How to cook fish - recommendations and recipes for healthy dishes. How long does it take to cook fish: freshwater and saltwater

How to cook fish - recommendations and recipes for healthy dishes. How long does it take to cook fish: freshwater and saltwater

More often fish is fried or baked, but boiled fish turns out not only tasty, but also saves more good.

The main thing is to cook this dish.

Cook fish can be in milk, vegetable broth or a little water.

How to cook fish - the basic principles of cooking

You can cook almost any fish, but it is better not to cook too small in this way. Particularly tasty is boiled fish as a whole piece, so it becomes juicier and tastier.

Fillet or gutted fish is cut at right angles in portions. A cross-cut is made on the skin so that the pieces do not deform during the cooking process. Cook the fillet and sliced ​​fish in a little water. It is enough if the liquid will only cover the fish.

A large fish is completely poured with cold, lightly salted water, so it will gradually warm up with the liquid. If you are cooking smaller fish, fill it with hot water so that it cooks quickly.

Sea fish is boiled by adding bay leaf, greens, vegetables, pepper and salt to water. Onions and roots cleaned and cut into small pieces. The fish will be tastier, and not so boiled, if in a spicy broth add lemon juice or a little vinegar.

Noble varieties of fish are boiled with the addition of wine, lemon juice, fresh mushrooms, etc. In the process of cooking do not allow intense boiling broth. To determine the readiness of the fish, it is pierced in the thickest part of the fork. It should be free to enter the meat. Before serving, boiled fish is not taken out of the broth, as it dries quickly.

On the basis of fish broth prepare tomato or white sauce. Serve boiled fish can be both hot and cold. Hot is served with a side dish, and cold served with pickled vegetables or green salad.

Boil the fish can be steamed. For this ideal multicooker or steamer.

How long does it take to boil a fish

Fish does not require long heat treatment, otherwise it can become tough, as well as lose an attractive appearance and taste. How long to cook the fish depends on the size and type:

• smelt cook 5 minutes;

• sturgeon, cut into portions - hour;

• mackerel and pollock - ten minutes;

• whole carp - 45 minutes, cut into pieces - half an hour;

• capelin and catfish - ten minutes;

• hake - 35 minutes;

• trout, pink salmon and zander - a quarter of an hour;

• salmon - half an hour;

• herring, sterlet, cod and flounder - 20 minutes;

• Shuku - 25 minutes.

Now you know how long to cook the fish, and readiness can be determined by the fins. They must move freely from the carcass.

Recipe 1. How to cook fish


  • fillets of tilapia or flounder;
  • salt;
  • drinking water;
  • ground black pepper;
  • vinegar or lemon;
  • garlic;
  • carrot;
  • onion.

Preparation Method

1. Wash the fish fillets under the tap and place in a saucepan. Fill with cold water so that it completely covers the fish.

2. Pour about a teaspoon of salt, add a tablespoon of lemon juice. Put the pot with the fish on medium heat. Water should not boil intensely.

3. Count the cooking time on the weight of the fish. Enough five minutes for each half a kilogram. Take out the fish from the broth, cut into pieces and serve with a side dish of potatoes or rice.

Recipe 2. How to steam fish with green onions


  • fish fillet - 700 g;
  • soy sauce - 30 ml;
  • green onions - 20 g;
  • vegetable oil - 30 ml;
  • ginger root - 2 cm.

Preparation Method

1. We wash the fish fillets under running water, dry them with napkins and put them in a steam cooking tank.

2. Cut a piece of green onion feathers, three centimeters long. Half of the ginger root is cleaned and cut into thin slices. Put onion and ginger on top of the fish fillet.

3. Place the container with the fish in a double boiler and cook until ready.

4. The remaining green onion diminished ringlets. Soulmate ginger root three on a fine grater. Slightly fry the onions with ginger, pour the whole soy sauce and simmer for a couple of minutes. 5. Put the finished fish on a dish, salt and pour soybean-ginger sauce. Served with fresh salad and side dish.

Recipe 2. Pollock steamed in a slow cooker


  • two pollock carcasses;
  • fresh parsley;
  • kitchen salt;
  • dill umbrellas;
  • seasoning for fish.

Preparation Method

1. Pollock completely thawed on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. Clean, trim fins and tails.

2. Cut the pollock carcasses into small pieces. Put the fish in a deep bowl, season with spices and salt. Stir and leave for some time, so that the fish soaked with aromas of spices.

3. In the capacity of the multicooker pour water. At the bottom of the container for steaming, we place sprigs of fresh parsley and dill umbrellas. Put greenery on the greens.

4. Install the container on top of the container. Start the “steaming” program for 25 minutes. Omit the lid. The valve is moved to the “closed” position. Put the finished fish on a plate and serve with mashed potatoes or boiled rice.

Recipe 3. Boiled fish in milk with onion sauce


  • half a kilo of fish fillet;
  • flour - 30 g;
  • milk - 750 ml;
  • butter 60 g;
  • onions - four pcs.

Preparation Method

1. We wash the fish fillets under the tap, dry them with napkins. We spread in a deep stewpan and fill with boiled milk. Boil the fish until done.

2. Clean the onions, lay the heads entirely on a baking sheet and bake in the oven. Ready onion fray through a sieve. In onion puree add butter and fried flour. Stir and pour a little boiling water. Put on the fire and boil until the sauce thickens. Fill it with sugar, lemon juice and salt.

3. Remove the fish from the milk, put it on the dish and pour onion sauce. Served with boiled potatoes.

Recipe 4. Stuffed mackerel, boiled in package


  • three mackerel;
  • spices for fish;
  • large carrots;
  • salt;
  • onion;
  • gelatin - 10 g;
  • processed cheese;
  • two boiled eggs.

Preparation Method

1. Wash the mackerel, drain them with napkins. Cut the tails, fins and heads.

2. Cut the abdomen and remove the insides. We make an incision along the back, remove the ridge and ribs. Check the fillets for small bones, if necessary, remove them with tweezers.

3. Clean the carrots, wash and three large. In a bowl with carrots we rub melted cheese and peeled boiled eggs.

4. We clean the onions from the husk and finely crumble. Add to bowl with other products. Salt and mix well.

5. Pour into a mixture of vegetables, eggs and cheese gelatin. Stir once again.

6. Cut off a piece of foil. Lay the prepared mackerel fillets on the board, skin down. Salt and sprinkle with gelatin. We spread a third of the filling and tightly fold. We also stuff the rest of the carcass.

7. Put two carcasses on foil. Put the third fish on top. Press down and sprinkle with gelatin again. Tightly wrap stuffed mackerel in foil in the form of a roll. The edges are wrapped. Roll put in a plastic bag and tie it.

8. Boil water in a saucepan. Omit roll in the package in boiling water and cook for forty minutes. We take out, cool, shift to deep dishes and leave the fish under pressure in the refrigerator for three hours.

9. Remove the bag, unfold the foil and cut the stuffed mackerel into slices. Served with a salad of fresh vegetables.

How to Cook Fish - Tips and Tricks

  • Salting fish is better at the end of cooking.
  • Take enough water so that it only barely covers the fish. A large amount of water affects the taste of fish.
  • Do not allow rapid boiling!
  • Use spices with care so that they do not interrupt the taste of the fish.
  • If you are making a broth-based sauce, strain it several times through cheesecloth.
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