Minute cake - quick and tasty! Simple recipes for honey, sour cream, puff and cottage cheese cake "Minute" in the pan

Minute cake - quick and tasty! Simple recipes for honey, sour cream, puff and cottage cheese cake

Minute cake - the recipe can be a real salvation for those housewives who, for whatever reason, have to do without the oven or simply because of lack of time.

Thin cake cakes are baked in a frying pan literally in a matter of minutes, and are not inferior to anything cooked in the oven. They are just tender, fragrant and well soaked with any cream.

Honey, chocolate, sour cream, delicate curd, or the famous puff “Napoleon” - there are many options. Choose any, and please your loved ones.

Minute cake in a frying pan - general principles of cooking

• For baking cakes, you will need a wide pan with a non-stick coating or a thick-walled, cast-iron one. In order to mix the ingredients of the dough or cream well, it is not necessary to beat with a mixer, this can be easily done with a whisk.

• The cake consists of thin cakes. They are baked from steep or rare dough, the method of preparation of which depends on the specific recipe.

• In order to make the dough cakes well cooked, after kneading it is divided into pieces and rolled in circles with a thickness of about 7 millimeters. Batter - poured into the center of the pan, then evenly distributed with a spoon.

• Bake billet over moderate heat. Roll out the dough before putting it in the pan must be pierced several times with a fork so that it does not bubble, and turn over when baking. The readiness of such blanks is determined by eye, they should be lightly browned.

• Cakes of watery dough baked under the lid and do not overturn. To determine their willingness enough to touch your fingers to the surface, if it does not stick - ready.

• Ready-made cakes are coated with warm or chilled, it all depends on the type of cake. How to properly lubricate the workpiece, specifically stated in the recipe.

• Cakes, baked in a pan, are easily soaked with any cream, but more often, custard or sour cream is prepared to coat the Minute cake. To vary the taste of the dessert, they can add fruit or cocoa. • For registration use a crumb prepared from scraps of cake layers and the main cream. The crumb can be supplemented with finely chopped nuts, chopped chocolate, coconut flakes or fresh fruit.

• The finished Minute cake is never served immediately, so that the dessert is well soaked it should be placed in the refrigerator overnight.

Delicate cottage cheese cake “Minute” in a frying pan with apricots


• large egg;

• 200 gr. 9% cottage cheese;

• glass of beet sugar;

• butter, high quality, creamy - 50 gr .;

• ripper - two spoons;

• 350 gr. wheat flour.

In cream:

• milk - 400 ml;

• 80 gr. sugar;

• a tablespoon of starch, dry, fresh;

• one egg;

• teaspoon flour;

• 50 gr. liquid, heavy cream.


• 300 gr. fresh apricots;

• dark chocolate - mid-size tile.


1. Place a fine-meshed metal sieve on a wide bowl. Put the cottage cheese mixed with sugar in it, add the softened butter and grind with a spoon. Remove the sieve, break the egg into the curd mass and, rubbing it thoroughly, mix it.

2. Mix and cross the ripper with flour, add to the prepared mass and knead the dough with your hands. It should not be cool and at the same time, well otlipat hands. Divide it into six roughly equal parts. Shape them into balls and put them in the fridge.

3. Prepare the cream. Pound sugar with egg, add flour and immediately pour in 3/4 of milk. Stir, crushing the lumps with a spoon, put the cook on medium-low heat. So that the mass does not burn, continuously stir, each time trying to reach the bottom of the pan. Remove the thickened cream from the stove, stir the vanilla in it and leave to cool.

4. Whip the chilled cream with the remaining milk and mix with the cooled brewed base, temporarily put in the refrigerator.

5. Thinly roll out the chilled dough pieces, immediately trim the edges and bake until golden brown on both sides.

6. Not hot, but still warm cakes, while baking, grease with cream and put in a pile. Each billet should take no more than two spoons. 7. When put the last cake, do not coat it. For impregnation, remove the cake for two hours in the refrigerator, place the rest of the cream there.

8. Remove pits from apricots. Leave a few halves for decorating the cake, and the rest of the blender in a mashed potatoes and mix with the remnants of the cream.

9. Lubricate the sides of the cake with a mass, and align the sides.

10. Decorate the surface of the dessert with the halved apricot halves and sprinkle with fine grated chocolate.

Minutka cake recipe in a pan with custard (made from condensed milk cake layers)


• Gostovskaya condensed milk - standard bank;

• 450 gr. wheat flour;

• one egg;

• 2 spoons of baking powder.

For custard:

• a glass of unrefined beet sugar;

• two large eggs;

• three spoons of wheat flour;

• vanilla powder - 15 gr .;

• 150 gr. high fat, 82.5%, butter;

• milk - 750 ml.


1. In a low enameled bowl of a suitable volume, whip the eggs into foam. Mix the egg mass with condensed milk, add the flour, sifted with ripper, and knead the dough. If you don’t immediately collect it in a bowl - do not add liquids, just knead a little longer.

2. Roll the dough into a sausage, divide the knife into eight equal pieces. Roll them into thin circles, a little wider than a frying pan. Fry each side for about a minute, until light brown.

3. Prepare the finished workpiece stack, trim with a sharp heavy knife edge. Collect the trim and grind into a crumb.

4. Take a glass of milk and stir the flour in it, pour the mixture to the remaining milk, mix.

5. Add sugar with eggs, stir again.

6. Place the saucepan on medium-high heat and, stirring constantly, boil until thick. Set aside from the stove, place the oil, and, having mixed, let cool.

7. Slightly warm the cakes with a slightly warm mass, forming a cake out of them, evenly distribute the remaining sides.

8. Sprinkle dessert from all sides, prepared from scraps of crumb, and place to soak in the refrigerator.

Honey Cake “Minute” in a pan with a simple sour cream cream - “Ryzhik”


• two eggs;

• two spoons of honey;

• spoon of burnt soda;

• 2 glasses of premium flour;

• 50 gr. margarine or butter;

• unrefined sugar - a glass.

In cream:

• small white sugar - 200 gr .;

• fat, 30%, sour cream - 800 ml.


1. Put honey in a suitable volume bowl, add chopped butter, sugar and soda ground with eggs. Place the container in a water bath and, while stirring continuously, warm up until all the products are melted and the mass becomes homogeneous. It usually takes up to five minutes.

2. Remove the container from the stove, pour the twice sifted flour into the foaming mass, quickly knead the dough.

3. Divide it into seven balls, wrap each food film and put the rest in a refrigerator for half an hour.

4. After that, roll thin cakes and bake them in a dry frying pan. The main thing is not to overdry, otherwise they are poorly soaked.

5. Mixer whisk sour cream with sugar. So that its grains are well dissolved, enter the sand while beating in small portions, approximately two spoons.

6. In the stacked honey cakes, line the edges and spread them with cream. Coat the sides of the cake with cream residue.

7. Decorate the top with crumbs from scraps left after leveling the cakes.

“Minute” puff cake recipe in a pan - quick Napoleon


• 1.5 cups of sugar;

• 450 gr. high-quality flour;

• three eggs;

• spoon 9% vinegar;

• half a pack of butter or quality margarine;

• a pinch of salt;

• A spoon of soda.

In cream:

• liter unpasteurized milk;

• three eggs;

• a glass of refined sugar;

• pack of good quality oil;

• one gram of fresh vanilla powder;

• Two tablespoons of fresh starch or flour.


1. Pour the eggs into the bowl and start whipping them. When the mass begins to whiten, continuing to beat, gradually add sugar. Then add a little warm oil. At the end, enter the soda, extinguishing it with vinegar. 2. Then, stirring the liquid with a spoon, add the whole measure of flour in small portions and knead the stiff, loose dough.

3. Roll it into a sausage and divide it into 12 pieces, which shape the balls. Roll each piece of it around and bake cakes. They prepare very quickly, and it will be necessary to follow closely, so as not to burn. As soon as the bottom is slightly browned, immediately turn over.

4. Let the baked cake layers cool down well, then level the edges with a knife. Cut the pieces into a bowl and chop, crushing with a crush, into a crumb.

5. Beat eggs with sugar, add flour, pour milk and, stirring well, put on moderate heat. Regularly stirring, wait until the very beginning of boiling, then add vanilla to the thickened mass, stir and remove from the stove.

6. Cool a little, put the butter and whisk well.

7. Grind the cooled billet cooled cream, smear them and sidewalls.

8. Sprinkle the prepared dessert with crumb of scraps or chopped nuts.

Recipe “Minute” sour cream cake in a pan with sour cream cocoa


• three glasses of flour;

• fresh egg;

• granulated sugar - 200 gr .;

• a spoon of soda;

• a glass of rare sour cream;

• food vinegar - dessert spoon;

• 100 gr. butter, high quality oil.

For chocolate cream:

• 2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder;

• 800 gr. high fat cream;

• a cup, or a little less, of powdered sugar.


1. In a bowl with sour cream, add sugar, stir, pour in the egg and beat well with a hard whisk. Make sure that the sugar is completely dissolved.

2. Quench with vinegar and add soda to the mixture, mix. Soak for five minutes, add flour and knead the dense, nekretoe dough. Divide it into six pieces.

3. Alternately rolling each into a circle of 0.6 cm thickness, bake cakes in a pan.

4. After all the blanks are baked and stacked, trim their edges, cutting off the excess with a knife. Trim save.

5. Prepare the cream. Mix cocoa with powdered sugar and sift through a fine sieve. 6. Put the sour cream in a high bowl or pan and beat for a minute with a mixer. Then, still whipping, add all the tinted cocoa icing sugar, pouring a spoon.

7. Grind cooked cream all the cakes. Well squander the sides and surface.

8. For registration use deferred trimming cakes, crushed into crumb. It can be supplemented with crushed nuts or coarsely rubbed chocolate.

Simple Minutka Cake Recipe in Banana Frying Pan (Kefir)


• warm kefir - 1 tbsp .;

• 200 gr. sugar;

• two eggs;

• sweet cream butter or margarine - 50 g;

• one and a half tablespoons of cocoa powder;

• soda - 1/2 tsp;

• wheat, first grade flour - two glasses;

• A spoonful of equally mixed spices: cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg powder.

For banana cream:

• 0.8 liters of cow's milk;

• two spoons of dry starch;

• three fresh eggs;

• a glass of refined sugar;

• 1/2 Art. l baking flour;

• natural butter - 100 g;

• two small bananas;

• small lemon.


1. Kefir must be warm to ensure that the soda is better quenched. Therefore, if you forgot to remove it from the refrigerator beforehand, warm the kefir by placing the package in a container with hot water.

2. Pour the fermented milk product into a bowl, add soda, mix and temporarily set aside.

3. In a separate bowl, beat the eggs with sugar, Melt and cool the butter.

4. When the kefir starts to bubble, enter the egg mass into it first, mix. Then pour in the melted and cooled oil and re-stir.

5. Pour into the prepared base no more than a cup of flour, add cocoa with spices, whisk, achieving homogeneity.

6. Gradually filling the remaining flour and carefully mixing it, prepare rare as home-made sour cream, dough, and let it “catch your breath” for a quarter of an hour.

7. Put the thick-walled frying pan on low heat and, after it has warmed up well, start baking cakes.

8. To do this, pour no more than three spoons of chocolate dough on the center of the griddle and immediately spread it over the entire bottom with a spoon and cover it with a lid. After about two minutes, the cake will be ready. It is not necessary to turn it over. To check readiness, touch its surface with a hand; it should not stick. 9. It turns out a total of seven such blanks. Put them in a pile and leave to cool under a towel.

10. Mix starch with flour. In a separate bowl, beat the eggs with sugar into the foam and, adding to them the starch-flour mixture, beat again.

11. In a thick-walled stew pan, put the milk on a small heat. Intensively stirring boiling milk, add egg mass into it and leave to cook, stirring continuously, until thick. Cool the cream.

12. Cut the bananas into slices, add the softened butter to them, pour in the juice from the whole lemon and beat the blender.

13. Mix the cooked banana puree with cream and mix the resulting mass with the cooled cakes and sides of the cake.

14. You can decorate such a dessert with coconut chips, crumbs from chocolate crumbs or chocolate chips.

Minute cake in the pan - technological tricks and tips

• When rolling dough, it is not always possible to calculate the size of the cake correctly. In order not to overshoot, use a lid from the pan as a template.

• It will be more convenient to transfer the dough from the table if you wrap it a little before it on the rolling pin.

• If the cakes need to be cooled before assembly, put them in a stack and cover them with a slightly moistened towel, then the blanks will not dry out.

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