot inside with oil, process the walls so that nothing sticks to them.

2. Chop onion finely, mix with minced meat, add garlic to them, you can put a carrot, but then use the smallest grater.

3. Rub the potatoes. Salo cut, mix them together, salt, pepper, put any seasonings.

4. Put the potatoes and mince in the pot, finish with the potatoes. Meat layers and top potatoes are sour cream.

5. Cover the pots, send in the oven, prepare an hour.

Potato headstock with minced meat in the oven - tips and tricks

· Potato headstock will be more beautiful if sprinkled with grated cheese on top. Ruddy crust will not spoil any dish.

· If the stuffing is small, then you can add more vegetables or a little boiled rice buckwheat, any other cereals.

· It is not necessary to spread the potatoes in the form of a too thin translucent layer, the dish in this case will turn out not so juicy, the taste will change.

· You can add any spices to the potato headstock, and some of them can change the color of the dish. Turmeric will make the potatoes pleasantly yellow; ground paprika gives a beautiful shade.

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