Samsa with minced meat - satisfying and tasty. How to bake samsa with minced meat from finished or homemade puff pastry, with onions, pumpkin, potatoes, eggs

Samsa with minced meat - satisfying and tasty. How to bake samsa with minced meat from finished or homemade puff pastry, with onions, pumpkin, potatoes, eggs

Crispy hot pie with a fragrant meat filling - this is exactly what a good samsa with minced meat is made of. For taste, satiety and juiciness will serve a variety of additives to meat.

General principles of cooking samsa with minced meat

First of all, the dough. It can be puff or fresh. It is quite possible to buy it already ready in the culinary store. But in the recipes below, there are simple options for making puff pastry at home. You will need margarine or butter, water, salt and flour.

For minced meat, you can take beef with fat or lamb, samsa with chicken mince is very tender. Be sure to add onions, so the filling will be juicier, you can also crumble in the minced fresh greens.

What else to put in stuffing for samsa? Below are collected recipes with the addition of pumpkin, potatoes, eggs, mushrooms, rice. The filling is laid out on a circle or a square of dough, the edges are well plucked by hand, while the finished product is given the shape of a triangle or square. Traditionally, these cakes are baked in a stove called tandoor, but at home it can be done in a conventional oven.

Samsa with minced meat from home puff pastry in the Crimean style

In this recipe, thanks to buttering and sandwiching with butter, a simple ravioli dough turns into a puff.


Glass of hot water;

120 grams of butter;

two glasses of flour;


400 grams of minced beef;

bunch of parsley;

ground pepper;

two big onions.

Method of preparation

Let's start with the test. Combine flour with a pinch of salt. In a bowl of flour, pour a little hot water in a thin stream. Knead the dough.

The oil is placed in a bowl, put in a microwave. Melt.

Spray the table with a small amount of flour. Roll out the dough. It should be very thin. Now we arm with a culinary tassel. Lubricate the entire surface with oil. Next, you need to fold the dough in half. Lightly roll with a rolling pin. Smear again with oil. Repeat the procedure 5 times. We get the dough folded several times. Let it lie in the refrigerator for an hour and a half. And while we prepare minced meat. Shred bow, prisalivaem. Zhamkaem hands, let him give the juice. Crumble parsley. Put the onions and herbs to the stuffing. We mix. Salt, season with pepper and spices as desired. The stuffing should be wet enough to make the filling juicy, so add some water to it. But do not overfill, otherwise the stuffing will start to spread.

We take the dough from the cold. Roll out again. Thickness - 2 mm. Oil again. Roll roll. Cut into chunks 2.5 centimeters thick. Now everyone needs to roll again up to half a centimeter thick. Fold the filling in the center of each piece. We connect the edges with a triangle. Strongly pinch. Shift on the missed butter pan. Now in the oven - half an hour at 180 degrees to ruddy.

Samsa from ready puff pastry with sausage stuffing

For this recipe, take the purchased puff pastry, before work it will need to be defrosted. And on the stuffing let any raw sausages - from poultry, a mixture of pork and beef. They can also be bought at the store, and they are usually already seasoned with aromatic spices.


Four raw sausages;

puff pastry packaging;

half onion;

a bunch of parsley or cilantro;

one sweet pepper;



Method of preparation

Chop the onion finely, also cut the cubes and pepper. Grind greens.

Remove the shell from sausages, remove the stuffing. Fry vegetables for about five minutes in vegetable oil. Then we put mince in a breeze, fry everything together. If the sausages to your taste are not spicy or spicy enough, you can add spices, for example, black pepper or paprika. When the stuffing is almost ready, we send greens to it.

Cut the thawed dough into triangles, roll out slightly. Put the stuffing in the middle. We pinch the edges with a triangle. Grease each patty with a beaten egg, sprinkle with sesame. We bake at 200 degrees for a quarter of an hour.

Samsa with chicken minced puff pastry

Minced chicken meat is more tender than, for example, beef. But so that it is not dry, you should definitely put some finely chopped bacon in it. Ingredients

400 grams of flour;

half a cup of kefir;

two eggs (one in the dough, the second for lubrication);

200 grams of margarine;

three onions;

salt pepper;

a pound of minced chicken.

Method of preparation

Mix margarine with flour. We need to get the baby. We add to it kefir, egg, a pinch of salt. Knead. We send the dough into the refrigerator for a couple of hours.

Cut onions finely. Combine it with minced chicken. We salt. We shave.

We take out the dough. We divide into 15-16 parts. We form the balls and roll them into circles with a thickness of half a centimeter. We distribute the mince into blanks, put it in the center of the circles. We pinch so that triangles turn out. We shift on a baking sheet. Smear every samsa with a beaten egg. The oven will be at 180 degrees. The time is about 25 minutes.

Samsa with minced meat, rice and caraway from ready-made puff pastry

Cumin will give baking a savory taste and aroma. In addition, its seeds will decorate samsa, making it look even more appetizing.


800 grams of minced meat;


100 grams of rice (boiled);


teaspoon dried parsley;

ground pepper;

one and a half teaspoons of cumin seeds;

vegetable oil (for frying);

one egg;

0.5 kg puff yeast dough (ready).

Method of preparation

Fry minced meat in vegetable oil. Onion cut into cubes. Sent to the pan for minced meat, fry together for a few minutes. Add boiled rice there. Stir. Now the turn of spices, dried herbs, salt. Turn off the fire. Let the filling cool.

We divide the finished dough into pieces of the same size, roll it into thin flat cakes. On each place the cooled filling. Give the products the shape of a square or triangle. The edges are carefully fastened, pinching fingers.

Beat the egg a little. Add cumin seeds to it. Stir.

Finished products are placed on a baking tray lined with parchment. Smear the top of each samsa with a mixture of eggs and cumin. Baking for half an hour, the required oven temperature -180.

Samsa with minced meat and pumpkin

Pumpkin will give the meat stuffing for samsa a pleasant taste and juiciness. Dough can take ready or make one of the above recipes. Ingredients

Kilogram puff pastry;

400 grams of ground beef and pumpkin;


two bulbs;

ground pepper;


Method of preparation

Cut the pumpkin into small cubes, do the same with onions. Mix vegetables with minced meat. Season with pepper, prisalivaem.

Roll out the puff pastry thinly. We roll out of it roll. Cut into pieces. Slightly flatten them with your hands and then roll them into circles. Further, as in the previous recipes - in the middle of the stuffing, we form triangles, pinching the edges of the blanks. Lubricate the egg. And for half an hour in the oven, 180 degrees.

Samsa with minced meat and potatoes from ready-made puff pastry

For a recipe with potatoes, minced beef or mutton beef minced meat is best suited.


400 grams of minced meat;

two onions;

salt pepper;

1 kg of the finished puff pastry;

three potatoes;


Method of preparation

Cut vegetables into small cubes. Mix with minced meat, season well with pepper and salt.

Roll out puff pastry. We cut it into squares. In the center of each - a tablespoon of filling, and a half can be. Slapping edges, giving the product a triangular shape. Beat the egg. With the help of a culinary brush we cover the top of each samsa with it. Baking at a temperature of 180 will take from 30 to 45 minutes, the crust should be reddened as it should.

Samsa with minced meat and egg

Stuffing with ground beef and boiled egg is very tender and satisfying. Take the dough ready.


A pound of puff pastry;

three tablespoons butter;


800 grams of ground beef;

ground pepper;

five eggs.

Method of preparation

Eggs must be boiled. Then we remove from them a shell, we cut a cube.

Mince fried in butter. Pepper, add salt, chopped eggs. We mix. The filling is ready.

Roll out the dough. We cut in squares, about ten by ten centimeters. Put the stuffing in the center. We pinch the edges, making the samsa in the form of squares or triangles. Put on a baking sheet and bake until rosy at 200 degrees.

Samsa with minced meat and mushrooms

Very satisfying. You can take dried mushrooms, as indicated in the recipe. Or give preference to fresh, they will need to pre-fry.


250 grams of minced meat;

one onion;

a pound of ready puff pastry;


200 grams of mushrooms (dried);

vegetable oil.

Method of preparation

Before using dried mushrooms must be washed and boiled. Then cut them. Shred the onion. Lightly fried mushrooms with onions and minced meat in vegetable oil. Season with salt. Now let the filling cool.

Ready dough defrost. Roll out. Cut into squares, put the stuffing, form triangular cakes. We bake about half an hour at 180 degrees.

Samsa with minced meat - secrets and tricks

· How to give a triangular shape to Samse: first we connect and vertically clamp the sides of a round dough piece, then raise its bottom part, and also pinch it.

· Put a little crumbled sable into the mince - the filling will be much tastier and juicier.

· Samsu is traditionally decorated with sesame seeds. Sprinkle them on top before baking, after having smeared the surface of the products with a beaten egg.

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