Fried fish - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook fried fish.

Fried fish - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook fried fish.

According to many nutritionists, the fish table is much healthier than meat, and the most useful to alternate between fish and meat dishes. A nutritious and healthy fish can be used to prepare a whole ocean of fish dishes, it is low-calorie and nutritious, therefore it is one of the main elements of proper nutrition, and if you add vegetables to it, it will not be priced at all.

The fish fillet, unlike meat, contains the essential amino acid methionine, which does not allow fats to linger in the human liver and on the walls of blood vessels, and the calories in low-fat varieties of fish are even less than in veal. For lovers of gourmet dishes, real fans of the fish kitchen is attractive fried fish with a crispy crust. It is recommended to use fried fish only in hot form, because, cooling down, it can lose all its nutritional value.

Fish for frying is almost always placed in a well-heated fat, pre-separated head. Whole you can cook a small fish, if it is large - cut it into pieces. In the thick fish it is necessary to isolate the bones, for this it is cut along the spine and divided into portions. Every portion is incised and breaded.

Fried Fish - Cooking

Fried fish can be cooked in different ways - in the oven, in a frying pan, on a skewer, recently fashionable recipes of fried fish on the grill are very common. The most common option is to use a thick skillet or a roaster for frying; the best cast iron models are best suited for this.

Fried Fish - Food Preparation

In order to prepare the fish for frying, it is necessary to cut it - remove low-value and inedible parts and prepare it for cutting. In large enterprises, special drums have been developed for this, where the fins are separated on the cutting machine and the heads are cut off with a special cylindrical knife. At home, these actions will have to be carried out manually with the help of a sharply honed knife.

The cutting of small fish is carried out in the following order: the scales are removed, then a deep incision is made in the abdomen to the head so that the gallbladder remains intact. Some breeds have a dark-colored poisonous film inside, so it must be carefully removed completely from all fish. Larger fish is also first cleared of scaly coating, then the head is separated and the insides are selected, cutting the flesh at the edges of the gills. Remove the dorsal fin and fishtail. With one big fish, two kinds of fillet are obtained - with bones of the spine and boneless.

Fried Fish - The Best Recipes

Recipe 1: Roasted Pike Perch

This very tasty and healthy dish can be prepared very quickly, and you will need no more than 10-15 minutes to fry the fish itself.


Pike perch fillet (600 gr.), Beets 600 grams, parsley root, pear, apple, onion.

Vegetable oil for frying, apple juice (100 ml), apple cider vinegar (50 ml.), Sour cream (4 tablespoons), lemon juice.

Method of preparation

First, prepare the vegetable mixture. For this, beetroot, apple, pear, onion and parsley are cut into cubes and sauteed in vegetable oil and stewed for 5 minutes. Add apple juice and salt, simmer the vegetables for another 10 minutes. Pepper and sprinkle with vinegar. Separately, three on a fine grater horseradish root. Cut fish into pieces, salt, pepper and sprinkle with lemon juice. Fry in butter for 5 minutes, turn over.

Fried pike perch is laid out on plates along with a fruit and vegetable mixture, decorated with greens. Put horseradish and sour cream on each piece of fish. In the same way you can cook a lot of fish varieties.

Enjoy your meal!

Recipe 2: Salmon in Honey Sauce

Some women claim that it is the fish diet that helps them to look beautiful. One of the favorite gourmet recipes is salmon in honey sauce. This is a fantastically quick cooking recipe.


Salmon fillet 500 grams. White dry wine 100 grams, honey (3-4 spoons), lemon juice (1 spoon), soy sauce (1 tsp), lemon, rosemary, salt, white ground pepper. Frying is made in olive oil.

Method of preparation

First, wash the fish and cut it into pieces, dry with a paper towel. Squeeze lemon into pieces of fish, rub them with salt and pepper. Fry the fish over high heat for 3 minutes on each side, cook separately the sauce from the wine, honey, soy sauce in a skillet, boil until thickened. In this sauce it is necessary to lay out the fish and hold on the fire, not boiling. Put the finished fish on a beautiful dish, and add lemon and rosemary slices to the remaining sauce, warm it again for 2-3 minutes. Pour fish with this sauce. If desired, you can add a side dish, although in splendid isolation, it is perceived perfectly.

Recipe 3. Fried Fish in Batter

Any fish becomes appetizing and fragrant, if you fry it in a specially prepared mixture, which is called batter. This dish will appeal to even those who have not previously been friends with fried fish, you will certainly want to try a piece. Fish makes the fish incredibly airy and crispy. Among the many recipes klyara try to cook the fish in beer klyare, while using beer not as a drink, but as a component. Any fish can be cooked in the same way, the main thing is to clean it from the bones and cut it into portions.


Fish 600 gr.

For batter: flour (300 gr), beer (300 gr.), Egg (2 pieces), butter (30 gr), a bunch of green onions, pepper, salt, vegetable oil for frying.

Method of preparation

First, prepare the batter - combine the flour with beer and egg yolk, add the butter, pre-melted, and knead the dough. At the end we introduce egg white. Boil a little fish, cut into pieces. Dip in the dough and fry in boiling oil. We lay out so that there is no fat on the surface. Fish battered only served hot.

Fried fish - useful tips from experienced chefs

- In order to avoid splashing oil on you while frying, dry the pieces of fish with a paper towel.

- If the scales are difficult to separate, you can immerse the fish for a moment in boiling water - the cleaning process will go much faster.

-Any ordinary fish in a small amount of oil can be prepared using breading in bread crumbs or flour. After frying it must be put on a napkin to remove excess fat. In order for the hot oil not to splash, the pan needs a little salt and then spread the fish.

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