Salad with lemon juice - a delicious vitamin variety of diet! Recipes for healthy salads, seasoned with lemon juice

Salad with lemon juice - a delicious vitamin variety of diet! Recipes for healthy salads, seasoned with lemon juice

Salad dressings made from lemon juice is a great option to forget about fatty sauces and mayonnaise.

They are much lighter, healthier and give the dishes spicy sourness.

In addition, lemon juice speeds up digestion, promotes the breakdown of fats and can be a real salvation during colds. And the options for delicious salads are huge.

Salad with lemon juice - the general principles of cooking

The most common ingredients of salads with lemon are fresh vegetables and greens. You can use everything: tomatoes, cucumbers, beets, cabbage, peppers, carrots and others. Also parsley, dill, lettuce leaves, garlic, onion, and spices are added to taste. Products are cut into arbitrary pieces. Cabbage, carrots and beets can be simply grated, better with straws and mash with your hands before dressing, so that the pieces become a bit softer and the volume of the salad decreases.

In addition to vegetables, eggs, cheese, meat, sausages, mushrooms, various preservation can be added to salads. Some products require pre-heat treatment. In this case, after boiling or roasting, they need to be well cooled, so that the taste of vegetables does not suffer. Exceptions are warm salads.

Lemon blends perfectly with mustard, natural yoghurts, spices, honey, nuts and oils. It is on the basis of these ingredients that sauces are usually prepared. It is better to mix salt, sugar and other spices in lemon, and then add oil, otherwise the grains are difficult to dissolve. You can deviate from the amount of juice specified in the recipes, taking into account your taste.

Recipe 1: Green salad, seasoned with lemon juice

Healthy, juicy salad with a fragrant dressing will be an excellent dish for people who care about their health and weight. This option of cooking vegetables also contributes to the accelerated digestion of food, so it will be a great addition to kebabs, fatty and heavy foods.


• 2 cucumbers; • 10 radishes;

• green onion feathers;

• a small bunch of arugula;

• a bunch of dill.

For refueling:

• salt;

• half citrus;

• butter 3 spoons;

• A couple of spoons of sesame.


1. First of all, wash all the greens, lay out on a napkin and give dry.

2. Cut the cucumbers and radishes into thin circles.

3. Add chopped onion and dill; arugula can be simply torn into pieces.

4. Fry the sesame in a dry frying pan to rosy color, it is important that the seeds are not burnt, otherwise they will taste bitter.

5. Dress the salad with a mixture of oil, citrus juice and spices, mix everything thoroughly with a spoon. Sprinkle vegetables with roasted sesame seeds.

Recipe 2: Salad with Cheese Chicken lemon juice

For the preparation of this salad, we need chicken breast from one bird, if it is too large, then we can take half. Cheese can take any, including pickled.


• one breast;

• bulb onion;

• one cucumber and pepper;

• 1 tomato;

• a bunch of dill;

• 200 gr. cheese

For refueling:

• lemon juice - 5 spoons;

• 2 spoons of yogurt (natural);

• salt;

• 30 ml of oil.


1. Boil white meat until cooked in boiling water, cool and cut into cubes.

2. Tomatoes with cucumbers and cut into cubes, pepper thin half rings.

3. Onions, cut into thin quarters, scald with boiling water, cool and send to a bowl.

4. Dill finely chopped and combine with the rest of the ingredients.

5. Cheese can be cut into strips, diced, or coarsely grated.

6. For dressing, mix yogurt with lemon juice, salt, pepper and add oil. Mix and put in a salad bowl with the rest of the ingredients.

Recipe 3: Salad, seasoned with lemon juice and tuna

For the preparation of this tasty salad besides vegetables, you will need a jar of canned tuna, as well as chicken eggs.


• 2 tomatoes;

• one pepper;

• can of tuna;

• bunch of lettuce leaves, greens.

For refueling:

• juice from half citrus;

• 2 spoons of butter, better than olive oil; • salt, black ground pepper.


1. Boil the eggs, boil, peel and chop randomly.

2. We tear lettuce leaves into pieces, cut greens.

3. Cut the tomato into cubes.

4. Pepper is cleaned from the stem and seeds, cut into cubes or thin slices.

5. Open the can of tuna, pour out the liquid and grind the pieces at its discretion, transfer it to the vegetables.

6. Mix lemon juice with olive oil, add spices and season the salad.

Recipe 4: Salad with lemon juice and pickled cucumbers

Unusual, savory salad with lemon juice. Cucumbers should be just pickled, salted and rich will not work. Also added to the cabbage salad, which can be replaced with Chinese cabbage.


• 3 pickled cucumbers;

• 0.3 kg of cabbage lettuce;

• some green onions;

• 10 radishes.

For refueling:

• half a lemon;

• 2 boiled egg yolks;

• two spoons of butter;

• salt.


1. The leaves of the head of lettuce chop large strips, slightly mnem, so that the volume is reduced and put in a bowl.

2. Add cucumbers cut into rings.

3. We wash the radish, dry it, cut off the tips and cut into very thin circles. If it is large, then you can semicircles.

4. Chop the green onions and also send in a bowl.

5. For the sauce, rub the yolks in oil, salt, pepper can be added to taste and diluted with lemon juice pressed from half of citrus.

6. Dress the salad, mix.

Recipe 5: Salad, seasoned with lemon juice, vegetables and parmesan

For this salad, you can take any vegetables, and it will definitely be delicious. The main thing is to properly prepare the dressing so that it is thick and saturated. And also do not forget about Parmesan, which will make the dish more nourishing and more beautiful.


• tomatoes;

• cucumbers;

• pepper;

• Parmesan;

• greenery.

Lemon sauce will require:

• 50 ml sour cream;

• half a lemon;

• A mustard spoon with grains;

• black pepper;

• teaspoon of sugar;

• salt.


1. Wash vegetables, dry, cut into arbitrary slices and put in a salad bowl. 2. Chop greens and spread to vegetables.

3. For the sauce, rub the mustard with sour cream, add salt, sugar, pepper. Then squeeze lemon juice and mix well.

4. Dress the vegetables with sauce, mix.

5. Sprinkle the salad with grated parmesan on top.

Recipe 6: Salad with lemon juice and fresh cabbage

For this salad, you can use white cabbage or red cabbage, and you can mix both kinds. Also, other vegetables are added to supplement and supplement the fortification of dishes.


• 0.4 kg of cabbage;

• 1 carrot;

• any greens;

• 4 spoons of lemon juice;

• 2 spoons of butter;

• spices.


1. Shred small cabbage, you can rub with a special grater. Put in a bowl.

2. Clean the carrots, three straws and shift to the cabbage.

3. Add salt, add a pinch of sugar, rub it with your hands so that the vegetables become softer and give a little juice.

4. Add chopped greens to the salad.

5. Pour in lemon juice, oil, add pepper to taste and mix everything together. If you want to prepare the salad in advance, you can simply chop the vegetables, cover with a tight lid, store in the refrigerator. If necessary, you will only need to rub the pieces with your hands, season with sauce and add spices.

Known to many recipe for vegetable salad, which is used for cleansing the bowels and losing weight. Ideally, it should be consumed all day, excluding all other products. But you can also just replace dinner. Lemon juice is used instead of spices and dressings, you can not pickle vegetables. Products are taken in equal amounts, lemon juice to taste.


• cabbage;

• carrot;

• beets;

• lemon.


1. Shred cabbage, put in a bowl.

2. We clean the roots, grated. More beautiful turns on the Korean shredder.

3. All combine, add lemon juice and grind by hand, to taste you can put any greens.

Recipe 8: Salad with Carrot Lemon Juice

Simple, bright and delicious salad, which is based on carrots. Something like Korean snacks, but much more useful because it does not contain vinegar. Ingredients

• 3 carrots;

• half a lemon;

• salt, pepper;

• a little parsley;

• 2 spoons of butter;

• garlic clove.


1. Cut carrots or three straws, put in a bowl. If the root is sluggish and not juicy, then put it in a colander, pour boiling water from the kettle, then cool it and prepare the salad further according to the recipe.

2. Salt, pepper, pour juice squeezed from half a lemon.

3. Heat the oil in the pan.

4. We clean the garlic, cut it into thin ringlets and send it in oil, fry for a minute.

5. Fill the carrot with hot oil, mix it.

6. Chop the parsley, add to the carrots and once again mix well.

Recipe 9: Salad, seasoned with lemon juice, “Noble Beet”

The salad is made from fresh beets, you need to choose strong and juicy root vegetables. A special flavor is given to walnuts, which are better to pre-lightly fry. This can be done in a dry frying pan or in the oven.


• half a kilo of beets;

• 0.25 kg carrot;

• 80 grams of nuts;

• green onion;

• small lemon;

• 30 ml of oil;

• spices.


1. We clean the beets and carrots, three together on a coarse grater.

2. Finely chop the nuts. Better to do this after roasting. Sent to the beets.

3. Add the spices, squeeze the juice from the lemon and mix everything.

4. Put the finely chopped feathers of green onions.

5. Fill with oil, mix.

Recipe 10: Salad with “Ham” lemon juice with celery and apple

Hearty, but at the same time fresh and easy to prepare salad. Ham can be replaced with a boiled sausage without fat. All products are taken in equal quantities, approximately 200 grams.


• ham;

• celery;

• green apple;

• cabbage or carrots can be halved.


• 3 spoons of yogurt;

• half a lemon;

• 2 tablespoons of walnuts;

• spices.


1. Ham cut into strips, put in a bowl.

2. Add the rest of the vegetables chopped in the same way.

3. Apple peel, also cut into strips and combine with the ingredients.

4. For dressing, mix yogurt with lemon juice, salt, pepper, put chopped nuts and mix. Put it in a bowl and mix.

Salad, seasoned with lemon juice - tips and tricks

• Typically, recipes indicate the amount of juice from half a lemon or a whole. The average citrus is taken into account. If you have a large, then instead of one lemon, it is better to take half, and if small fruit, then vice versa. In general, it is better to focus on your taste, if you do not like sour, you can add a little less lemon.

• A good and juicy lemon will be very hard, it will not heal when pressed with your fingers. As a rule, there is more juice in the soft-tinted citrus, they have a smooth surface, without hillocks and most often small in size.

• If you used only a portion of citrus, then the other half should be put in a container, tightly closed and put in a refrigerator. And so that it does not spoil any longer, you can sprinkle the slice with sugar or oil it, depending on the further application. In a plastic bag cut citrus can not be stored.

• It is better not to use lemon juice for refilling in its pure form. It is advisable to mix it with a small amount of butter, sour cream or yogurt. Fatty additives will envelop the pieces of vegetables and greens, they will not allow them to quickly fade.

• To make the sauce evenly distributed in the salad, you must first mix the dry ingredients, then put half of the dressing, stir and then add the rest. Spices, chopped garlic and nuts can be added directly to the sauce.

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