Glaze for donuts - the perfect finish! Recipes of different chocolate icing for donuts made from cocoa, chocolate, powdered sugar, proteins

Glaze for donuts - the perfect finish! Recipes of different chocolate icing for donuts made from cocoa, chocolate, powdered sugar, proteins

The Americans were the first to invent donuts with icing, it was they who had donuts, which are known all over the world. Charming rings under chocolate and color fudge look very cute, bright, stimulate the appetite. The main thing - to properly cook and apply the icing. Here are collected the most interesting, but simple in execution recipes.

Icing for Donuts - General Cooking Principles

Frosting is a coating that after a certain time should harden or at least harden so that it does not stain the fingers. One species needs 15 minutes, other species should stand for several hours. It is important that in the initial state the mass was liquid, resembled cream, only in this case it will fall in a uniform layer, without a streak and stripes will cover the donut. According to the rules decorate one part, that is, the top.

Common glaze products:

· Chocolate is white and dark;

· Egg whites;

· Powdered sugar;

· Caramel.

These products can be added butter or sour cream, various fruit and berry masses, dyes, flavored additives. After all, very often donuts are covered with several types of glaze at once. First, the base layer is applied, stripes or droplets are drawn from the fudge of a different color. In simplified versions, they simply use colored sweets or dragees.

Glaze for cocoa powder milk donuts

This variant of chocolate icing for donuts is notable for its cheapness and availability of ingredients. As a rule, cocoa powder is cheaper than good chocolate, but also gives a pleasant taste and aroma. Of course, this is subject to the use of a quality product.


· 3 tbsp. l cocoa powder;

· 3 tbsp. l Sahara;

· 4 tbsp. l milk;

· 60 grams of oil.

Method of preparation

1. It is undesirable for a glaze to use cocoa powder with sugar, designed for instant drinks, nothing good comes out of it. You need to take the simplest black powder. Sift it into the saucepan. 2. Add granulated sugar, stir and pour in milk. Stir again.

3. Cut the butter into pieces, add to the total mass. Put the saucepan in the water bath.

4. Slowly heat the mass, the butter should dissolve, sugar, too, all this will turn into melted chocolate. Stir it constantly so that the heating proceeds evenly.

5. Turn off the stove and donuts can be dipped. If chocolate glaze will be used to apply a pattern to the base layer, then it should be immediately put into a bag.

Protein glaze for donuts

This option is suitable for those who can wait a little. It will take several hours for the protein coating to dry. Important condition for cooking - the use of high-quality eggs from reliable suppliers, as the product will be used raw without heat treatment.


· 2 proteins;

· 1 pinch of vanilla;

· 0.5 tsp. lemon juice;

· 0.5 Art. Sahara.

Method of preparation

1. To make the glaze thick and fluffy, the whites need to be whipped in a clean bowl with no traces of fat. If even a small drop of oil remains on the walls or on the mixer, the quality of the fudge will no longer be like that. We send squirrels in a bowl.

2. Immerse the mixer, whip glaze for about two minutes. White foam will start to appear immediately, but it is sugar free, therefore it is transparent.

3. Add parts of sugar, continuing to beat.

4. As soon as all the grains are dissolved in proteins, a lush foam is formed, add vanillin.

5. At the end pour lemon juice. With it, the icing will quickly harden, become thicker, acquire the desired consistency.

6. Beat a minute with juice, add liquid dyes if desired and it's done! You can decorate donuts. Protein, unlike chocolate, can be applied to warm products.

Icing for donuts on powdered sugar

This glaze for donuts does not require complex products, cooking technology is very simple. The mass is perfectly amenable to painting in various colors. Suitable for decorating chilled donuts and other baked goods. There is absolutely the same recipe for lemon juice, you can try it. Ingredients

· 220 grams of fine powdered sugar;

· 4 tbsp. l water.

Method of preparation

1. Pour out fine powder in a bowl. If there are lumps in the product, be sure to sift.

2. Add three tablespoons of plain boiled water or replace with part of lemon juice. Rub all together with a spoon for at least ten minutes.

3. Add the fourth spoonful of liquid drop by drop. It is very important not to pour too much, otherwise the icing will flow from donuts.

4. To achieve the consistency of sour cream and ready! Use the icing as intended.

Sugar icing for donuts with starch

Another popular variation of icing sugar, for the preparation of which you will need not only powder, but also starch. The original recipe uses corn, but you can also take potato starch. This glaze very well gives in to coloring in different, even the most light shades.


· 150 grams of powder;

· 20 grams of milk;

· 10 grams of starch;

· 6 grams of oil (vegetable);

· 1-2 drops of dye.

Method of preparation

1. Combine powdered sugar with starch and sift together in a bowl.

2. Add milk, start stirring.

3. As soon as the mass becomes more like a glaze, add a little vegetable oil. Be sure to use the refined product without any extraneous odors.

4. After thorough mixing, drip the dye. We continue to stir until it completely disperses in mass.

5. Finished frosting should stretch, slowly drain from the spoon. It is not necessary to dip donuts into it, it is better to put on a mass with a brush or silicone spatula, to put it on the surface of the ringlets.

Caramel icing for donuts

There are options for the same salty glaze for donuts. In principle, the technology will not differ much, just by adding a pinch of salt. For the glaze need sheet gelatin. Thanks to this product, it hardens perfectly, it turns out shiny and beautiful.


· 180 grams of fine granulated sugar;

· 150 grams of water;

· 10 grams of starch (corn); · 5 grams of leaf gelatin;

· 150 grams of cream (35%).

Method of preparation

1. Pour gelatin with water, leave to infuse for at least fifteen minutes.

2. Combine the cream with starch, whisk with a whisk, or just blew it out thoroughly with a spoon. If there are lumps, then you need to immediately wipe through a sieve, then get rid of them will not work.

3. Put the caramel on the stove, or rather sugar. Heat over low heat, begin to melt until amber color appears. It is believed that the caramel at this stage can not be stirred.

4. As soon as the caramel flavor goes, pour 150 ml of warm water. But it is not necessary to add all the liquid at once. It is necessary to pour in a thin stream and stir quickly.

5. Pour in the cream with starch, bring the mass to a boil, warm it up a little, remove from the heat.

6. Give caramel to stand for a while and add swollen gelatin leaves. Stir until dissolved.

7. Cool the caramel, but do not let it harden. We cover donuts, remove for an hour in the fridge.

Chocolate icing for tile donuts

One of the easiest ways to make glaze from ordinary chocolate bars. It is advisable not to use a cheap product. Due to the low cocoa content, the coating may not please the consistency, sometimes it just does not freeze.


· 200 grams of dark chocolate;

· 60 grams of oil.

Method of preparation

1. Break the tiles into pieces, put in a bowl or in a saucepan, put in a water bath, turn on the stove.

2. Cut the butter, add to chocolate. You can replace it with a good fat sour cream or cream.

3. Heat everything together to completely dissolve the pieces. Constantly stir the icing. No need to keep on the plate for a long time, as soon as the mass becomes homogeneous, you can immediately turn off and apply to donuts.

Glaze for white chocolate donuts

White chocolate is not as easy to use as its dark counterparts. You can not use tiles with bubbles, that is air. Also it is necessary to abandon the idea of ​​melting chocolates with fillers. Ingredients

· 200 g of chocolate;

· 70 g of cream 35%;

· 50 g of oil 72%.

Method of preparation

1. If a small drop of water gets into the mass with chocolate when melting, the product can grab with flakes, this happens quite often. No need to risk using clean and dry dishes. Put the broken chocolate.

2. Add chopped butter to the tile, put in a water bath. Heat slowly. You can not give white chocolate to boil. As soon as it becomes hot, you need to turn down the fire.

3. Add fat cream, stir, heat a little more until smooth.

4. Remove the white chocolate from the heat, cool slightly, so that the mass becomes thicker, smear baked but cooled donuts. The colder the product, the faster this coating will harden.

Icing for Donuts - Tips and Tricks

· Frozen chocolate glaze is easy to reanimate, you just need to reheat. If it hardened in a pastry bag, it is convenient to reheat in a microwave.

· If there are no gel dyes, then it is possible to use powders for coloring the glaze, only it is important to dissolve them in water, otherwise the color will fall into divorce or will not please the saturation of the shade.

· It is necessary to apply patterns from glaze only after drying of the previous layer, that is bases. Otherwise, the masses will spread.

· Instead of artificial colors, you can use natural juices. Most often take beets, spinach, and sometimes carrots. When dyeing, it is important to reduce the amount of another liquid, such as milk or water. Otherwise, the mass will be rather weak.

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