Diet recipes for multicooker: tasty and low-calorie. The best dietary meals in a multicooker of vegetables, meat, fish and eggs

Diet recipes for multicooker: tasty and low-calorie. The best dietary meals in a multicooker of vegetables, meat, fish and eggs

The multi-cooker is so versatile that it can replace hob, oven, convection oven, steam cooker and a roll-top.

Women who have become happy owners of multi-helpers, clean away all other kitchen appliances, and on the gas stove they boil only water in a kettle.

But the most important thing is still not in the convenience and ease of preparation, but in the benefits of the dishes that are prepared in the slow cooker.

Under the tight lid all the vitamins and nutrients contained in the food are stored.

A bowl with non-stick coating allows you to minimize the use of fats.

Of course, those who can not live without a fried crust, can get it in a slow cooker. And the rest is waiting for a treasured notebook, which contains dietary recipes for the slow cooker.

Diet food in a slow cooker - general principles of cooking

The basic principle of the multicooker is to preserve the taste and benefits of the products used. Products are prepared faster, which also has a positive effect on the safety of vitamins and trace elements.

The second, no less important point - is to reduce the calorie content of dishes due to the minimal use of oil. Fans of calorie counting and fat-free diets manage (and very successfully) to do without oil at all, selecting appropriate recipes for dietary meals in the microwave.

You can cook anything: meat, fish, eggs, cottage cheese and, of course, vegetables. If the purpose of using multi-cook is to reduce weight, then you need to select low-fat protein products. For example, give preference to beef, rabbit and chicken, while forgetting about pork and oily, odorous mutton. Or, instead of fatty salmon, buy pink salmon or white meat fish (pollock or hake).

There are dozens of dietary recipes in the multi-cooker. Each owner of the miracle device will certainly have its own signature recipe.

Vegetable Stew

What can be made of vegetables so as to get a tasty and simple dish? Nothing is easier than making a stew out of them. Multicooker miraculously allows you to do this quickly and without any human intervention. In principle, you can put any favorite vegetables in the bowl, pour them with broth or water, season with spices, press the start button of the stewing program - and forget about cooking for half an hour. Therefore, the recipe for a dietary dish in a slow cooker, which you will find below, can be changed as you please: remove the potatoes, add green beans, etc. Ingredients:

• four potatoes;

• medium bulb bulb;

• one small young zucchini;

• one medium sized eggplant;

• A spoon of sunflower oil (you can not take);

• two bell peppers;

• two tomatoes;

• two cloves of garlic;

• a bunch of fresh basil (suitable frozen or dried);

• salt, pepper, a pinch of coriander and ground cumin (if you like these spices).

Cooking Method:

Wash vegetables and peel them. If eggplants and zucchini are young, the skin does not remove. Scald the tomatoes beforehand or drop it into boiling water for half a minute so that the skin is better separated.

Cut out the peppers from the center and the stem.

Eggplant cut into large slices and salt.

Onion cut into half rings or dice smaller.

Cut tomatoes, potatoes and zucchini into cubes.

Pour oil on the bottom of the multicooker.

Wash eggplants in a colander of salt and juice.

Put all the vegetables in a bowl, mix with your hands or a spoon.

Salt, sprinkle with a mixture of peppers and spices.

Pour half a glass of water.

Put the extinguishing program for 30 minutes.

When the program is completed, do not turn off the multicooker - let the heat saving mode work.

Peeled garlic and washed basil finely chopped.

Put the greens with garlic under the lid, bury and let stand for 15 minutes.

Cauliflower baked in a slow cooker with chicken

Cauliflower lovers will surely be delighted with this wonderful dietary recipe in a slow cooker. From a minimum of healthy ingredients you can make a fantastically delicious and simple, and most importantly, a healthy dinner.


• half boiled chicken breast (filet without bone);

• half a kilo of cauliflower;

• two large eggs;

• one hundred grams of semi-hard cheese (low fat);

• a glass of low-fat kefir;

• two cloves of garlic;

• a little pepper and salt.

Cooking Method:

Wash the cabbage and divide it into small neat flakes.

In the bowl multicooker pour a glass of water.

Place the cabbage in a steaming bowl, set it in a slow cooker, close the lid and turn on the steam function for 10 minutes.

If the slow cooker does not support this function, you need to pour the cabbage with water about a finger higher than the level of the buds and boil it on a usual stove, pre-salted, for 10 minutes. In any case, bring the cabbage to readiness is not necessary. Boiled fillet cut into small strips and disassemble into fibers.

If there is no boiled meat, you should first boil it in any convenient way (after boiling no longer than 20 minutes).

Cheese grate on the middle side of the grater.

Finely chop the garlic or press through the press.

Eggs break into a bowl.

Pour kefir in eggs.

Add garlic and cheese crumb.

Salt and pepper, mix thoroughly.

Drain the water from the multicooker bowl.

Cabbage cut into small pieces of the same size and put in a slow cooker.

Pour the egg mixture, mix with a wooden spatula.

Snap the lid and install the baking program.

Cooking time - 20 minutes at a temperature not higher than 120 degrees.

White fish with spinach

Any white fish can be an excellent basis for preparing a healthy and tasty dietary meal in a multi-cooker, the recipe of which is given below. Spinach will give it a piquancy and a special tenderness. Both fresh and frozen stems can be used.


half a kilo of fish fillets (pollock, cod, hake, tilapia, haddock, etc.);

• four hundred grams of spinach;

• three tablespoons sour cream not high fat;

• half a cup of skim milk;

• half a spoon of ground ginger root or the same amount of ginger powder;

• whisper nutmeg;

• salt and pepper.

Cooking Method:

Wash the fish with ice water, dry with a paper towel and cut into portions.

Put the fish on the bottom of the multicooker.

Wash the spinach, dip it in a towel and chop it finely. Frozen stems are pre-thawed.

Sprinkle with spinach fish fillet.

Mix sour cream and milk, pour the mixture into the slow cooker.

Salt and pepper.

Close the lid.

Enable baking mode for 10 minutes.

Switch the program to the fire and cook for 20 minutes.

Five minutes before the end of the program, sprinkle the dish with spices.

If the slow cooker is low-power, you can extend the cooking for another 10 minutes, then let the fish brew under the lid in heating mode.

Pepper stuffed in a slow cooker

A more complex, but no less tasty dish - the traditional version of stuffed pepper. Try to implement this diet recipe in a slow cooker, and a tasty delicious dish will surprise and please you with simplicity. In the mince to reduce calorie need to add more vegetables - carrots, tomatoes, onions. Ingredients:

• six bell peppers (be guided by the size of the bowl and peppers);

• four hundred grams of any minced meat or a mixture of several minced meat;

• one hundred grams of rice;

• two tomatoes;

• two bulbs;

• two carrots;

• salt and pepper;

• four cloves of garlic;

• two spoons of tomato paste;

• two tablespoons of low-fat sour cream;

• spices to taste.

Cooking Method:

Vegetables for minced meat (carrots, onions, tomatoes) wash, remove the skin and cut into small pieces.

Mince through a meat grinder.

Cut out peppers from the middle and stem.

Put minced vegetables and uncooked rice into mince, salt and pepper and mix.

Washed pepper stuffed with minced meat.

Put the semi-finished products tips down. If you want to cook more peppers of small size, they can be laid in layers horizontally.

Two glasses of water combined with tomato paste and sour cream, salt, pour the sauce into the bowl so as to close the peppers half the size of a pod.

Turn on baking mode for 20 minutes.

After boiling the sauce, switch the program to quenching and leave under the lid for an hour.

Turkey with vegetables in a multicooker

Of all the recipes for dietary meals in a slow cooker, the easiest way is to cook turkey meat with ready-made vegetable slices from the supermarket. Regardless of the season, it will be equally tasty, and it is with the vegetable garnish that you like the most. In the summer you can take vegetables from the garden.


• half a kilo of turkey fillet;

• bag of frozen vegetables (400 grams);

• salt, pepper, spices and spices to taste;

• half a glass of water;

• onion.

Cooking Method:

Wash fillets, blotted with napkins and cut into thin cubes.

Chop the peeled onion into rings or cubes as desired.

Put the meat and onions in the bowl without adding oil.

Close the lid, turn on the baking program for 15 minutes.

Put frozen vegetables into a colander, rinse with water, dry.

Put vegetables on top of turkey, salt and season with pepper, spices, herbs.

Pour in water, turn on pilaf cooking mode for 30 minutes.

Lush omelet in a slow cooker

It is possible to reduce the caloric content of an already dietary omelet, if you cook it not in a frying pan with butter, but in a slow cooker. It turns out a delicious airy omelet, which due to sour cream acquires an unusual taste and tenderness. Ingredients:

• four chicken eggs;

• three tablespoons of sour cream;

• one hundred milliliters of milk;

• salt;

• Greens can be added if desired.

Cooking Method:

Mix all ingredients in a whipping bowl.

Dill cut and put on the bottom of the multicooker.

Pour in the egg mixture.

Set the baking program for 20 minutes.

Baking time needs to be adjusted for your device.

Can be cooked in a steamed container. In this case, the average cooking time is 30 minutes.

Diet Dishes Multicooker - Tricks and Tips & Tricks

The cooking time of dietary dishes in a slow cooker may vary depending on the specific model. Do not be afraid to try dishes to achieve the desired result.

In a multicooker, you can use frozen foods. For example, prepare vegetables for stews in advance, stuffed peppers, fish slices, spinach slices, etc. It remains to remove the food and immediately send them to the multicooker bowl. The cooking time in this case will increase by 10 minutes.

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