Dough for dumplings on kefir

Dough for dumplings on kefir

Dumplings are Ukrainian cuisine. They resemble Siberian dumplings, but are not made with meat, but with vegetable, cottage cheese or fruit and berry filling. Such a filling is juicy, and if the dough is prepared unsuccessful, it can be soggy and break through under the influence of vegetable or berry juice. Flour basis for dumplings should be delicate in taste, elastic and at the same time durable. This can be done according to different recipes. Many housewives prefer to knead the dough for dumplings on kefir, noting that the products from it are the most lush.

Cooking Features

Make the dough for dumplings on kefir can be according to different recipes, they are all quite simple and have identical cooking technology. Knowing the features of technology and taking into account several important points, even an inexperienced cook will cope with the task.

  • Flour for dough dumplings need to take high quality. From poor-quality flour, having a grayish color and containing a small amount of gluten, products are obtained with thick walls or fragile, unappetizing looking, sometimes they can have an unpleasant taste.
  • Flour must be sieved before use. This is done not only to cleanse the product from small litter and flour bugs. The main goal is to saturate the flour with oxygen. After sifting, it becomes light and loose, well connected with liquid components, without forming lumps. Products from it turn out more gentle and air.
  • Kefir for making dough, you can use any fat content. If the dairy product is not too fresh and has a too sour taste, the dough from it turns out even more successful, but still the use of stale products for cooking foods can hardly be called a good idea.
  • The dough will be more tender and fluffy if the kefir for it is not cold. It is best to get it out of the refrigerator in advance and leave for an hour in a warm room. If the hostess has forgotten to do this, you can slightly warm the fermented milk product in a water bath. It is not necessary to heat kefir too much so that it does not separate into cottage cheese and whey.
  • Sometimes soda is added to the dough for the dumplings, then it becomes even more lush and tender. To extinguish soda with vinegar, when there is kefir in the dough, not necessarily. This product contains enough acid to carry out the neutralization reaction.
  • You can prepare dough for dumplings on kefir with the help of a bread machine. To do this, select the program intended for the preparation of unleavened dough. It can be called differently (“Sweet dough”, “Noodles”, “Dumplings”). If there is no such program in your device, you can use a universal program for kneading dough in general. When placing products in the container of the bread machine, follow the order recommended by the manufacturer of the unit.
  • Ready-made dough for dumplings, mixed with kefir, should not be rolled immediately. He needs to be given the opportunity to rest for half an hour. During this time, the gluten contained in the flour, will have time to swell, so that the dough will become more pliable. To the dough during this time is not overwhelmed, it is wrapped with film, covered with a bowl or put away in a plastic bag. If the dough is prepared using a bread machine, you can simply get it a little later than the unit completes its work.
  • Even kefir dough can sodden under the influence of berry juice. To avoid this, starch is added to the filling.

Even from the best dough, dumplings can turn out to be tasteless and ugly if they are not cooked properly. Cook them in a large amount of water, which must be added a little salt and, if desired, a spoonful of vegetable oil. Dumplings are dipped in water in small batches after it boils. After surfacing products to cook them for more than 5 minutes is undesirable.

Classical dough for dumplings on kefir


  • wheat flour - 0, 6 kg;
  • chicken egg - 2 pcs .;
  • kefir - 0, 25 l;
  • salt - 5 g.

Method of preparation:

  • Remove the kefir from the refrigerator in advance so that it will cool to room temperature by the time the dough is prepared.
  • Shake eggs with salt, combine with kefir. Beat them together.
  • Sift flour. Gradually add it to the liquid base and stir it, knead the dough. In the first stages, you can stir the dough with a spoon, spatula or mixer, setting a special nozzle for making dough. At the last stage, the dough must be laid out on a floured board and churned. The finished dough has a moderately dense texture, does not stick to the hands.
  • Form a ball out of dough, place it in a plastic bag and leave it for half an hour at room temperature.

After a specified time, the dough can be rolled, squeezed out circles, stuffed, molded and cooked products.

Dough for dumplings on kefir with soda


  • wheat flour - 0.5 kg;
  • kefir - 150 ml;
  • boiled water - 100 ml;
  • soda - 5 g;
  • salt - 5 g;
  • chicken egg - 1 pc.

Method of preparation:

  • Dissolve kefir with warm boiled water. Add soda to it, mix. Wait for the reaction.
  • Egg break into a clean bowl, add salt and stir with a fork.
  • Pour the egg mass to kefir. Beat them with a whisk or mixer until smooth.
  • When adding pieces of sifted flour in pieces and stirring to prevent the formation of lumps, knead the elastic dough that does not stick to the palms. Form a ball out of it.
  • Pour boiling water over the bowl to warm it, wipe dry and cover the dough with it.

It remains to wait half an hour for the gluten contained in the flour to swell, and you can start cooking the dumplings.

Dough for dumplings on kefir without eggs


  • wheat flour - 0, 4 kg;
  • salt - 5 g;
  • soda - 5 g;
  • kefir - 0, 2 l.

Method of preparation:

  • Preheat the kefir to room temperature.
  • Sift flour, combine it with salt and soda.
  • In the dry mix, make a well, pour kefir into it. Choosing flour from the edges to the center, knead the dense dough.
  • Wrap the dough with cling film and leave for half an hour.

From the dough on kefir, prepared without using eggs, the dumplings come out especially tender and soft, but it is dangerous to digest them.

From the dough, mixed with kefir, dumplings turn out lush and tasty. You can cook it according to several recipes, including without using eggs.

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