Mushroom soup - it's simple and useful! The easiest recipes for soup made from mushrooms: with meat, cereals, pots, pickle and hodgepodge

Mushroom soup - it's simple and useful! The easiest recipes for soup made from mushrooms: with meat, cereals, pots, pickle and hodgepodge

Mushrooms do not belong to either the plant or animal world of our planet.

Their world is so diverse that it only remains to wonder!

Or try to cook some dish, such as soup from the experience.

Mushroom Soup - General Technological Principles

Mushrooms belong to the category of the best edible mushrooms. The most valuable autumn mushrooms are collected from mid-August to the first frost. On sale are more common pickled mushrooms. If there is no opportunity to collect these mushrooms in the forest, you can cook the soup from pickled mushrooms. It is better to buy mushrooms from verified vendors, and this is the main technological principle for soup made from mushrooms, as well as for all other mushroom dishes.

There are some other rules for collecting and cooking mushrooms:

After harvesting, the mushrooms are carefully inspected, sorted and cleaned. First, cut off the lowest part of the leg, which was in the mycelium, then soaked for a while, to make them easier to clean.

Not only fresh mushrooms, but also dried, frozen, salted or pickled (for saltwort, sour soup or pickle) are suitable for cooking soups from honey agaric.

Mushrooms are neutral in acid-base composition, so they are combined with almost any food groups. But most often they are combined in dishes with dairy products, which emphasize their smell and taste. Mushrooms are very suitable for poultry meat, buckwheat, rice porridge, beans. Especially tasty are the mushrooms with a lot of browned onions and carrots.

If you want to emphasize the mushroom smell of soup from the experience, then by all means use dried porcini mushrooms in the dish. You can also purchase special mushroom seasoning on the market, but it must be borne in mind that in such packages there are some stabilizers and preservatives that affect the taste of the honey soup. Using such seasonings, you will have to reckon with the presence of salt in it, which is not always necessary for a dish. Therefore, if possible, harvest powder from dried porcini mushrooms and add it to the dishes. Do not be afraid of poisoning - dry mushrooms, especially white, can not be poisonous. If after a walk through the woods in the house there was a smell of mushrooms, then it is time to cook the soup from the honey agaric. It often happens like this: there is a product - start thinking about how to cook it. With honey agarics - it's simple. They can be used in almost any dish, even in those recipes in which they are not provided. You can see for yourself!

Recipe 1. Mushroom soup, with rice and pork ribs


• Onion 250 g

• Honey, dried 200 g

• Rice, steamed, round 100 g

• 3.0 liter filtered water

• Carrots 150g

• Ribs, lean, pork 0.5 kg

• Flour, for sauteing 50 g

• Culinary fat or margarine (for steaming vegetables and roasting mushrooms)

• Milk, whole 100 ml (for soaking mushrooms)

• Potatoes, peeled 350 g

• Spices

• Korenya

• Greens and sour cream, for filing


Dried mushrooms is desirable to soak overnight in milk with added water. Rice can be washed and wet for two hours before cooking. In a saucepan with cold water, lower the pork ribs and begin to cook the broth. When it stops foaming, add spices, a small, whole carrot, onion in the husk, previously cleaned, and a piece of celery. When the meat broth is fully prepared and the meat is easily separated from the bones, strain it and return to the plate. Prepared vegetables cut: potatoes - in small cubes; onions - diced, and carrot rubbed on a grater. First, we reject the soaked mushrooms by means of a colander, rinse them under cold water. Let the water run out, cut the large mushrooms in half. Fry the mushrooms in a pan, in butter. After that, send them to the pan with broth. It is not necessary to boil the mushrooms beforehand, because dried mushrooms are not poisonous. Fry the onions and carrots in hot fat - use any to taste. After 15-20 minutes, we throw chopped potatoes and rice into the soup, and after five more minutes, browned onions and carrots. Give boil, cook for five minutes, and remove the pan from the stove. We give the soup out of brew again. When serving, add in a portion plate the meat, separated from the bone, fill with greens and sour cream.

Recipe 2. Cheese soup, from honey


• Fresh mushrooms 0.5 kg

• Seasoning, mushroom (dried mushrooms) 20 g

• Water 350 ml

• Onions 200 g

• Viola cheese, soft melted (60%) 400 g

• Grated carrots 250 g

• Milk of any fat 300 ml

• Fat (any, to taste), for browning and frying 50-70 g

• A mixture of peppers, salt

• Greenery


Prepare mushrooms: sort them and wash them thoroughly. Cook in a separate bowl, fold and wash the fungus again. Large mushrooms cut lengthwise, in half. In a skillet, on hot oil, stew chopped onion and prepared, grated carrots until soft. Add mushrooms and fry with the lid open until done. Transfer the contents of the saucepan to boiling water and season with mushroom powder, spices, and lightly salt. Cook for 10 minutes on low heat. Put the cheese in a glass blender, pour the milk and kill the mass until smooth. Pour the milk-cheese mixture into the boiling soup and wait until the cheese mass is dissolved. Add the greens and give the soup out of brew again.

Recipe 3. Cream soup made from chicken breast and chicken breast

Product Composition:

• Broth, chicken 1.25 l

• Carrot 100 - 150 g

• Honey, fried 300 - 350 g

• Potatoes 0.4 kg

• Fat (for browning) 50 ml

• Cream (15%) 0.5 L

• Mushrooms, white (dried) 150 g

• Fresh parsley leaves 90 g

• Flour 70-90 g

• Onions 150g

• Boiled, chicken breast 600 g

• Sour cream 20%, for serving 150 ml

Cooking Procedure:

Boil the potatoes in a broth, get it with a slotted spoon and cook mashed potatoes. Pass the carrot and onion, transfer them to the mashed potatoes and add two to three tablespoons of wheat flour to the vegetables. Smash vegetables again with a blender. Hot cream combine with broth and gradually pour into vegetable puree, without stopping beating at low speed. When the mixture acquires the consistency of a thick sauce, pour it into a saucepan and, until it boils, season with salt, dried mushrooms and spices. We put mushrooms, chopped parsley and boiled breast into a saucepan with soup made from mushrooms. Served with sour cream.

Recipe 4. Mushroom soup, in pots


• Muscovy duck breast 0.7 kg

• Honey, 1.5 kg frozen

• Prunes 180 g

• Potatoes, peeled 400 g

• Sour cream, low-fat 250 g

• Cheese “Dutch”, hard 300 g

• Carrot 200 g

• Buckwheat 150 g

• Purified water 3.0 liters

• Onions 150g

• Culinary fat (for steaming vegetables and mushrooms)

• Parsley, Ginger

• Spices

• Greens (for submission)


Muscovy duck is a less fat duck breed, so it is better to choose its meat. Dip the prepared breast in cold water, prepared for the soup (3.5 liters) and put on the stove, cook, not forgetting to remove the foam. When the duck is half ready, add one small, washed onion, peeled from the top of the skin (not completely) and the cut off root part. In meat broth, add also a small piece of ginger root (2 cm), cut into plates, a whole carrot (100 g) and parsley root (chop it carefully). Season the broth with bay leaves and peppercorns. When the broth is ready, take out the meat, strain it and boil the diced potatoes in it until half cooked. Meat cut portions.

To go over the buckwheat, wash it and dry it on a dry and hot frying pan. When it is steamed and fried, it will be fragrant and cook faster.

Wash prunes and lightly steam them with boiling water so that it is convenient to cut them into strips.

If honey mushrooms were washed before freezing, they can be cooked immediately, in a separate container and in a large amount of water. After sifting through a colander, wash again and set aside so that the glass is water, so that they do not soar, but roast in a frying pan.

Cut the carrots and onions into thin strips. Fry mushrooms and onions with carrots separately. When frying mushrooms, it is better to use vegetable first, and at the end to add butter - the mushrooms will not burn, and the mushroom flavor will be brighter when adding butter. Now we put the prepared components in order into prepared pots: prunes, browned onions with carrots, buckwheat, potatoes, mushrooms. Top lay the pieces of duck breast. Fill each pot with broth so that it only slightly covers the contents, add sour cream in a tablespoon and generously cover it with grated cheese.

Pour some water on a baking sheet so that the soup from the experience of boiling is first boiled well, and when the water evaporates, it should be covered with a crust of melted cheese. Bake a total of 15-20 minutes, based on the technical capabilities of the oven. Before serving, decorate with leaves of your favorite greens.

Recipe 5. Mushroom soup with beans, olives and tomato dressing - mushroom hodgepodge


• White beans 250 g

• Carrots 2 whole, for boiling beans and meat and 2 pcs. for dressing soup

• Black olives, salted 200 g (net)

• Honey, fresh or frozen 0.8 kg

• Canned tomatoes, in a tomato bank 1 (750 g)

• Onions 2 large onions, for steaming and 2 pcs. - small, for broths

• Oil (preferably olive) 100 ml

• Garlic 2-3 small slices

• Water (as needed)

• Parsley, root and leaves

• Lemon wedges (for serving)

• Celery (root) - for broths

• Dill, fresh - for broth and for serving

• Broccoli 350 g

• Sour cream (for filing)

• Potatoes 350 g

• Turkey Breast 900 g


Beans are soaked the day before, preferably 7-8 hours before the start of cooking soup from honey agaric. Then they need to boil - do this:

after five to ten minutes of boiling in salted water, we throw the beans through a colander;

add water again, adding celery, parsley and fresh fennel stalks;

and cook until cooked.

Remove all the excess from the broth in which the beans were cooked, boil the small cubes of potatoes in this saucepan, and temporarily leave it.

You can also cook broth from poultry, also with roots of spicy plants, but in a small amount of water - the meat should be stewed rather than cooked. Cut the finished meat. Prepare the mushrooms - boil them in a large amount of salted water, wash and lightly dry.

Pass the broccoli florets and onions, cut into large cubes, and transfer them to the saucepan with the beans, in which the boletus will continue to boil. Onions are fried first, and then broccoli is added.

Carrot cubes are first fried in butter, flavored with two teeth of crushed garlic. Add some sugar so that the carrots caramelize and get a sweetish taste, then simmer until ready. To do this, pour one or one and a half cups of tomato juice into a saucepan, in which the tomatoes were preserved, and simmer the carrots until the juice thickens. 5-6 canned tomatoes cut, finely, diced and add to a saucepan with carrots, for a couple of minutes, just to warm them.

Cut large olives without stones in half, and small ones can be thrown into the whole soup of honey agaric.

All prepared ingredients - mushrooms, carrots with tomato, olives and pieces of meat, with broth in which it was cooked - are sent to a saucepan with beans, broccoli and onions.

At this time, the soup from the experience should try and season it with all the necessary spices. Do not forget to add dry mushroom powder to enhance the smell of mushroom soup again. Add boiling water, if necessary, so that the ratio of solid and liquid parts is the same, bring the collected soup to a boil and cook a little so that all tastes are combined, no more than five minutes.

Put chopped greens in the soup, cover the pan with a lid and let it brew. For serving you will need sour cream, lemon wedges and some fresh green leaves.

Recipe 6. Mushroom soup marinated with cucumbers and pearl barley

Product Composition:

• Pearl barley 150 g

• Potato 400 g

• Smoked meat (or pink salmon) 0.5 kg

• Pickled mushrooms 250 g

• Carrot 150 g

• Water - as needed

• Tomato paste 75 g

• Sour cream (for serving dishes) • Salted or pickled cucumbers 300 g

• Celery (stem or root) 80 g

• Spices

• Onion 120g

• Culinary fat (for steaming)

• Greenery

• Garlic 3 slices


In essence, this is pickle soup. Therefore, set the salt aside. It is unlikely that she will be needed for such soup from the experience. If only very, very little, at the end.

Before cooking the barley rinse until clear water and soak in cold water for at least 3-4 hours.

Prepare the vegetables. Potatoes cut into cubes or cubes of medium size. Finely grate the carrot and chop the onion finely. Large mushrooms cut; small - leave whole. Cut meat or fish into strips, salted cucumbers into cubes, finely.

Put the pan with water on the stove, do not add salt and let it boil. Throw in her pearl barley and cook until half ready.

Following the cereal we send potatoes with grated or finely chopped celery root.

When the potatoes are almost cooked, add the smoked pieces, cucumbers and mushrooms, let it boil, and set the pan aside from the heat.

Heat the fat in a frying pan, fry the crushed garlic in it first, and then pass the onion, followed by the carrot, add one or two tablespoons of flour, passe for another minute and pour the tomato paste, diluted with water or soup broth. Stew until thickened, and until the tomato gets a rich red tint.

Again, put the pan with the soup from the experience of the fire, boil and thicken it with tomato dressing. A minute after boiling the soup out of honey agaric, turn off the stove. Lavishly sprinkle the finished soup with greens and close the lid. Serve with sour cream and crush with herbs in a plate.

Mushroom Soup - Tips and Tricks

• The readiness of mushrooms during cooking can be defined as follows: boiled mushrooms sink to the bottom of the pan, while raw mushrooms float.

• In addition to mushroom broth from champignons and porcini mushrooms, no mushroom broths are edible, even if the mushrooms are edible. • Honey agarics - agaric mushrooms. They have a loose cap and a dense leg. Young mushrooms have a dense structure. If you need whole mushrooms for soup from honey mushrooms, use small mushrooms or mushrooms legs. For soup puree fit caps and larger mushrooms.

• Do not forget to wash your hands while cooking mushrooms, whenever you touch raw mushrooms.

• Before cooking, keep fresh mushrooms in acidic water.

• Thawed mushrooms must be processed immediately so that they do not have to be thrown away.

Mushroom soup is delicious, easy, nutritious and varied. Do not deny yourself simple pleasures!

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