Universal “diet”: buckwheat chicken soup. Recipes buckwheat soups with chicken, mushrooms, cereals or vegetables

Universal “diet”: buckwheat chicken soup. Recipes buckwheat soups with chicken, mushrooms, cereals or vegetables

Dishes of buckwheat, generally domestic exclusive, and cook filling soup with buckwheat, and even feed them a baby - a thing for foreigners prohibitive.

If we look from our point of view, such dishes are distinguished by low calorie content, with high saturation with useful microelements.

The taste typical of buckwheat goes well with mushrooms, it can be emphasized or hidden by using spices, and even buckwheat soup on a light chicken broth is one of the best dishes that can be cooked on a campfire in a short hike.

Buckwheat Chicken Soup - General Cooking Principles

• Buckwheat chicken soup is inherently a dietary first course and therefore it is best to cook it in a low-fat broth prepared from chilled, frozen or fresh curtain.

• Before preparing the broth, the bird must be well washed, if it is to be cut into pieces, it is slightly dried to make it easier and more convenient. Not dried chicken pieces can slip out of the hands when sliced. It is also recommended to remove the skin before butchering, but if you want to get a slightly more fatty soup, you can leave it. For children's soups, perhaps, it’s still worth lowering some calories.

• Chicken is poured cold, preferably filtered through a filter, with water, brought to a boil, as quickly as possible and remove the “var”. Then heat is reduced to medium and continue to cook the meat until cooked.

• Put the rest of the ingredients into the broth, keeping the order of the time required for boiling each product.

• Groats for buckwheat soups with chicken can be taken both whole and crushed (chopped). The chop contains slightly less carbohydrates and is cooked much faster than whole grains.

• Prepare buckwheat soups with chicken, not only on the fire, but also in the oven, using clay pots. In this case, the soup is stewed, and not cooked and it turns out more fragrant. Having correctly selected the ratio of ingredients, you will cook a very rich in taste, but dietary in calorie soup.

Buckwheat Chicken Potted Soup


• 400 grams of chicken, fillet;

• one carrot;

• two medium onions;

• half a cup of buckwheat groats;

• three potato tubers;

• spices and spices to your taste.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut the chicken into small slices and fry until half cooked in a small frying pan in vegetable or animal fat. To the chicken, place the carrots and onions, shredded in small strips, into thin half-rings. Add coarse ground salt to your taste and fry everything until the onion is transparent.

2. Arrange the roasting in equal quantities in portions of clay pots, add potatoes that are cut into small cubes.

3. Put in each pot a couple of pea-scented allspice and buckwheat. Pour in enough water and place in the oven for 40 minutes. The oven should not be cold, heat it in advance to 200 degrees.

4. Remove the soup containers from the oven, try and, if necessary, add salt. Sprinkle with greens and return to “insist” for another 10 minutes.

Children's buckwheat chicken soup - “Baby”

Ingredients per half liter of water:

• buckwheat, dry - 90 grams;

• chicken white meat, breast - 300 grams;

• three medium potatoes;

• half of the average carrot;

• small onion head.

Cooking Method:

1. Wash the breast well, be sure to remove the remnants of chicken fat, cutting it off with a knife along with excess films. Slice the meat in small, thin straws and pour some water on it and set to maximum heat for fast boiling. When the water starts to boil, drain it, and rinse the meat under the tap again, washing each piece well.

2. Pour water again, for children's soups it is better to take a special bottled, and boil the fillet pieces for ten minutes.

3. Put the pieces of breast out of the broth into a separate plate, cool and grind with a meat grinder, preferably with a fine grate.

4. Cut into small pieces, cubed potatoes, onion into slices, and rub the carrot into a small grater and dip the vegetables into boiling broth. Add thoroughly washed, slightly dried, buckwheat groats and continue cooking the soup until the added ingredients soften. 5. Add some salt to the dish, add the scrolled meat and, after heating for two minutes, remove it from the stove.

6. You can also add quite a bit of very finely chopped dill, without stems.

7. If the soup is beaten well with a blender after being brought to readiness, then in this form it will be possible to give it to very young children as food.

“Classic” buckwheat chicken soup


• Chilled chicken - half carcass (600 g);

• 170 grams of buckwheat, well-roasted cereals;

• small onion;

• large carrot;

• 450 grams of potatoes;

• black pepper peas;

• leaf of laurel;

• parsley greens.

Cooking Method:

1. Remove the skin from the chicken, rinse well, put it in a pan with cold water and put on heating slightly above average. Before boiling, constantly remove the foam gathering on the broth and try to remove as little fat as possible. After boiling add to the leaf a leaf of laurel, pepper peas and leave on medium heat to cook for about an hour.

2. Slightly dried after rinsing the cereal, put it to roast in a dry frying pan. As soon as buckwheat begins to slightly "crackle", turn off the fire.

3. From the broth, remove the cooked chicken until tender, cool slightly and disassemble, separating the meat from the cartilage and bones.

4. Put the roasted grits in the broth, and after ten minutes add small cubes of potatoes and continue cooking with moderate heat until softened.

5. In a small thick-walled pot, sauté pan, or frying pan, fry not very large onion pieces in vegetable oil until they become transparent. Add chopped carrot and fry until tender golden color. To roast does not burn, fry vegetables should be on low heat and stir occasionally with a spoon.

6. When the potatoes are half cooked, remove the broth from the broth. Add the roast of vegetables and chicken, salt and continue to cook the soup.

7. Let the cooked buckwheat chicken soup sit for half an hour and then serve.

Fragrant buckwheat soup with chicken and mushrooms

Ingredients for 2 liter pot:

• 700 grams of chicken soup set;

• 300 grams of potatoes;

• 0.5 cups (200 gr.) Buckwheat;

• a small handful of dried mushrooms (white, boletus);

• 150 grams of young champignons, fresh;

• bitter onion head;

• carrots - 1 pc.

Cooking Method:

1. Prepare the broth from the soup set on filtered water, do not add spices and do not salt. Remove pieces of chicken from the pan and, after cooling a little, separate the flesh from the bones.

2. In a hot, almost boiling broth, put the dried mushrooms and, boiling for about twenty minutes, remove them, and, slightly cooled, grind with a meat grinder.

3. Dip the meat back into the pan and add the washed buckwheat, cook for ten minutes.

4. Add chopped potatoes and continue cooking.

5. Finely chop the onion with a knife, rub the carrot medium-sized, but not too finely. Fry vegetables in vegetable, unrefined oil, without turning brown, add minced mushrooms and simmer, pour broth from the pan, five minutes.

6. Put the broil in the soup, add salt to your taste, and bring to moderate readiness with moderate heat. The soup should not boil.

“Tomato buckwheat soup” with chicken and tomatoes

Ingredients based on 2 liters of liquid:

• chicken legs - 350 grams;

• potatoes - 2 tubers;

• carrots - one, big;

• buckwheat - 4 tbsp. l .;

• three medium tomatoes.

Cooking Method:

1. Chop off the bottom of the “chicken legs” bone with the cartilage on it, rinse well, removing the tails of the feathers from the skin, and chop them finely. One leg is about four parts. Fill with filtered water and boil unsalted broth.

2. Fry carrots cut into very fine straws to a tender amber color in a pan in fat (vegetable oil), along with chopped onion. Add sliced ​​tomatoes, skinless, and simmer vegetables under a slightly covered lid for four minutes.

3. In ready chicken broth, pour buckwheat, small potatoes, fried in a frying pan, without oil, and cook the soup, focusing on the softness of the potatoes. 4. Dip a broil in buckwheat soup, cover it with a lid, pan for six minutes and turn off the heat.

Buckwheat Chicken Soup - Tricks and Tips

• If a buckwheat chicken soup cooked in pots is removed from the oven, removed the lids for a minute, letting off the steam, then returned to the oven and held for at least a quarter of an hour before serving, it will taste better and taste even better.

• It is recommended to get the pots out of the oven five minutes before the specified time, since even outside the oven, such dishes for up to ten minutes can cook their own meals. Love a richer flavor - just “wrap” the pots with a thick terry towel.

• Put in a buckwheat soup with chicken groats or chop, wash them to clean water in a sieve and dry them a little, the broth will not become cloudy, and the finished soup will be transparent.

• To preserve all the beneficial nutrients of buckwheat in the soup, do not boil it separately, but dip it raw in the main broth.

• The taste of soups noticeably changes for the better, if buckwheat is prepared in this way: dip it into boiling water in a small saucepan, the ratio of water and cereal is about 1: 1 by volume. Wait for a boil and throw it into a colander, rinse with boiling water and immediately let it cool, put it in a saucepan in which to cook the soup.

• Buckwheat after washing fry a little in a pan, the taste and aroma of the soup will increase.

• Try not to fill buckwheat soup with dill and parsley at the same time.

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