Nothing is impossible - marinades with wine, red and white. Luxurious marinade with wine for pork, kebabs or baking

Nothing is impossible - marinades with wine, red and white. Luxurious marinade with wine for pork, kebabs or baking

Marinating, a process well known, but often ignored.

Usually marinated only meat for kebabs, but sea fish with a strong smell. Nevertheless, there are many techniques and recipes that are quite applicable in everyday cooking.

So, the meat is aged in chopped fresh tomatoes, freshly squeezed fruit or vegetable juices, chopped onions.

A separate category are marinades on a wine basis. Depending on the desired result, various kinds of drinks are used, primarily ordinary ones. You can also use wines with a strong personal taste - vermouth, Madeira, etc. The ability to make mixtures for soaking meat from them is a complex art that requires a wealth of practical experience. And some brands of drinks here will not do, the masters select them to taste and in accordance with the available meat.

Marinades for meat - general principles of cooking

• In the marinade, you can soak any kind of meat, beef, lamb or pork. The flesh is marinated not only for kebabs, soften the toughest pieces before baking in the oven, roasting on a grill or frying pan.

• The process makes the meat not only more juicy and soft. Harsh and tender, fragrant and always spicy marinades complement the taste of the dish, smooth out their own taste of lamb, goat meat.

• As a basis for the preparation of marinades, food acids are mainly used, such as table or vinegar, citric acid. But a special nobility marinades gives wine base. Mostly used dry wines, semi-dry - much less. The very fortified ones are an exception, usually they are added quite a bit, just for the sake of a specific taste.

• The basic flavor of the marinade and the dish prepared accordingly is given by the added herbs, spices and sauces.

• There are many methods of marinating. All of them consist in mixing the main ingredients and then keeping the meat in it. • Some marinades require warming. There is a technique in which a liquid marinade is injected with a syringe with a large needle into thick pieces of pulp. This allows, for example, the use of different wines, introducing them into the same piece of flesh from different edges, and obtaining a very original effect.

• Marinades, after soaking the meat in them, are used in the preparation of various sauces or sprinkle the skewers with them while frying.

Marinade with red wine for beef


• 200 ml of red table wine;

• two teaspoons of sugar;

• half a tablespoon of wine (red) vinegar;

• onion head;

• two small leaves of lavrushka;

• half tsp. rosemary and cloves (ground);

• 0.25 Chin. spoons of mustard powder.

Cooking Method:

1. Mix vinegar with wine. Add mustard powder with sugar and mix well. Dip the laurel leaves, add a rosemary clove.

2. Cut half of the onion into half rings and grind the other part with a grater and put everything in the marinade.

3. Then put on a strong fire. As soon as it boils, remove from heat and cool well.

4. Pour the pulp with cooled liquid and leave it for 3-6 hours. Pickling time depends on the selected portion of the carcass. The rougher the meat, the more it will be required.

5. At the end of the process, pour the marinade into a saucepan and boil over half the heat. Strain, add the potato starch diluted in water and put on a slow fire to boil until thick. Serve the sauce with grilled meat or shashlik.

Marinade with white wine for beef


• half a cup of white wine;

• large onion size;

• 50 ml of oil;

• a teaspoon of sage;

• as much sugar;

• A full teaspoon of hand-ground black pepper.

Cooking Method:

1. Mix sage and pepper with oil and leave to infuse for one hour.

2. Dissolve sugar in wine, add coarsely grated onions and mix with this oil.

3. Cut the beef pieces for kebabs and pour the marinade. 4. Stir and put the bowl in the refrigerator for six hours.

5. Marinade, remaining after marinating, you can water the kebab preparing on coals.

Marinade with red wine for lamb


• three Art. l non-aromatic vegetable oil;

• five table. spoons of dark soy sauce;

• three cloves of garlic;

• salt and dry, ground “Chile” to taste;

• half a glass of “Cabernet”.

Cooking Method:

1. Mix soy sauce with butter.

2. Add crushed garlic press, pour in red wine and, mixing the marinade, pour chopped pulp.

3. If you marinate in the refrigerator, the exposure time is 8 hours, at room temperature (about 25 degrees) - at least three.

Marinade with white wine for lamb kebab


• four tablespoons of juicy homemade adzhika;

• three large onions;

• large clove of garlic;

• big spoon “Spices for shish kebab”;

• a full glass of “Aligote”, “Rkatsiteli”, or a mixture thereof;

• teaspoon, no slide, garden salt.

Cooking Method:

1. Pour the adjika into a small enamel saucepan and mix with the wine.

2. Add finely chopped garlic and shredded onions.

3. Season the marinade with wine and spices and do not forget to salt.

4. Put the lamb into slices, place in a saucepan, pour in the marinade and leave in the fridge overnight.

5. Shish kebab from meat marinated in this way is juicy and sharp enough, with a barely noticeable acidity.

Spicy marinade with mutton wine in the oven


• 600 grams of mutton ribs;

• a large spoon of honey;

• a small sprig of thyme;

• A handful of purple basil;

• two onions;

• full spoon of olive oil;

• sprig of rosemary;

• a teaspoon of crushed ginger;

• spoon of vinegar 9%;

• 100 ml of Riesling, Rkatsiteli wines.

Cooking Method:

1. Pour oil into a deep saucepan, add chopped garlic, ginger, honey and pepper.

2. Pour in vinegar mixed with wine, lower the torn basil leaves, sprigs of rosemary and thyme. 3. Mix all ingredients and heat well, not allowing to boil.

4. Lightly salt the mutton, cut into appropriate pieces, and place in the marinade for three hours.

5. After that, remove the meat, wipe it with a towel and place the lamb on the onion rings laid out on a sheet of foil.

6. Wrap the edges tightly and place in the oven for an hour, at 190 degrees. Cut the top of the foil package, slightly open and finish the dish for 20-23 minutes.

Unusual recipe for marinade with wine for pork in the oven

You can, of course, cook from these products and ordinary marinade, but we will go the other way. Baked pork will be softer and juicier. In order to marinate pork for baking with this recipe, you need a clean medical syringe with a powerful needle.


• a kilo of pork pulp (tenderloin);

• “Cabernet”, “Sauvignon”, can be other dry wines, only 250 milliliters;

• a small pinch of rosemary;

• cooking, always fine, salt - to taste;

• three tablespoons of high quality olive oil;

• garlic.

Cooking Method:

1. Prepare the pulp, wash it well under the tap, blot dry with a towel and cut off all the excess fat and rough films.

2. Then take the syringe, fill it with wine and stuff it with a piece of meat from the inside. To do this, pierce the pulp with a needle and put about one and a half milliliters of wine into one puncture. The amount of wine is given approximately, if the pulp is already sufficiently soaked and the excess is allocated to the outside, you can stop the process.

3. Then coat the pulp well from all sides with a mixture of crushed garlic, rosemary, salt and crushed pepper.

4. Put the pork in the bag and leave for half an hour in a bowl on the table.

5. After that, remove the piece of pulp from the bag and put it in the roaster. Pour over butter and bake for 50 minutes in 200 degree mode.

Marinade with wine for grilled pork


• six pig pigs;

• a glass of “Kadarki”, “Isabella”, or other red wine;

• a tablespoon of ground coriander seeds;

• half a teaspoon of hand-scented allspice; • refined sunflower oil.

Cooking Method:

1. Wash, dry and slightly beat each piece of meat on both sides with a cooking hob.

2. Then transfer the battered pieces of pork to the saucepan. Sprinkle with spices, salt and mix well.

3. Then pour in the wine and mix again. If the wine does not completely cover the meat, in the process of marinating the contents of the saucepan periodically mixed.

4. After the pulp is in the marinade for 2 hours, remove it and wipe it well with a napkin.

5. Liberally moisten each piece with butter and grill until dense, golden brown on all sides.

Marinade for pork shashlik with wine


• dry white wine - half a liter;

• seven large onions;

• two medium lemons;

• tablespoon of sugar;

• table vinegar 9% - 100 ml;

• two kilo pork neck.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut the lemons into large slices and onions into wide rings. Wash a piece of pork pulp with a knife, remove excess fat from it with a knife and cut it into 5-centimeter pieces for a shish kebab.

2. Put the pork with onions and lemons in an enamel pan. Add the cut pieces of bacon and cover with wine. Salt, add sugar, pour in vinegar and pepper. Stir well the future skewers and leave to marinate under the load in the cold for seven hours.

3. Put the pieces of meat tightly on skewers, alternating with pieces of onion and bacon, then fry on the coals.

Marinade for pork shashlik in Armenian style (with cognac)


• one kilogram of meat (pork);

• 0.5 Chin. crushed cloves;

• two tablespoons of light wine vinegar;

• 100 ml of brandy brandy.

Cooking Method:

1. A washed piece of pork, without coarse lived and films, cut into large portions for kebabs.

2. Transfer the pork to a large, wide bowl. Add all the spices and spices. Pour in cognac with wine vinegar and stir for three minutes.

3. Place in the refrigerator for three hours, covered with a lid.

4. Cook the pieces of meat strung together on skewers as usual shish kebab, from time to time sprinkling a little, but not watering them with marinade.

Universal marinade with red wine for low-fat dry pork

In such a mixture, pork is kept not only for kebabs. Dry, low-fat pieces of it are prepared for further roasting in a frying pan or grill, before baking in the oven on a baking sheet or in foil.


• “Cabernet” - 200 ml;

• 100 ml low-fat mayonnaise;

• two Art. spoons of non-aromatic sunflower oil;

• two onions;

• 0.5 tsp. pepper;

• ground spices and dried herbs selected to taste.

Cooking Method:

1. Wash, lightly dried pork cut into pieces of the desired size and place in a bowl.

2. Cut the onion into larger half-rings and send them to the meat. Stir the onion and meat thoroughly, trying as best as possible to mash the onion rings so that the juice stands out.

3. Then add spices, herbs and spices. Salt to taste, pour in wine with oil and mayonnaise and mix well again.

4. Cover the bowl with meat with a lid and place in the refrigerator overnight, at the usual room temperature of 23-25 ​​degrees, it is enough to keep the pork in such a marinade for two hours.

Marinades for meat - cooking tricks and helpful tips

• Do not cut the greens added to the marinade with a knife, but simply tear them with your hands. After marinating it will be easier to remove from the meat pieces.

• While mixing the meat in the marinade, slightly shuffle the pieces with your hands so that the liquid absorbs better.

• If the marinade does not cover the flesh completely, mix the contents of the container so that it wraps around each piece well.

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