How to clean the mushrooms

How to clean the mushrooms

In addition to all sorts of vegetables and fruits, autumn time generously treats us with a unique gift of nature - mushrooms. Mushrooms are considered the most productive mushrooms - they can be easily and quickly collected a whole basket. Mushrooms usually grow in whole families on old stumps and trees, in windbreaks and at the foot of old trees. Meadow mushrooms grow in forest glades and forest edges.

But in order to feast on delicious mushrooms, they must not only be found and collected, but also properly cleaned and cooked. Every true mushroom picker has its own cooking recipe, but we will now tell you in detail about how to clean the mushrooms.

How to clean the mushrooms

The very first thing to do after the mushrooms were brought home is to quickly sort the mushrooms. From the total mass of the slice, spoiled and old mushrooms are removed, as well as specimens affected by worms. If the damage is insignificant, then the spoiled part of the fungus can be cut off and thrown away, and a good one should be allowed for further processing.

When collecting mushrooms, they are neatly cut with a knife, but if this has not been done, then when cleaning, remove the part of the fungus that was in the ground. Mushrooms often have tainted legs, and the unspoiled lower part of the legs is usually hard to taste, so it can be easily removed. Many wonder if it’s worth removing the wavy collar from the mushroom stem? In fact, there is no practical need for this, only time and effort are wasted. The final taste of the mushroom dish does not depend on the presence of this very collar. Therefore, whether to delete or not depends solely on personal preference.

To wash or not to wash?

After the mushrooms have been enumerated and sorted, they need to be rinsed in running water or soaked - but only if they are not intended for drying. If you wash mushrooms, intended for drying, then you will not be able to dry them properly. The fact is that this product absorbs water very strongly, therefore, it is possible to clean the mushrooms only by the dry method. In addition, washed agaric quickly darken and lose their appearance.

The dry method consists in carefully removing from each mushroom everything that has stuck to it - leaves, needles, dirt, sand and other forest debris. This can be done with a soft, lint-free cloth, and some even manage to use a dry toothbrush. If it is convenient and efficient, then why not? Mushrooms - mushrooms are clean enough, so manual cleaning does not take much time. For all other processing methods, such as pickling, pickling and frying, you can soak the mushrooms for 20-30 minutes in lightly salted water. Do not keep the mushrooms in water for too long - they are very saturated with water and lose their unique taste.

For those who still prefer to remove the cap film, we recommend rinsing the mushrooms under a strong stream of water - thus, the gentle film will simply wash off.

Washed mushrooms boil in salted water for about half an hour, and then you can start salting or pickling.

That is, in fact, all that should be known about cleaning experience.

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