Simple zucchini dishes - quick and tasty! Cooking delicious stuffed and fried zucchini, quick pancakes and tender cream soup

Simple zucchini dishes - quick and tasty! Cooking delicious stuffed and fried zucchini, quick pancakes and tender cream soup

Zucchini is a popular and beloved vegetable, perhaps it is in every garden. And not in vain, because of it can be made and the main course, and a side dish. Moreover, zucchini is prepared very quickly.

General principles of cooking

This vegetable does not have a pronounced taste. But he is in perfect harmony with many products and spices. Zucchini will perfectly fit into the company of eggplants, carrots, peppers, potatoes in vegetable stew, will be an excellent side dish to chicken, beef, pork. It can be fried, stewed, baked, stuffed, made of pancakes or pancakes. “Friend” zucchini with garlic, aromatic herbs, they give this vegetable a more interesting flavor.

Young zucchini is especially tasty, they can be used together with a delicate skin. In large squash it becomes pretty tough, it is better to clean it off. But it is a large vegetable that is perfect for stuffing. After removing the seeds, you can fill the zucchini with minced meat or a mixture of other vegetables, and then bake in the oven, in foil or sleeve, or stew.

Quickly and tasty cook roasted zucchini

The easiest and fastest recipe, but the result is no less impressive. Breading in flour gives zucchini tenderness, and spicy herbs - piquancy. Vegetables are better to choose young, medium-sized, with thin skin.


2 small zucchini;

3-4 Art. spoons of flour;

vegetable oil;

salt, basil, thyme, ground pepper.

Method of preparation

1. Wash squash and cut into small rings about half a centimeter thick.

2. Pour the flour on a plate, add salt and seasonings to it, mix well.

3. Roll the zucchini circles in a mixture of flour and aromatic herbs, and then fry in a pan in vegetable oil. It is better to make the fire moderate, otherwise the zucchini will burn, not having time to redden. As soon as the rings on one side turn golden, turn over and fry on the other side until soft.

4. Serve hot with sour cream.

Quickly and tasty cook stuffed zucchini in the sleeve

Baking in the sleeve is a very easy way of cooking, because it does not require special attention: the products are quickly prepared by steaming, do not burn, nothing flows on the baking sheet. Zucchini in this recipe can be a complete dinner for the family.


1 large zucchini;

a pound of ground beef or pork;

1 onion;

200 grams of cabbage;

1 tomato;

70 grams of grated cheese;

olive oil;

salt, spices.

Method of preparation

1. All vegetables are washed. Chop the cabbage, clean the onion and finely chop, dice the tomato.

2. Cut the squash in half lengthwise, remove the seeds. Slightly sprinkle the resulting boat with olive oil.

3. In a frying pan, quickly fry the onions and mince until half cooked, add the shredded cabbage and chopped tomato. Season with salt and spices. Stew for about 10 minutes. Cool slightly.

4. In the squash boat lay the stuffing. Sprinkle with grated cheese on top.

5. Place the stuffed zucchini in the sleeve, tie it on both sides, put it on the baking sheet. We pierce a couple of holes to exit the excess steam.

6. We bake about half an hour in the oven at a temperature not higher than 200 degrees (in most types of baking sleeves this is the maximum allowed temperature). It is easy to determine readiness - with a wooden spatula, right through the sleeve, press a little bit on the side of the squash boat. Became soft - so it's time to get it.

7. Carefully cut the sleeve so as not to burn yourself with hot steam. Divide the stuffed zucchini in portions, served on the table.

Quick and tasty cooking braised stuffed zucchini

Unlike the previous recipe, it is rather a dietary option. The dish turns out to be non-fat, and if you need to make it not spicy, just exclude spices from the list of ingredients.


1 large zucchini;

400 grams of minced beef;

half a cup of rice;

bay leaf - 2 things;

pepper, salt.

Method of preparation

1. Wash zucchini and cut it in half across. Take out the seeds, be sure to leave the bottom at the bottom. 2. Mix rice and mince, stuff zucchini.

3. We take a fairly deep thick-walled pan, put the halves of the zucchini in it, bottoming down. Fill with water so that it almost completely covers a stuffed vegetable, set it on fire.

4. After boiling, season the broth with salt, pepper, add bay leaf. Stew on low heat for about 45 minutes, as soon as the rice and zucchini are soft, the dish is ready.

Quickly and tasty cook zucchini pancakes

Fritters can be not only sweet. From the zucchini in a mixture with cheese and spices, they are very tender and fragrant.


1 medium-sized squash;

half a cup of flour;

1 egg;

50 grams of grated cheese;

salt, black pepper, basil, thyme.

Method of preparation

1. My zucchini, peel it and rub it on a coarse grater.

2. Add flour, egg, grated cheese, salt, pepper, and spicy herbs to zucchini. Mix all ingredients. It should make the dough on the consistency of a thick sour cream. If it is watery, add more flour.

3. Spoon spread the dough into the pan with the heated vegetable oil. As soon as the pancakes grab and turn red, turn over, fry until golden.

Quickly and tasty cook squash cream soup

It is eaten both hot and cold. Garlic and fresh greens add spice to the dish, and rich cream is a pleasant texture.


1 squash;

a glass of cream 20% fat;

2 cloves of garlic;

1 onion;

fresh dill or parsley;


pepper, salt.

Method of preparation

1. Clean the washed-up zucchini, remove the seeds, cut into cubes. Shred onions and garlic. Dill or parsley finely cut.

2. We put the stew-pan on the fire, put a piece of butter in it, give it to disperse on a small fire. Fry the onions to transparency. Spread zucchini pieces and garlic, fry together for about five minutes. We salt.

3. Fill the contents of the pan with hot water, it will take about 2 cups. Give boil, cover with a lid and cook on low heat for a quarter of an hour.

4. As soon as the zucchini is soft, add greens, boil together for a minute. Now the saucepan can be removed from the stove and chop the contents with a blender. 5. Pour in the cream until you get the desired consistency, pepper our soup and again beat it with a blender.

Quick and tasty cooking vegetable stew with zucchini for garnish

Such a stew will perfectly complement any meat dish, be it pork escalope or chicken breast. It is easy to prepare, vegetables can be chosen at will.


1 squash;

3-4 potatoes;

1 onion;

3 small eggplants;

3 medium carrots;

olive oil;

fresh greens;

pepper, salt.

Method of preparation

1. My vegetables. We clean onions, carrots, potatoes. If the zucchini is young, leave the skin, remove the seeds.

2. Finely chop the onion and fry it in olive oil in a deep frying pan.

3. Three carrots on a coarse grater, add to the onions, fry together for about five minutes.

4. Squash, potatoes, eggplant, cut into cubes. Pour into a frying pan, stir. Season with pepper and salt. Add some water and simmer under the lid for about half an hour.

5. Five minutes to readiness add finely chopped fresh greens. Once all the vegetables are soft, the stew is ready to serve.

Quickly and tasty cook snacks rolls from zucchini

This snack is best cooked from small delicate zucchini. And for the filling, you can choose the cheese to taste: soft salted cheese, cream cheese with herbs or plain melted, grated and mixed with garlic and herbs.


2-3 small squash;

200-250 grams of cheese;

olive oil;

greens - to taste (basil, dill);

spices - to taste (thyme, mint, pepper).

Method of preparation

1. Cut washed squash into thin (no more than half a centimeter in thickness) long strips.

2. Fry in olive oil on both sides until golden and soft. You can do without oil, if you use a special griddle.

3. Rub the grated cheese on a grater, soft cheese just mash with a fork. Add selected herbs and spices. Mix the stuffing.

4. Put a little curd on each strip, twist neat rolls. If necessary, you can chop the finished rolls with a toothpick. Feeding on the table, decorate the appetizer with finely chopped greens.

Quickly and tasty cook zucchini casserole

This dish can be used as a main dish or served as a side dish.


2 medium-sized zucchini;

3 eggs;

half a cup of sour cream;

2 cloves of garlic;

150 grams of cheese;

greens (parsley, dill);

ground pepper, salt.

Method of preparation

1. Set the oven at 180 degrees.

2. Cut the washed squash into small cubes. Greens and garlic finely shred. Three grated cheese.

3. Mix eggs with sour cream.

4. To the squash add garlic and herbs, stir. We shift in a suitable form for baking.

5. Fill the cream-egg mixture, on top - grated cheese.

6. Sent in the oven for 40 minutes.

Quick and tasty zucchini dishes - secrets and tricks

1. The shorter the heat treatment - the more benefit remains in the zucchini. For frying until cooked, the circles of this vegetable are five to seven minutes on each side, large pieces are cooked for a quarter of an hour, and small cubes - 10 minutes.

2. If you add vegetable oil to the dough for zucchini fritters, you can fry them in a dry non-stick frying pan.

3. Save the zucchini for the whole winter will help freezing. Cut the vegetables into cubes, put them in bags, put them in the freezer. Frozen zucchini can be used for vegetable stews. They will taste no worse than fresh ones.

4. When stuffing zucchini with a mixture of vegetables and minced meat, it is better to first bring the filling to semi-ready in a pan. Otherwise, when zucchini zucchini vegetables can give too much extra juice, and the filling will spread.

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