Lenten buns - do not refuse snacks! Recipes for lean buns with poppy seeds, raisins, cinnamon, sesame, potatoes

Lenten buns - do not refuse snacks! Recipes for lean buns with poppy seeds, raisins, cinnamon, sesame, potatoes

Who said that fasting is a period of limitation?

In fact, even at this time you can eat delicious, satisfying, indulge yourself with goodies, for example, lean buns.

With poppy seeds, cinnamon, raisins and other flavored fillers. Or maybe bake unsweetened buns?

We offer a selection of the most interesting recipes for lean baking.

Lean Buns - General Cooking Principles

The process of kneading dough and cooking lean buns is not much different from the usual. Basically just used ingredients. But there are several subtleties that will be useful to know. For example, lean pastries are worse fried, because they do not have enough baking. For the same reason, the products can be tough, so you need to give the dough a good sour and brew. And they harden faster, so do not need to cook in large quantities.

General principle of kneading lean yeast dough:

1. The fluid must be heated to 40-50 ° C. Otherwise, the development of yeast mushrooms will not go or will be very slow.

2. Add sugar and yeast. Everything is mixed up. Nowadays, dry yeasts are increasingly being used, since pressed ones are hard to find commercially available, and they are capricious in storage.

3. Laid salt, fat. The oil is only vegetable: sunflower, olive, mustard and any other. You can take lean margarine without animal fat, but it will need to be pre-melted.

4. Add flour, knead the dough. At the same stage, you can put raisins, nuts, spices.

The test should be allowed to stand warm for it to rise at least once. Then he is pressed with his hands, allowed to come up again and form the rolls.

Recipe 1: Lenten Tea Cakes with Lemon

The name of these lean buns are not only due to tea. They are just mixed in on everyone's favorite drink. A fragrant citrus gives the test an unmatched aroma. Ingredients

• 350 grams of flour;

• bag of yeast (10 gr.);

• 2 spoons of butter;

• a glass of strong tea;

• a glass of sugar;

• half a lemon;

• a pinch of salt.


1. Remove the zest from the citrus, squeeze the juice and filter.

2. In warm tea, dilute sugar, yeast, add oil, lemon juice, zest and salt. Knead the dough. It should not be cool. Remove the "rest" for 2-3 hours in the heat. During this time, the dough must be kneaded and allowed to rise again.

3. Lubricate the pan with butter.

4. Form doughs of 50 grams of dough, unfold them at a distance from each other and let them come up.

5. Bake until tender at 190 degrees. Hot products are lubricated with very sweet tea and let cool.

Recipe 2: Lenten buns with “Polenka with poppy seeds”

Poppy - a wonderful dressing for lean buns, which will add the missing taste. The recipe is simple, from the minimum amount of products.


• spoon of yeast;

• 450 grams of flour;

• 250 grams of water;

• 1/4 cup oil;

• half a cup of sugar;

• some salt;

• poppy for dressing.


1. Heat water, dissolve sugar, salt, yeast in it and pour out half the flour. We clean for 40 minutes in heat for fermentation. Then pour in the butter, add the remaining flour and knead the dough. Cover with a napkin and remove in the heat for lifting.

2. Divide the dough into 9 pieces. From each roll a long flagellum and braid pigtails. It is very important that the weaving is loose, weak. The dough will rise and there will be no holes. The ends of the braids need to be tightly tied together so that they do not fall apart.

3. Leave the braids for 30 minutes to raise the dough.

4. Gently lubricate with water, sprinkle with poppy seeds and bake at 200 degrees until rosy color.

Recipe 3: Lenten “Roses” Buns with Cinnamon

A matchless pastry with a warm aroma will delight in the post not only with taste and a beautiful view. For the preparation of lean buns use ready-made ground cinnamon or chop sticks themselves. Ingredients

• 2 cups of flour;

• 20 grams of cinnamon;

• spoon of yeast;

• 4 spoons of sugar;

• glass of water;

• 2 spoons of butter.


1. Knead the dough in the usual way, from a warm liquid and remove to rise in a warm place. We are not in a hurry, we give the mass to rise well twice, otherwise the baking will be hard.

2. We cut buns. To do this, roll out the dough in a large layer, preferably square. Oil and sprinkle with cinnamon. Twisted into a roll.

3. Cut into 3 cm pieces, lay out on a baking sheet. Give doubled.

4. Bake until tender. Hot rosettes top grease with jam syrup.

Recipe 4: “Sugar” Lenten Buns with Raisins

To taste, the pastry resembles kulich, it turns out to be airy, tender and sweet, despite the lean composition. You can make buns of any shape, but the most magnificent are the usual balls. They can be put together, in the form of a large cake or at a distance, then they will be more rounded and roasted from all sides.


• 20 grams of raw yeast or 10 dry;

• 3 spoons of sugar;

• salt;

• 100 grams of raisins;

• glass of water;

• 1/4 cup oil;

• 3 cups flour;

• vanillin.


1. Dilute sugar, salt, yeast in water, set aside for 10 minutes. Mix flour with vanilla and raisins. Knead the dough, add butter at the end. We clean in heat for 3 hours, we crush twice.

2. We form koloboks or any other products from dough, put them on a baking sheet, and let them come.

3. Lubricate the buns with any liquid (juice, tea, syrup, or just water) and sprinkle with sugar.

4. Sent in the oven, bake until done.

Recipe 5: “Potato” Lean Buns

Lenten buns are not only sweet. This pastry is neutral in taste, can be used instead of bread with first, second courses and just tea. You can cook on a baking sheet or muffins for muffins. Ingredients

• 170 grams of water;

• 200 grams of potatoes;

• 10 grams of dry yeast;

• 300 grams of flour;

• 2 spoons of butter;

• salt;

• sesame for dressing;

• spoon of sugar.


1. Boil the potatoes in a uniform, cool and grate. But you can use any boiled potatoes, which remained, including yesterday.

2. Dilute yeast in water, add salt, sugar, grated potatoes, butter and flour. Knead the dough. It should be smooth and elastic. We clean in heat for 1.5 hours.

3. We take out the dough, divide it into pieces and form balls. Spread on a baking sheet or in molds. We give rise.

4. Lubricate with water, sprinkle with sesame and bake until tender.

Recipe 6: Lean Buns with Honey and Nuts

Fragrant, sweet buns in the form of rolls, which are very easy to prepare. We use any nuts, it turns out tasty as with peanuts, and walnuts. You can take peeled sunflower seeds.


• flour about half a kilo;

• 300 grams of water;

• half a cup of oil;

• 50 grams of sugar;

• 0.5 tsp. salts;

• 20 grams of yeast;

• 6 tablespoons of honey;

• 100 grams of nuts;

• Single orange or lemon peel.


1. Knead the dough. As usual, dissolve salt, sugar, yeast, pour in butter and pour flour. The dough should be elastic, soft. Sent to rest, about 2 hours.

2. Prepare the stuffing. Grind the nuts. If they are raw, then dry in the pan. Add grated zest and honey, mix.

3. Roll out the dough into a rectangular layer. You can split it in half to make it more convenient. Cut into rectangles 10 * 15, lubricate the filling and roll up the rolls.

4. Put the rolls on a baking sheet, be sure to stitch down so that they do not unwind and the edges do not stick out. From above we make 2 oblique cuts, approximately half a centimeter deep, as on loaves.

5. Give the buns up and bake.

Recipe 7: “Honey” Lenten Muffins Made From Cornmeal

Two types of flour are used: wheat and corn. Buns are obtained yellowing inside, have a pleasant aroma of honey. If there is no corn flour, then you can take the grits, grind on a coffee grinder and be sure to sift.


• bag of yeast;

• 250 grams of wheat flour;

• 250 grams of corn flour;

• 3 spoons of honey;

• glass of water;

• half a cup of oil;

• some salt.

To cover one spoon of honey, water and vegetable oil.


1. Dissolve honey in hot water, add oil and a pinch of salt, mix and put the yeast. We mix both types of flour between ourselves and fall asleep to the rest of the ingredients, knead the dough and remove for two hours.

2. We take out the dough divided into 12 pieces. It is rather sticky, as it should be. Table sprinkled with wheat flour and sculpted buns. You can simply send the lumps in the form for muffins.

3. Give the lean buns to rise and bake.

4. Mix honey with a spoon of boiling water and oil, mix thoroughly. We take almost finished rolls out of the oven, coat with the mixture and fry for another 5 minutes until golden brown.

Recipe 8: Lean buns made from oatmeal with seeds

Baking will not sweet, but not salty. Something mean and universal. In addition to the main ingredients will need seeds, it is better to take a mixture of sunflower and pumpkin, but you can and one type.


• half a glass of oil;

• 1 tsp. fine salt;

• 2 spoons of honey, better than liquid;

• 2 cups ground oatmeal;

• 2 cups of flour, but it may take a little more;

• 100 grams of seeds;

• 10 grams of yeast;

• 400 grams of warm water.


1. In warm water dissolve honey, yeast, pour in oil, pour salt. Mix well and sift 2 cups of wheat flour. Stir and add the oatmeal. Knead the dough and evaluate. It should be thick, sticky, reach for a spoon. If it is watery, then add some more wheat flour. 2. Pasting parchment on a baking sheet, grease. You can use a silicone mat.

3. Spread the spoon buns. Two each, you get about 12 things.

4. Sprinkle with seeds on top. The dough is sticky, they will not crumble. Give 15 minutes to stand.

5. Bake for about 15 minutes at 190 degrees, cool under a towel.

Lenten Buns - Tips and Tricks

• Very often, lean pastries do not roast well. To make the blush brighter, before planting in the stove, you can lubricate the products with sweet syrup or tea diluted with water with honey.

• Buns turned out hard and with a thick crust? Immediately, pulling out of the oven, grease the products with vegetable oil and cover with a towel. They will soften, and the surface will be shiny. Use unscented oil.

• Often housewives worry about the freshness and lift of the yeast. To prevent this from happening, it is advisable to make a mash from a warm liquid, yeast, sugar and a small amount of flour before kneading. After 10 minutes, the yeast should be activated and appear lush foam, add the rest of the products and knead the dough. But if the yeast did not work, then it is better to replace them with others or increase the number.

• To make the raisins in buns juicy and soft, they should be soaked. To do this, pour the product with warm water, hold for half an hour, dry it with a napkin and mix with flour.

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