How to quickly peel the garlic

How to quickly peel the garlic

Garlic gives dishes a special delicacy, a certain zest, which is why it is found in many snacks and salads, and winter preparations do not go without it. In connection with this hostess often wonder: “How to quickly clean the garlic?” We will provide an exhaustive answer right now.

There are several ways to clean garlic quickly and easily. We will present to your attention the top five.

Method No. 1. Professional

This method of garlic peeling is used by professional chefs, but only if cooking a dish requires skipped garlic or minced garlic.

Cut the top off the cloves, place the garlic on the cutting board and press it firmly with a kitchen knife. After you hear a characteristic click, remove the peel from garlic is not difficult. If in your arsenal there is a knife with a wide blade, then several teeth can be pressed at once.

Method No. 2. Suitable for cleaning well-dried garlic

This method is great when you need to quickly peel a large amount of garlic, for example, when you decide to salt watermelons for the winter.

Take a pair of metal bowls of the same diameter. Fold the garlic cloves into one of them and cover the other. Shake the structure for 10-15 seconds. Open the bowls and get peeled garlic cloves. Select them from the husk, cut the tops and use as directed. We remind you that in this way only well-dried garlic can be peeled.

Method number 3. Another option for cleaning dried garlic

If you need to clean only a couple of cloves of garlic, and not a large number, as in the previous case, then cloves of garlic can be simply rolled on the surface of the table, pressing on them with your palm. The husks go away, and remove it easily and quickly. But again, do not forget that garlic should be well dried.

Method No. 4. Suitable for cleaning even insufficiently dried garlic

As a rule, it is necessary to lie down in the fridge garlic, so he begins to dampen a little. In this case, the second and third cleaning methods will not work, therefore you will have to resort to another. Fill the garlic with cold water and leave for 20-30 minutes. During this time, the garlic husk will soften well, and you can easily and quickly clear the required amount of garlic.

Method number 5

The last, fifth method of quick peeling of garlic is that you need to pour boiling water over the required amount of garlic and hold it for a minute. Garlic cooled down after such hot baths is cleaned quickly and easily. However, garlic that is used for marinade or sauce can be cleaned in a similar way, because during the heat treatment, essential oils and vitamins evaporate from it.

We have proposed only a few ways to quickly clean the garlic from the husk, there are plenty of others. Perhaps you also have your own method of quick peeling of garlic, we would be grateful if you share it in the comments to the article.

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