A variety of recipes for chicken liver with mushrooms. What can be added to dishes from chicken liver with mushrooms: vegetables, sour cream, cream

A variety of recipes for chicken liver with mushrooms. What can be added to dishes from chicken liver with mushrooms: vegetables, sour cream, cream

The availability and simplicity of the process of cooking chicken liver with mushrooms will give any hostess a chance to discourage those who like to eat with a variety of recipes based on the general principles of cooking.

Roasted or stewed chicken liver with mushrooms can be completed by a prepared side dish of buckwheat or pasta, in connection with which none of your households will go out hungry and unhappy from the table.

General principles of cooking chicken liver with mushrooms

For making chicken liver with mushrooms, it is necessary to base on the general principles of cooking of this dish:

1. Chicken liver must be fresh, not frozen.

2. Chicken liver can not be overcooked, in order to avoid drying.

3. To prepare this dish, you must use as many onions as possible in order for the chicken liver to be more juicy and soft.

4. You can add various kinds of mushrooms to the dish.

5. To make the chicken liver more spicy, adding spices and herbs is recommended.

6. The process of cooking chicken liver is simple and does not take much time.

Recipes and nuances of cooking chicken liver with mushrooms

Recipe 1. Chicken liver with mushrooms (onion and paprika)


Chicken liver -600 gr.

Garden onions - 4 pcs.

Champignons (mushrooms) - 200 gr.

Butter - 30-50 grams.

Flour (wheat) - 30-40 gr.

Garlic tooth - 1 pc.

Paprika - 15-20 grams.

Parsley and dill - to taste.

Salt, pepper - on the fan.

Ingredients for the sauce:

White wine (dry) - 50g.

Tomatoes - 2 pcs. (large size).


Onions are cut into small rings, and the garlic clove is thoroughly minced. These components are fried in a pre-heated pan until they are golden onion. Mushrooms are cut into medium pieces and added to the onion and garlic in a pan, roasting for 5-7 minutes.

Chicken liver is thoroughly washed under water and cut into medium-sized cubes.

Flour and paprika are mixed separately. The previously prepared chicken liver is dipped in the resulting mixture and fried in butter (vegetable) for 5 minutes.

While the roasting process is taking place, a cut is made on the tomatoes in the form of a cross, they are dipped in boiling water. Tomatoes gently peel off and until smooth, they are mixed in a blender with white wine added to them.

Pour the sauce into the frying pan, add salt, pepper and continue the stewing process for another 10 minutes. Ready the dish before serving, sprinkle with finely chopped dill and parsley in advance.

Recipe 2. Chicken liver with mushrooms in cream sauce


Chicken liver - 0.5 kg.

Mushrooms (fresh champignons) - 300 gr.

Garden onions - 2 pcs.

Sour cream.

Basil and oregano - each component of one pinch.

Flour - 15 gr.

Vegetable oil).

Two cloves of garlic.

Greens (wild garlic or other)

Salt, pepper on the fan.


Chicken liver is cut in small pieces and laid out in a heated oil in a pan. This component is fried on low heat for 10 minutes, with occasional stirring and the addition of salt and pepper.

Mushrooms are cut into even slices, and the onion strips (for which the onion is cut into four lobes). Garlic cloves are minced.

Put fried chicken liver out of the frying pan into a clean bowl. The complete readiness of the chicken liver can be determined by cutting a slice with a knife and looking at the secreted juice. It should be transparent, like a tear, and the cut itself without apparent redness.

In the same oil, in which the chicken liver was fried, onion and garlic are blanched. As the onion begins to shine, mushrooms are added, and the fire is added to completely evaporate the liquid. All components are mixed, uniformly heated with the addition of spices. Sour cream mixed with flour until smooth and poured into a frying pan with chicken liver. All components are mixed and simmered for some time.

When the dish is ready, it is sprinkled with chopped wild garlic or other herbs to taste.

For a side dish, mashed potatoes, buckwheat, rice, and pasta are perfect for such a dish.

Recipe 3. Chicken liver with mushrooms and cream


Chicken liver - 300g.

Garden onions - 3 pcs.

Mushrooms (champignons) - 300g.

Cream - 1 cup.


Paprika (dried) - according to taste.

Salt and spices - to taste.


Wash chicken liver and towel (paper) and cut it into large chunks.

Having mixed flour, salt and spices, we receive a certain mix in which it is necessary to roll the prepared liver of a chicken.

In the heated oil (olive) fry the liver until golden brown, while you need to turn the pieces, to avoid burning.

Onions are also washed and chopped into small pieces. After removing the liver from the pan into a clean plate, fry the onion in the remaining oil.

Mushrooms are cleaned and washed. Mushrooms cut into small slices are added to the onion and roasted. Salt and spices are used according to taste.

Chicken liver should be put in a special mold for baking, having previously missed the bottom with olive oil. On top of it is laid liver chickens with mushrooms, onions and herbs, and these components are filled with cream.

Semi-finished product is placed in the oven, heated to 180 degrees for 20 minutes.

The finished dish can be eaten both hot and cold.

Recipe 4. Chicken liver with mushrooms, broth and turmeric


Chicken liver - 600 gr.

Garden onions - 1 pc.

Mushrooms (champignons) - 350 gr.

Sour cream - 200 gr.


Vegetable oil).

Salt and pepper according to taste.

Broth - half a cup. Preparation:

Wash chicken liver, salt and pepper, add turmeric and let it brew (20 minutes) to soak the main component.

Important! Turmeric is added not only to flavor the dish, but also for the beauty of its appearance. Thanks to turmeric, it becomes golden in color.

In sifted flour, pieces of chicken liver collapse and are laid out on a hot frying pan with butter (vegetable). Slightly fried pieces on both sides, for 5 minutes, we shift the finished pieces into the pan.

In the oil remaining after cooking the chicken liver, we blanch the onions to a transparent state, adding pre-prepared and chopped mushrooms after the preparation.

All this is fried until the moment of champignon juice launch, about 7 minutes. We shift the onions and mushrooms to the chicken liver in a saucepan. These components are poured with broth with sour cream and put on a small fire for further quenching, under a closed lid for half an hour.

Recipe 5. Chicken Liver with Mushrooms (Pate)


Chicken liver - 500 gr.

Sliced ​​mushrooms (of any kind) - 200 gr.

Garden onions - 2 heads of large size.

Garlic - 1 head.

Broth - 3 tablespoons.

Sunflower oil.

Butter - 100 gr.

Pepper, salt, spices - according to taste.

Rum or cognac - 50 ml.


From the thawed liver of a hen the film is cut off, and it is washed with water. The liver is cut into small pieces.

Flick onions and the resulting mass is mixed with a pounded head of garlic. All of this is laid out on a preheated pan with broth and a little leaked.

Important! Chop onions and garlic finely optional. But you can cut them by choosing any method.

When onions and garlic are softened, sliced ​​mushrooms and a small amount of water are added to them, and all these components are brought to full readiness. With complete evaporation of the liquid, cooked foods are removed from the heat and cooled. Important! You can use salted mushrooms for cooking. Then, during the cooking process, the above components are not salted.

Chicken liver is laid in the bottom of the pan in oil (sunflower) and fried for a short time. The main thing is not to dry the liver, and slightly bring to readiness. As soon as the liver is almost ready, a spoon of honey is added to it, it is salted, mixed with spices and pepper. Rum or cognac is added to the liver, and only after absolute evaporation of the liquid, a piece of butter (cream) is mixed into the liver and it is cooled.

The resulting ingredients can be crushed in a blender or mince. The resulting chicken liver pate is laid out in any dish and cooled in the refrigerator.

Recipe 6. Chicken liver with mushrooms and frozen vegetables in a slow cooker


Chicken liver - 0.5 kg.

Vegetables, frozen - 400 gr.

Mushrooms - 200 gr.

Garden onions - 1 pc.

Vegetable oil.

Tomato paste - 1 tablespoon.

Salt, pepper, spices - according to taste.


Chicken liver is cut in small pieces, and onion rings. All this fits into a special crock-pot and is fried in the “Baking” mode with the lid open for 7-10 minutes.

Mushrooms are cut to the same size as the liver and are added to the components already in the slow cooker. To obtain gravy, you can add a cup of water and tomato paste to the ingredients you have.

It is necessary to put the remaining vegetables into the slow cooker, add salt and pepper and add spices, setting it to the “Stewing” mode for one hour or “Baking” for 30-40 minutes.

Recipe 7. Chicken liver with mushrooms and potatoes in a slow cooker


Chicken liver - 400 gr.

Garden onions - 2 pcs. (middle heads).

Champignons - 350 gr.

Potatoes - 3 pcs. Spices and salt according to taste.

Dill for dishes needed as decoration.


Fresh chicken livers should be rinsed under water and, put in a pot of a slow cooker, mixed with spices, salt and pepper.

Onions are cleaned and washed under water, after which it is shred in half rings. The onion prepared in this way is evenly decomposed in a slow cooker on top of a chicken liver.

Wash the fungi, peel, and cut into even plates, putting them in a slow cooker over the onions.

A peeled potato is cut into cubes (large size), laid out in a slow cooker on top of mushrooms and sprinkled with spices.

Such a dish is cooked in the “Quenching” mode for an hour, after which it is decorated with greens and served to the table.

Chicken Liver with Mushrooms - Tricks and Tips

  • When adding sour cream, chicken liver acquires a certain juiciness and delicate flavor.
  • The process of thawing chicken liver should be slow, in order to avoid the disappearance of taste and beneficial qualities.
  • Even with two ingredients, such as chicken liver and mushrooms, you can experiment by preparing new and tasty dishes, delighting your loved ones with your recipes.
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