Raw carrot salad - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty to prepare raw carrot salad.

Raw carrot salad - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty to prepare raw carrot salad.

Carrots are the most useful root vegetable that is included in a myriad of dishes. However, the most extensive category where young carrots could bring the maximum benefit to humanity is salads. This vegetable goes well with meat ingredients, seafood, as well as with the rest of the vegetables that are actively included in salad recipes.

A little from the medical industry - carrots are recommended for everyday use with weak immunity, hypertension, atherosclerosis, vitamin deficiency, anemia and many other diseases. All this thanks to a group of vitamins E, B, D, C, as well as an endless list of trace elements.

When cooking salads from fresh carrots, the emphasis is on the usefulness of the dish, but the taste of the salad is by no means inferior. To fill salads from fresh carrots is better with vegetable oil, which, in turn, will help the body absorb carotene - this element is also quite a lot in carrots.

Raw carrot salads. Preparing Products

It so happened that in our country when cooking salads, boiled carrots are more often used. Maybe this is due to the fact that in boiled carrots the number of useful trace elements fades away. However, raw carrot salads are more appetizing. That is the most interesting recipes from raw carrots, we consider today. The taste of these salads can be different - savory, spicy, sweet, savory, etc. All this is due to the ingredients with which raw carrots are well combined - nuts, raisins, peanuts, and so on. Also a good combination can be achieved by combining carrots with vegetables, for example, with cranberries, gooseberries, etc.

Raw Carrot Recipes

Recipe 1. Raw carrot and banana salad

Tasty and healthy - you can make such a salad from a minimal set of products. In general, it should be noted that almost all raw carrot salads consist of 2 - 3 main ingredients, but this does not impoverish the taste of the dish.

Ingredients Required:

• 350 g - carrots;

• 3 pcs. - banana;

• 3 tbsp. l - sour cream;

• 1 bunch of parsley;

• 1 lemon - for juice.


Salad is famous not only for the minimum set of ingredients, but also for the quick cooking process. So, the carrot is rubbed on a grater, you can take it with any interesting pattern, and the layer is placed in a salad bowl. Bananas are peeled and cut into half rings. Top grated carrots laid bananas. Prepare the sauce, and for this you need a sour cream strain the lemon juice. Immediately add a little salt and pepper to the sauce - it tastes like cooking. Mix and lay out the sauce on the ingredients. Top white hill sprinkle chopped greens. Light and original salad.

Recipe 2. Raw carrot and pork salad

As mentioned above, fresh carrots create an interesting combination not only with fruits and vegetables, but also with meat ingredients. So let's make an amazingly delicious pork salad.

Ingredients Required:

• 500 g - carrots;

• 2 pcs. - bow;

• 150 g - pork;

• 3 tbsp. l - vegetable oil;

• 1 tbsp. l - sesame;

• sugar, salt, red and black pepper to taste;

• 1 tbsp. l - soy sauce.


First of all we will rub carrots as the vegetable has to absorb spices, pepper. So, grated carrots and lightly seasoned with both types of pepper. All mix, carrots leave aside.

The second stage is the preparation of syrup. Mix a teaspoon of sugar with a tablespoon of water and cook a little syrup.

The third stage is the preparation of meat. Cut the pork into small cubes, and onion into half rings. In hot oil, until cooked, fry these two ingredients. Give the meat to cool, after dressing the salad. So, send the meat to the carrots with fried onions, add sugar syrup and sprinkle with sesame. Original and incredibly beautiful.

Recipe 3. Layered salad with raw carrot and beet

Many culinary specialists are sure that for a real dish it is not enough to have only a terrific taste, it must also be unsurpassedly beautiful. It is precisely this indication that we will follow when cooking the next raw carrot salad.

Ingredients Required:

• 3 pcs. - carrot;

• 1 PC. - beets;

• 200 g - cheese;

• 50 g - walnuts;

• 3 tooth. - garlic;

• 50 g - raisins;

• 100 ml - mayonnaise.


Another important advantage of raw ingredients salads is that you don’t have to spend time preparing food. In addition, many vegetables during cooking, including beets, lose a greater supply of useful components.

So, carrots, garlic, cheese, beets are rubbed on a coarse grater. Walnuts can be chopped by hand. Put the grated ingredients in separate plates, and then carefully drain the accumulated juice from the beets. Mix beets with walnuts, raisins with carrots, and garlic with hard cheese.

Salad is stacked layers. To do this, you can take a deep salad bowl, moisten with water, and lay a plastic wrap on the bottom to the brim. It is time to put all the layers in the following order: first beets with nuts, then carrots, and then cheese mixed with garlic. Please note that each layer should be no more than 3 centimeters. Also we coat each layer of ingredients with mayonnaise. Thoroughly ram the layers. Now we have to turn our salad. To do this, lay out a plate on top of the salad bowl, hold it and quickly turn over the vessel. Carefully take out the salad bowl, remove the cling film and it turns out a beautiful flaky slide. Decorate the dish at your discretion!

Recipe 4. Raw carrot salad with dried fruits

You can endlessly list not only the beneficial properties of carrots, but also dried fruits. These products allow in the winter time to ensure the supply of essential trace elements in the body. The combination of carrots with dried fruits creates a slaughter health cocktail.

Ingredients Required:

• 300 g - carrots;

• 200 g of dried fruits (prunes, raisins, dried apricots);

• 2 pcs. - apples;

• 50 ml - liquid honey.


Rubbed carrots grated, and then mixed with honey. It is better to pour the raisins with boiling water and finely chop the prunes and dried apricots. Apples are also grated. All the ingredients are ready, it remains to mix and serve the salad on the table.

Raw carrot salads - secrets and tips from the best chefs

So, a lot of carrot salads. Since the main ingredient here is carrots, it should be a juicy and tasty root vegetable, which to a greater degree will decorate the dish itself. In winter, it is especially difficult to find tasty vegetables, so first find the worthy ingredients that can participate in an interesting and useful culinary creation.

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