When to collect boilers

When to collect boilers

Fans of “quiet hunting” know by heart all the places rich in mushrooms, know how to distinguish between edible and inedible, and distinguish their favorite ones from the whole variety of mushrooms.

Some collect only white mushrooms, while others bleed from only one type of oil.

Where boils grow

Each type of mushroom has chosen for itself a suitable territory for life, a landscape, has chosen neighbors for itself - plants, without which it is simply impossible for these mushrooms to survive.

So boom. They settled down where the pines or their relatives grow - cedars, spruces, larches.

But boars do not tend to go deep into the forest. They are well on the edge, where a lot of sunlight and space. Maslata, being in symbiosis with a pine tree, do not go far from it, try to keep close to it. After all, the fungal mycelium is associated with the thinnest root endings of this tree, and boletus carbohydrates are obtained from pine, giving mineral substances from the soil instead of the living tree. Here there is a complex mutually beneficial cooperation.

Maslata - friendly mushrooms. They do not like to grow alone. Therefore, if a lonely brown cap of a butter dish looks out of the grass, then a bunch of mushrooms are sure to hide nearby. At a favorable time (after warm rain) in a small area - on the edge, light forest, in green grass, in tugay, in young pine (less cedar) forests - you can collect more than one basket of oil.

By the way, about the color of the caps. Several varieties of oil. This is a true butcher’s oilberry and a leafy tree that grows in deciduous forests, as well as gray, grainy, late ... They differ from each other only by the shade of the cap, which varies from golden yellow to yellow brown with red. The taste qualities of all oils are about the same, unless the taste of the butter pan is a pure leafy sweet, and the butter butter is real - bitter.

Despite the fact that it is a pleasure to collect these mushrooms, some mushroom pickers don’t really like them. Again because of the cap! In dry weather, this hemispherical convex cap is shiny, and in wet weather it is slippery, slimy, as if smeared with oil. It is the thin skin of a grease so transformed. And this skin when harvesting mushrooms must be removed. Although this is a very difficult and tedious task.

And the more time passes after cutting the fungus, the harder it is to remove this peel. Therefore, some mushroom pickers prefer to shoot it immediately at the gathering place. But you need to be prepared for the fact that after such a manipulation with the mushrooms, the hands become black and then very difficult to wash them.

But there is one way that will help to cope with this procedure. For this, the mushrooms in a colander are immersed in boiling water for 5 minutes, then doused with cold water, and then the skin is easily separated.

The oil has another unpleasant feature. They quickly become wormy. Therefore, mushroom pickers are trying to collect very young mushrooms, which have not yet been chosen by the omnipresent worms.

When to collect boilers

When to collect boilers

The appearance of the first oil depends on the climatic conditions of the area. Sometimes these mushrooms appear not in their own time - already in the middle of April, although a quite definite period is set aside for them - the month of June. Maslata grow, like many other mushrooms, in layers. That is, the first friendly appearance of bolet is timed to hay grass and winter crops. It is the end of June. Therefore, the mushrooms from the first layer are called “haymakers” or “kolosovikami”. These mushrooms appear for a very short period, and then disappear for a while.

In July, especially after the rains, there is a second wave of oil growth. The mushroom pickers try not to miss this moment, since the time of other mushrooms has not yet come and there is little choice as such.

The time from August to October is the most mushroom season. Some mushroom pickers managed to find oil even in the second half of October, almost just before the snow.

What boils should not be collected

  • It is impossible to collect wormy mushrooms.
  • It is dangerous to eat old mushrooms as food, even if there are no wormholes in them. This is explained by the fact that boars are able to absorb all the toxic substances from the soil and from the air. Therefore, the older the fungus, the higher the concentration of hazardous and even toxic substances in it. Therefore, oil is collected only in ecologically clean areas.
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