Juicy and tender turkey fillet in a slow cooker. The best recipes for turkey fillet in a slow cooker: baked, stewed, steamed

Juicy and tender turkey fillet in a slow cooker. The best recipes for turkey fillet in a slow cooker: baked, stewed, steamed

Turkey - one of the most useful types of meat.

It contains almost no cholesterol, but turkey meat is rich in trace elements and vitamins that our body needs.

In addition, the turkey fillet contains a lot of sodium, which allows you to cook it using a minimum of salt.

Turkey fillet in a slow cooker - the basic principles of cooking

Turkey fillet cooked in a slow cooker will be much juicier, tastier and healthier. In addition, you will not need to stand at the stove, and control the cooking process. The slow cooker will do everything by itself and notify you that the dish is ready.

The turkey fillets are washed, the skin is removed and the films are cut off. Then the meat is dried and start cooking.

Turkey in a slow cooker can be baked, stewed or steamed. Fillet marinated or cooked in sauce. In addition, the meat can be cooked with vegetables. In this case, you get a full dish.

Fillet can be prepared as a whole piece, and cut it into pieces.

Turkey goes well with ginger, soy sauce and citrus. Therefore, you can safely add them to the marinade.

Turkey fillet is seasoned with salt, spices, or marinated. Meat is left to marinate for at least half an hour, then proceed to cooking in a slow cooker.

Recipe 1. Turkey fillet in a slow cooker with potatoes


kg of turkey fillet;


seven potatoes;


two bay leaves;


dried parsley.

Method of preparation

1. My turkey meat, dip it in napkins and cut into portions.

2. Clean potatoes, wash well and cut into slices.

3. We spread the slices of turkey fillet on the bottom of the bowl of the slow cooker, on top of it lay the slices of potatoes. Season everything with spices, dried parsley and salt. Put a bay leaf on top.

4. Fill all with broth so that its level does not slightly reach the potatoes. Activate the mode "Quenching" and cook turkey meat for about an hour.

5. Half an hour before the end of cooking, open the lid, mix the contents, close the lid again and cook until the beep sounds. Serve the turkey with potatoes, watering it with broth.

Recipe 2. Teriyaki turkey fillet in a slow cooker


390 g turkey fillet;

150 ml of drinking water;

half onion;

50 g sugar;

120 ml of saturated soy sauce;

Feathers green onions for filing.

Method of preparation

1. Chopped onion shred in medium-sized slices.

2. Activate the multicooker in the “baking” mode. Set the time to forty minutes.

3. In the capacity of the multicooker lay out shredded onions, pour in soy concentrate and water. Add sugar, close the lid tightly and simmer the sauce for ten minutes.

4. Wash turkey meat and dip paper towels. Cut the meat into small pieces and send it to the sauce. Fry it, stirring, with the lid open, for a couple of minutes.

5. Close the unit cover and cook the turkey before the beep. We spread the finished meat on a plate and sprinkle it with finely chopped green onions. Served with boiled rice, vegetables or pasta.

Recipe 3. Turkey fillet in a slow cooker with mushrooms


0.5 kg turkey fillet;

vegetable oil;

cream - 150 ml;

dried herbs;




black pepper;

200 g of champignons.

Method of preparation

1. Thoroughly wash the turkey meat, dry it with paper towels and cut into small portions.

2. In the capacity of the multicooker we pour vegetable oil and spread the cut meat into it.

3. Clean the champignons from the film, wash and dry them. Peel the onion and carrot. Carrot coarsely rubbed. Onion finely shred. Mushrooms chopped plates.

4. Put the mushrooms and vegetables sent to the meat. Pepper, salt and add dried herbs.

5. Close the slow cooker with the lid and activate the “Baking” mode. Cooking turkey for about ten minutes. After the beep, pour the meat with mushrooms and vegetables with cream. We mix everything and turn on the “Quenching” program for half an hour. Serve turkey with vegetables and mushrooms with vegetable salad and mashed potatoes.

Recipe 4. Creamy turkey fillet in a slow cooker with mushrooms and vegetables



champignons - 200 g;

Red pepper;

500 g turkey fillet;

400 g potatoes;

Provencal herbs;

100 g carrots;

half cream - half a cup; 140 g of red sweet pepper;

120 g red onions.

Method of preparation

1. My turkey fillet under the tap, dry it and cut into cubes, two and a half centimeters thick.

2. Clean the mushrooms from the film, wash and cut into large slices.

3. Clean the washed peppers from the seeds. Potato peel clean.

4. Peeled red onions finely chopped. Carrots clean and three grated for Korean salads.

5. Cream seasoned with salt, Provencal herbs and spices. Mix and leave them soaked in flavors.

6. We put the meat in the crock-pot, put vegetables and mushrooms on top and pour it with cream.

7. Turn on the “Quenching” mode, close the lid and cook the turkey fillet for 15 minutes. Served with rice garnish or pasta.

Recipe 5. Baked turkey fillet in a slow cooker with soy sauce



500 g turkey fillet;


spring onions;

140 ml of soy sauce;

50 grams of sugar.

Method of preparation

1. In a deep bowl, mix the soy sauce with the sugar. Pour in half a cup of boiled water and mix.

2. Peel and finely chop the onion.

3. Wash the fillets under the tap, pat dry with napkins and cut into arbitrary pieces.

4. Activate the multicooker in the “baking” mode. Pour vegetable oil into the bowl and warm it well. Put the shredded onions in it and fry, stirring, until golden. Then pour in the soy sauce and mix.

5. Now add fillet pieces, lightly salt, mix and close the unit cover. Set the timer for half an hour. Cook the turkey fillet before the beep. Serve the turkey fillet with baked vegetables, garnished with green onion feathers.

Recipe 6. Delicious turkey fillet in a slow cooker with apples


olive oil;

kg of turkey fillet;

three apples;


two bulbs;

Provencal herbs;

five cloves of garlic;

four bay leaves;

50 g sugar;

160 ml of soy sauce.

Method of preparation

1. My turkey meat, dry with napkins and mode in small pieces. We put fillets in deep dishes.

2. Vegetables clean. Bulbs shred half rings. Garlic lobules clean and pass through the garlic press. 3. Mix soy sauce with olive oil, add sugar, Provencal herbs, chopped onion, crushed garlic and bay leaf. Mix well. Fill the meat with this mixture of meat and marinate it for two hours.

4. We clean the apples from the peel, cut the core and cut the fruit into slices.

5. Pour some olive oil into the pan of the multicooker, put the turkey fillet pieces into it along with the marinade. From above we spread apple slices.

6. Activate the mode "Baking" and prepare a half hour. Fragrant fillet served with boiled rice, potatoes or stewed vegetables.

Recipe 7. Turkey fillet in a slow cooker with tarragon and wild rice


turkey fillet - kg;


two glasses of wild rice;

500 ml of dry white wine;

two celery stalks;

half a liter of broth;


20 g of crushed tarragon.

Method of preparation

1. Mix wine with broth and pour the washed rice into the mixture. Leave it for half an hour.

2. Clean the onions and celery stalks. Finely shred them.

3. Cut the washed turkey fillet into chunks, two centimeters thick.

4. Activate the multicooker in the “multi-cook” mode. Set the temperature to 150 degrees. Pour a glass of broth into the bowl and bring it to a boil.

5. Put slices of turkey fillet and chopped vegetables in boiling broth. Salt and season with all spices. Cook, stirring for ten minutes.

6. Transfer the slow cooker to the “Baking” mode. Sprinkle rice, close the lid and cook for 35 minutes. Served as a separate dish.

Recipe 8. Turkey fillet in a slow cooker for a couple with a special marinade


400 g turkey fillet;

a pinch of shredded fresh ginger root;

80 ml of lemon juice;

30 g of finished mustard;

80 ml soy sauce.

Method of preparation

1. Fill my turkey and dip it with napkins. Cut off his skin.

2. In a cup, mix soy sauce with lemon juice, mustard and ginger.

3. Fill the fillet with the mixture, distribute it evenly over the entire surface of the meat and leave to marinate for forty minutes or overnight.

4. Pour water into the multicooker bowl, set the container for steaming on top. We cover it with foil and spread turkey fillet. Close the unit cover and activate the “Steaming” mode. Cooking a turkey for forty minutes. We take out the finished turkey and cut it into thin plates. Served with a side dish or as a snack.

Recipe 9. Baked turkey fillet in a multivrive with oranges


kg of turkey fillet;


two oranges;


a glass of sour cream;


50 ml of vegetable oil;

ginger root;

lemon salt;


Method of preparation

1. Squeeze the juice out of the orange. Salt it and season with spices. Stir well.

2. My turkey fillet, dip with napkins and cut into chunks. Put the meat in a bowl and pour the orange juice with spices. Stir and leave to marinate for two hours.

3. Then grease the fillet with sour cream.

4. Pour oil into the bowl of the multicooker and lay out the turkey fillet. Activate the mode "Baking" and bake the meat for 45 minutes. After the beep, turn the fillet over and continue cooking in the same mode for another forty minutes.

5. After 20 minutes from the start of cooking, pour in the marinade, close the lid and continue cooking until the beep sounds. Serve turkey fillet both hot and cold.

Turkey fillet in a slow cooker - tricks and tips

  • Do not cook cold fillets, only room temperature turkey will be juicy and soft.
  • As a marinade for turkey fillet, you can use wine, soy sauce or brandy with sugar, herbs, garlic and lemon.
  • Instead of marinade, you can grate the fillet with a mixture of olive oil, salt, garlic and rosemary. Leave the meat to soak for a few hours.
  • Cooking time for a turkey depends on the model of your multicooker.
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