Cherry jam: how to cook cherry jam correctly

Cherry jam: how to cook cherry jam correctly

Cherry jam - general description

Cherries are known for their anti-oxidant anthocyanin. Actually, it is he who gives it a red-burgundy color. Cherry, fresh and canned, is useful for gout, problems of the cardiovascular system, it can also reduce cholesterol levels. Cherry jam is especially recommended in winter - it is an excellent means for preventing colds, activates immunity and improves blood formation.

Cherry jam - preparation of dishes

For boiling cherry jam, you should use only enamel pots and bowls. And you need to close the jam only lacquered lids. Otherwise, the color of the product may change. Any dishes, be it pots or cans, must first be cleaned with soda and then sterilized.

Cherry jam - fruit preparation

Cherries, as well as cherries, should ripen on the tree - this will allow them to keep an incomparable taste. Cherries, which will be intended for canning, must be plucked from the stalks. If you pick only berries, then juice may flow out of them, moreover, such fruits will deteriorate much faster. And just before cooking, the berries are sorted, separated from the stalks and washed.

Cherry Jam Recipe 1

You can make delicious cherry jam with gooseberries. What is required kilogram of cherries, 1.1 kilograms of sugar, 150 grams of water and gooseberry juice. If necessary, all the ingredients must be increased proportionally.

The cooking method is:

1. Washed cherries should be rid of the bones, for which you can use toothpicks or a special device. After that, the berries must be passed through a meat grinder, having a grid with a hole diameter of 2.5 millimeters.

2. Shredded cherries should be placed in an enamel basin and add water at the rate of 150 grams per kilogram of fruit. Cherries with water must be boiled on a small gas. 3. After that, sugar is added (for every kilogram of cherry fruit, 1.1 kilograms of sugar is taken), and the mass is boiled until ready. It is important to prevent sticking by constantly stirring the jam.

4. At the very end of cooking jam, you must add pre-squeezed gooseberry juice (150 grams of juice will be required per kilogram of cherry fruit).

5. Jam still in a boiling state must be poured into hot dry jars and cover them with lacquered lids. After that, hermetically seal and, turning the jars neck down, leave to cool.

Cherry Jam Recipe 2

Cherry jam is also in perfect harmony with red currants. The method of making such a jam is similar to the previous recipe. Only at the end, instead of gooseberry juice should be added currants. As for the ingredients, you will need a kilo of cherries, a pound of red currant and 0.75 kilograms of sugar.

Preparation Method:

1. To prepare the red currant, it must be sorted out, remove the twigs and stalks, wash the berries and grind them in a meat grinder.

2. Currants passed through a meat grinder are put into an enamel basin and about 100-150 grams of water are added per kilogram of currants. This mass should be boiled down to thickening.

3. Boiled cherries, as described above, are mixed with thickened currants, sugar is added and boiled again until jam is ready.

4. Hot jam is poured into sterilized jars and rolled up with lacquered lids. After a hermetic blockage, the banks are turned upside down and covered with a blanket for uniform cooling.

Cherry Jam Recipe 3

Since cherries have low gelling properties, when making jam, you need to add other berries to obtain a dense consistency. But you can use gelatin. Here is a recipe for cherry jam with gelatin. For its preparation will require a kilogram of pitted cherries, 0.9 kilograms of sugar, half a liter of water and 5 g of gelatin. Preparation Method:

1. First, you need to boil the sugar syrup and put the previously dissolved gelatin in the still hot syrup (to do this, take cold water) and pitted cherries.

2. Cherry in syrup is cooked on moderate fire, constantly removing the appearing foam.

3. When the mass acquires the consistency of jam, it is necessary to cool it slightly, and then decompose into sterilized jars.

Cherry Jam Recipe 4

You can make cherry jam with lemon juice. This recipe will require a kilo of cherries and a kilo of sugar, as well as a teaspoon of lemon juice.

Preparation Method:

1. Cherries should be sorted, separated, stalked, washed and removed.

2. In an enamel bowl, the fruit must be covered with sugar. And so stand the berries for an hour, so they let the juice.

3. After that, you need to boil cherries for 30-40 minutes over low heat, not forgetting to constantly stir the mass.

4. The emerging foam should be removed periodically.

5. Lemon juice needs to be added when the jam thickens. After that, the mass must be thoroughly mixed. Boil a few more minutes and remove the jam from the fire.

6. Again, mix the ready-made jam well and place it in sterilized jars.

7. Banks are closed with lids, wrapped in a blanket and left to cool completely. The jam prepared according to this recipe has a thick and rich color.

Cherry jam - useful tips from experienced chefs

Cherry jam is prepared without stones. Meanwhile, every housewife knows that cherry jam with pits has a slightly better taste and aroma. To give the cherry jam an incomparable aroma, the extracted bones should be filled with water (so that the water barely covers the bones). Boil them on the fire, strain and use the resulting decoction in the preparation of jam instead of water.

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