Adjika with apples, tomatoes and carrots is a warming and sunny seasoning. Decorate any dish

with delicious adjika with apples, tomatoes and carrots

Adjika with apples, tomatoes and carrots is a warming and sunny seasoning. Decorate any dish

Adjika is an excellent seasoning that makes meat dishes much tastier. The original recipe for food was born in sunny Abkhazia.

Traditional Abkhaz adjika is a spicy thick paste made from red (or green unripe) hot peppers, garlic, peanut butter, salt and various spicy herbs - marjoram, saffron, fenugreek, marjoram, cilantro and many many others. In our country, it is still customary to add tomatoes, sweet peppers, bulk apples, carrots, and many other vegetables.

Options for cooking adzhika mass - choose any.

This seasoning is eaten with almost anything. Adjika with apples, tomatoes and carrots can easily turn a bland and ordinary dish into a culinary masterpiece. And how does it complement kebabs, lulu-kebab, and just a piece of meat! ..

Adjika is a healthy dish. It has a tonic effect on blood vessels, adds vitality and increases sexual power.

Adjika with apples, tomatoes and carrots - the general principles of cooking

Nobody knows the exact recipe for adzhika, since Abkhaz hostesses have always liked to experiment and add something from themselves. But experiments are experiments, and traditions are more expensive, therefore even among Abkhazians prone to originality, the hand never rose to change the main ingredients of the seasoning.

Hot red pepper is the main component of the “traditional” adzhika. And you can use his immature green pods, which are not so sharp.

Red pepper adjika is the hottest. She seasoned roasted meat and baked poultry. Adjika same green pepper slightly softer. It is put in stewed meat dishes and vegetable stews.

Garlic is another important ingredient in seasoning. It makes it sharper and keeps it fresh longer. Garlic is crushed and added to the adjika at the end of its preparation.

Not everyone likes too spicy adjika, that's why other, not so hot vegetables are put in it. Bulgarian pepper - the most popular of them.

Nowadays, tomatoes are added to adjika, but the main thing here is not to overdo it, otherwise it will lose its unique taste. Add apples to adjika. They help balance the acid in the seasoning and give an unusual flavor.

When one wants adjika to be sweetish and not so hot, more carrots and bell peppers are put into it.

Cooking seasoning is easy. It is necessary to chop all the vegetables and fruits and reduce them. An important condition - the tomatoes take fleshy and ripe, apples - well-ripened.

Season put in sterile jars and wrapped for a day.

There are ways to cook adzhika without cooking. But such seasoning is stored not for long.

Adjika will not deteriorate if you keep it in the refrigerator or cellar.

Recipe 1. Adjika with apples, tomatoes and carrots “Forget-me-not”


• five kg of tomatoes;

• 0.6 kg Bulgarian pepper;

• red pepper (hot) - two pcs .;

• two garlic heads;

• 0.7 kg of onions;

• three carrots;

• 0.15 kg of parsley;

• 0.7 liters of vegetable oil;

• salt (one tablespoon);

• six black and fragrant peppers;

• 1 table. spoon of dry herbs.


First, wash the vegetables. Then clean them.

Grind all vegetables in a meat grinder.

Parsley finely chopped and put to the vegetables.

Add unrefined vegetable oil and one Art. spoon of herbs, and then salt.

Now we put black and fragrant peppers. Three hours we torment our adjika on slow fire.

Finally pour it into sterilized jars and roll it up. Turn over the glass container. We wait until their contents completely cool.

Send adjika to storage.

Recipe 2. Adjika with apples, tomatoes and carrots “Summer dream in a winter night”


• per kilogram of carrots and apples;

• 3 kilograms of tomatoes;

• one kg of sweet pepper;

• 0.2 kg of garlic;

• two peppers (necessarily hot);

• half a glass of salt;

• two articles. spoons of vinegar and sugar;

• one glass of sunflower oil.


Cut off the peel of apples and carrots.

We take out the seed box of fruit and sweet pepper.

With tomatoes, remove the skin and cut them.

In a blender, finely chop apples, carrots, peppers and tomatoes (you can chop up with a meat grinder, and with a grater too).

We shift all the vegetables in the pot. Simmer on low heat for about 45 minutes. Add sugar and salt, pour in vinegar and oil.

Simmer another ten minutes.

Chop garlic, chilli pepper and add them to the saucepan. Mix and simmer adjika for another five minutes.

Then we put the seasoning in sterile jars and tightly twist.

Recipe 3. Adjika with apples, tomatoes and carrots “Gourmet Happiness”


• two kg of tomatoes;

• one kilogram of Bulgarian pepper;

• a pound of sour apples and carrots;

• two garlic heads;

• bitter pepper (100 gr is enough);

• black pepper (as you like);

• a glass (one) of sunflower oil;

• salt (the amount of your choice).


We clean all our vegetables for adzhika.

We skip all this stuff through a meat grinder or send it to a blender.

Then add sunflower oil, black pepper and salt.

Cook our adzhichku 2.5 hours, sometimes stirring it.

We roll and send to storage.

Recipe 4. Adjika with apples, tomatoes and carrots “Field Tale”


• per kilogram of carrot, and pepper (Bulgarian);

• hot pepper (about 4 pods);

• three apples;

• half a handful of plums;

• three heads of garlic;

• half a sheaf of parsley and dill;

• half a cup of olive oil;

• half a cup of vinegar;

• salt (2 table spoons);

• sugar (1 table. Spoon);

• 21/2 kg of tomatoes.


Wash and dry the vegetables.

We clean the apples and pepper from all seeds.

Peel the tomatoes, carrots and garlic.

Now we “entrust” the blender or meat grinder to chop tomatoes.

We take a large pot and heat the oil in it. Add tomatoes and boil a little (the mass should turn out to be not quite liquid).

In a blender, grind the pepper and put it in a saucepan.

In the same blender we process carrots, apples and plums (before taking out the stones from them) and send them to the vegetables. For some time all this is cooking.

Finally put the greens and garlic (chopped in a blender). Cooking our adjika for another 5 minutes.

Add the sweet ingredient to the seasoning, salt and vinegar (preferably grape).

Spread adjika into sterilized jars and roll them up.

We turn over the glass container and wrap it with something (for example, a blanket).

When adjika cool, you can start eating it!

Recipe 5. Adjika with apples, tomatoes and carrots “Visiting mom”


• five hot peppers;

• one kg of sweet pepper;

• two kilograms of tomatoes;

• one kg of carrots and apples;

• one glass of vegetable oil;

• three garlic heads;

• incomplete cup of sugar;

• 50 gr. salts;

• ten cilantro and dill branches each.


Wash vegetables and herbs.

Peel garlic cloves.

Clean the carrot. Remove the insides from the Bulgarian pepper. We do not remove hot pepper seeds!

Remove the skin from the tomatoes, cut into pieces, get rid of the stalk.

We take apples, peel them, cut them in half and remove the core.

Prepare (putting in a separate dish) salt, vegetable oil and sugar.

We send carrots, apples, sweet peppers, and also tomatoes in a meat grinder.

Put the crushed mass in a stainless steel pan. Bring to a boil and cook for an hour. At the same time we do not close the lid so that the excess liquid evaporates, and our future adjika is slightly boiled down.

We send parsley and dill to the meat grinder, and then hot pepper and garlic. Put their bowl.

In the cooking mixture (after an hour of cooking) add oil (sunflower), milled garlic, hot pepper, dill and parsley. Still add sugar and salt.

Mix well adjika, wait until it boils and that's it - it is ready.

We sterilize the cans and roll our yummy in them.

Recipe 6. Adjika with apples, tomatoes and carrots “Summer in winter”


• 200 gr. onions and carrots;

• one apple is sour;

• one kg of tomatoes;

• one chili pepper (7-8 cm long);

• one and a half tablespoons of salt;

• one and a half heads of garlic;

• three Art. spoons of sugar;

• 80 ml of vegetable oil.


We clean vegetables. Cut them so that it is easier to grind them later.

Apples, onions, carrots, tomatoes and peppers are sent to the meat grinder. Put the mixture in the pan.

Cook over medium heat. When it starts to boil, we reduce the heat to a minimum and so cook our adjika for one hour. Stir it so that it does not boil.

After 45 minutes from the beginning of cooking, we put vegetable oil, pieces of garlic, sugar and salt on low heat. When the dish is almost ready, add salt (if needed).

Put the hot adjika in a sterile glass container. Roll it.

Inverted banks wrapped something warm (rug, for example). We wait until they cool, and hide.

Recipe 7. Adjika with apples, tomatoes and carrots “Noble”


• five kg of tomatoes (and always ripened);

• one kg of Bulgarian pepper and carrot;

• one kilo of apples (and be sure to be sour-acidic);

• two articles. tablespoons of pepper (red, hot) and salt.

• 0.2 kg of sugar;

• vegetable oil (maximum 400 ml);


Wash vegetables and fruits in water.

Remove the inside of the peppers and apples.

Carrot clean.

Remove the skin from the tomatoes (to do this, pour tomatoes with boiling water, keep them in it for 5 minutes).

Chop our fruits and vegetables in a meat grinder.

We load them into the pan.

Put spices and salt, butter and sugar. Cook this whole thing for 3 hours until we get the right consistency.

Spill adjika into sterilized jars, gently roll up and wrap it warm.

Adjika with apples, tomatoes and carrots - tricks and useful tips

  • If you want the adjika to be sharper, and the chilli pepper, unfortunately, is not at hand, then you just need to add ground red pepper to it.
  • It is better to replace acetic acid with grape or apple cider vinegar. Then adjika will not only taste better, but also healthier.
  • Hot pepper can burn your hands, therefore it is advisable to use household gloves when cooking adzhika.
  • Pepper and garlic are excellent preservatives, the more they are in adjika - the longer it will not spoil.
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