Pastry Pudding

Pastry Pudding

Few people would argue with the fact that a pie with fish, meat, vegetable or sweet stuffing is a great option for breakfast or dinner. Almost everyone, regardless of age, likes such nourishing and tasty pastries. But not all housewives often delight their loved ones with it. It is widely believed that cooking cakes takes a lot of time and effort, as the dough should be kneaded for a long time with your hands, then you should wait for it to fit. In order to prepare dishes from it in the morning, trying to have time to make a tasty dish for breakfast, many housewives can not even imagine. But the batter for the cake is an exception to the rule. It can be done in just 10 minutes, and while the cake is being cooked in the oven, you can do other things, and after half an hour or a little later, you can serve the dish to the table.

Cooking Features

There are many recipes for batter for pie. It is made with or without eggs, based on fermented milk products or mayonnaise. Regardless of the chosen variant of the batter, the technology of its preparation will not change significantly. Knowing a few moments will give an impeccable result.

  • Flour must be sieved before making the dough. This is done not only to clean the product from small litter. The main task is to saturate the flour with oxygen. Then baking from it turns out more air. It is also easier to mix light and loose flour with liquid ingredients, as it forms fewer lumps.
  • If the dough contains eggs, they are shaken before combining with other ingredients.
  • Dry and liquid components of the dough are usually mixed separately, and then combined. Sugar and salt are sometimes added to a liquid base without mixing with flour.
  • Flour the flour into the dough in parts, each time mixing it well with a wooden spatula or spoon. This is the only way to achieve a smooth and uniform consistency. Pastry batter should resemble sour cream in density. If it turns out too dense, add some more eggs or fermented milk product to it. If the dough seems too thin, a little more flour can be added to it, even if you have to exceed the amount of this ingredient.
  • Most often, baking powder is added to the cake batter, which can be soda, quenched with vinegar. If the acidic kefir serves as the liquid basis of the dough, you can not extinguish the soda.
  • For the pies with sweet and savory fillings, the same types of batter are suitable, it is enough just to adjust the amount of sugar and salt.

When making the cake from the batter, the filling is spread in a greased form and poured over it. Another option is possible: first, pour half of the dough into the form, then put the filling and pour the remaining dough. Bulk cakes are conveniently baked in detachable or silicone molds, from which baking is easily removed. They bake such products at a temperature of 180-200 degrees. Baking time depends on the size of the cake and the nature of the filling. It is usually 35-45 minutes.

Pastry for yogurt


  • wheat flour - 0, 4-0, 45 kg;
  • chicken egg - 3 pcs .;
  • kefir - 0, 3 l;
  • melted butter or margarine - 40 ml;
  • salt - a large shchipot;
  • sugar - to taste;
  • soda - 5 g.

Method of preparation:

  • Sift flour.
  • Add soda to kefir, stir. It will be better if you get the fermented milk product out of the refrigerator in advance so that it will be at room temperature by the time the dough is prepared.
  • Break eggs into a bowl. Add sugar and salt to them, shake with a fork.
  • Melt butter or margarine in a microwave or in a water bath.
  • Combine the liquid ingredients, whisk them together with a whisk or fork.
  • When the liquid mass becomes homogeneous, start pouring flour into it, mixing the dough well each time to prevent the formation of lumps. To facilitate the task, you can use a mixer, especially if it has a nozzle that resembles a corkscrew - it is specially created for kneading dough.

Dough can be used immediately after cooking. If it is made without sugar, it is well suited for pies with fish and canned fish. Dough with sugar is used for the pie with berries.

Pastry batter on mayonnaise and mineral water


  • mineral water (carbonated) - 150 ml;
  • mayonnaise - 100 ml;
  • wheat flour - 150 g;
  • starch - 15 g;
  • sugar - 20 or 60 g;
  • salt - 2 or 5 g;
  • soda, quenched with vinegar - 5 g;
  • butter or vegetable oil - 30 g.

Method of preparation:

  • Place the mayonnaise in a bowl, cover it with mineral water, mix well.
  • Mix sifted flour with starch and salt.
  • Pour the dry mixture into the liquid. Add sugar. Stir to obtain a homogeneous composition, without flour clumps.
  • Add the vinegar-baked soda and melted butter. Stir.

If you use mayonnaise and vegetable oil for making dough, it is suitable for food in the post and for vegetarians. If you adhere to the relevant principles in the diet, you also need to choose the right filling. The dough made according to the above recipe is well suited for pies with vegetables or fruits.

Pastry on sour cream


  • sour cream - 0, 2 l;
  • wheat flour - 0, 3-0, 35 kg;
  • chicken egg - 4 pcs .;
  • salt - a pinch;
  • sugar - to taste;
  • baking powder for dough - 10 g.

Method of preparation:

  • Pound eggs with sugar and salt.
  • Add sour cream, whisk with a whisk until smooth.
  • Sift flour, mix with baking powder.
  • Pour flour into a liquid base, stir. There should be no lumps of flour in the dough.

The test made according to this recipe should be allowed to infuse for 10 minutes before use. It will make a delicious charlotte with apples or other fruits, berries. For a cake with savory fish stuffing, minced meat, sausage or vegetables, it is also suitable.

Liquid yeast cake dough


  • flour - 150 g;
  • chicken egg - 2 pcs .;
  • butter - 40 g;
  • sour cream - 120 ml;
  • milk or warm water - 40 ml;
  • salt - 15 g;
  • sugar - 15 g;
  • dry yeast - 10 g.

Method of preparation:

  • Dissolve sugar and yeast in warm water or milk. Fluid temperature should be 36-40 degrees. If it is low, the yeast is not activated, boiling water will kill the bacteria that cause fermentation.
  • Wait 5-10 minutes until the foam covers the water, indicating that the yeast is working.
  • Melt the butter in a water bath or in a microwave. Allow it to cool slightly.
  • Break eggs into a bowl, add salt and whisk.
  • Add sour cream and butter to the eggs, whisk them together.
  • When the liquid mixture becomes homogeneous, add the yeast diluted with sweet water to it, mix well.
  • Pour the sifted flour, stir thoroughly to prevent the formation of lumps.
  • Let the dough stand for 10 minutes and proceed to the next stage of making the cake.

Do not be confused by the large amount of yeast indicated in the recipe. The dough contains so much fat that it takes more yeast than usual to lift it. The dough prepared according to this recipe is well suited for savory pies. From it you can make a product that resembles a pizza. If you intend to make a cake with a sweet filling, the amount of sugar should be significantly increased (at least 4 times).

Pastry batter can be made from eggs, flour, sugar and salt alone. Beat eggs with sugar and salt, then gradually introduce the sifted flour until the dough acquires the consistency of sour cream. This dough is most often used for charlotte.

Pastry batter is made quickly and easily. From the hostess is not required the ability to roll it. It is only necessary to fill them with stuffing and send it to the oven. There are many recipes for dough for fill pies, the choice of the flour base does not depend on the filling, you just need to adjust the amount of sugar and salt.

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