How does a schnitzel differ from a patty, escalope, beefsteak, chop

How does a schnitzel differ from a patty, escalope, beefsteak, chop

Having bought a good piece of tenderloin or ham on the market, almost every housewife twists it into cutlets or cooks steaks.

But there is still a lot of delicious meat dishes: chops, entrecotes, escalopes, schnitzels.


Schnitzel is a thin layer of any meat, roasted in a pan. It is made from veal, lamb, pork, chicken breast. For schnitzel use that part of the carcass, where the soft meat and there are no streaks and cartilage. Therefore, schnitzel is most often made from ham or loin.

So that the schnitzel keeps its shape well and roasts quickly, it is cut across the fibers in one large piece. The size of the schnitzel can be different. Sometimes it is larger than the plate on which it is served.

The main condition: it should be thin. If a layer of meat turns out to be thicker than necessary, it is beaten off with a chopper or a special hammer.

How to cook schnitzel

  • Cut a thin layer of meat and sprinkle with water.
  • Beat him.
  • Give it an oval shape.
  • Sprinkle with salt and pepper.
  • On both sides, they are moistened with a freeze from milk and eggs and breaded in ground breadcrumbs.
  • Roast in large amounts of oil (deep-fried) until golden brown.

Ready-made schnitzel is a well-done, whole, thin, layer of meat with a crispy crust.

A young mistress sometimes confuses schnitzel with a chop, escalope or steak. There is, of course, something in common between them, but if you carefully read each type of meat dish individually, you can conclude: for each of these dishes a good piece of meat is used. And how do they differ from each other?


Cutlets can cook any hostess. To this end, all kinds of spices, an egg, bread soaked in milk, are put in the meat twisted through a meat grinder. Sometimes crushed vegetables and cereals are also added here.

Mince thoroughly knead. From it make burgers, which roll in breading. Fry the patties on both sides until golden brown. So chopped burgers are not very similar to schnitzel. But there are more natural cutlets - on the bone.

They are made from a single piece of meat, and they very much resemble schnitzels. But only at first glance. They are united only by the fact that both the schnitzel and the natural cutlet must be beaten before frying, sprinkled with pepper, salt, moistened with lemon and breaded in breadcrumbs.

How does a schnitzel differ from cutlets

Difference 1. For schnitzel suitable loin or ham, chicken or turkey brisket. The meat should not be tendons and films.

Natural cutlet made of meat with bone. It can be veal, lamb, chicken, as well as any other meat.

Difference 2. Schnitzel beat off to a thin state. Sometimes it is only 4 mm thick.

In order to cut the weight of the cutlet to a standard, very often another thin layer of meat is placed on an already broken off piece of pulp with a bone, giving the two plastics an oval shape. In this form, they are breaded and fried.

Difference 3. Schnitzels are deep-fried to a crispy crust.

Natural burgers are fried in a pan to a light brown crust, and then cooked in the oven.


The chop name speaks for itself. It is sometimes called schnitzel. Apparently, for the fact that both the chop and the schnitzel are a thin broken off layer of meat, breaded and fried in oil.

Although experienced cooks will immediately tell you what the chop is different from schnitzel. Any meat without veins and bones is suitable for a chop. Especially tasty chops come from chicken breasts.

The pulp is cut across the fibers into slices and gently beat. Sprinkle with spices, roll in breading (breadcrumbs and lezone). Then fry in a frying pan in a small amount of butter, which should be well heated, so that the chop is immediately covered with a crust, and the juice does not flow out.

How does a schnitzel differ from a chop

Difference 1. Meat for chop always beat off. A schnitzel, if it is finely cut, you can not beat.

Difference 2. The chop is fried in a small amount of butter, and schnitzel is very often cooked in deep fat and even on the grill.


For an escalop, use the loin, ham or any non-lank meat. It is cut across the fibers into slices up to 1, 5 cm wide. Beat them with a hoe to a thickness of 0, 5-1 cm, giving the scallop a round shape. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Fry in oil on both sides until cooked. Served with any side dish.

How does a schnitzel differ from escalope

Difference 1. Escalopes, unlike schnitzels, are never breaded in ground breadcrumbs and onion.

Difference 2. Schnitzel deep-fried until crisp. Escalopes are fried in a frying pan with a small amount of butter using a browning method.


Beefsteak is another type of meat products. It is made from beef carcass. In fact, it is a fried piece of beef.

The meat is cut across the fibers into thin layers, beat off, giving them an oval shape. Future steaks are salted, sprinkled with pepper and fried in butter on both sides until golden brown.

How does a schnitzel differ from a steak

Difference 1. Beefsteak differs from schnitzel in that it is never breaded in breadcrumbs and lezone.

Difference 2. Beefsteak can be roasted half (with blood) or fully roasted.

Schnitzel is always brought to readiness, and therefore it turns out to be roasted, with a crispy crust.

Difference 3. Beefsteak is a separate dish.

Schnitzel is served with any side dish or salad.

Despite the fact that the schnitzel is different from beefsteak, cutlets, escalopes and chops, all these meat dishes are very tasty, they are easy to prepare, and they can decorate any holiday table.

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