Bolognese with minced meat - Italian sauce! Bolognese sauce recipes with minced meat and tomatoes, mushrooms, wine, tomato paste

Bolognese with minced meat - Italian sauce! Bolognese sauce recipes with minced meat and tomatoes, mushrooms, wine, tomato paste

Bolognese is not just a sauce! This is a real meat gravy, which is usually cooked with minced meat, and served with pasta. If you tell a secret

this sauce also fits perfectly to buckwheat and pearl barley, with it you get very tasty rice and even our favorite potatoes under Bolognese

just adorable.

Bolognese with minced meat - general cooking principles

• Stuffing. Usually bolognese uses beef or its mixture with pork. But you can also take a part in chicken, lamb, duck,

there are no special rules and restrictions. Ground beef is first fried. Only after that it is filled with liquids and extinguished.

• Vegetables. Traditionally used onions, garlic. But there are bolognese recipes with carrots, bell peppers, fresh

tomatoes Vegetables are usually chopped, sometimes chopped with a blender or grated, then fried with minced meat or stewed under a lid.

• Butter. Olive oil is required for the Bolognese, sometimes butter is used. But you can take the usual sunflower product,

this case is odorless. Seed sauce should not smell.

• Greens, spices. Bolognese itself turns out to be quite fragrant, as it contains vegetables, sometimes wine. From spices usually

add ground pepper and Italian herbs. But you can restrict yourself to basil or add parsley, dill, they are perfectly combined

with thick gravy.

Bolognese with minced meat and canned tomatoes

To make a simple Bolognese sauce with minced meat you will need canned tomatoes in your juice. They are usually already peeled,

therefore very comfortable to use.


• 150 g onions;

• 500 grams of minced meat;

• 800 g tomatoes in their juice;

• oil, Italian herbs, salt;

• two cloves of garlic.


1. Pour oil into the pan. It is best to use a mixture of olives and butter, but you can take one thing. Warm up about five tablespoons will go away.

2. Cut the onion into cubes, lay out and begin to fry. Stir so that it does not burn.

3. As soon as the onion slices become transparent, add the mince to them. Cook for about five or seven minutes.

4. For now, prepare the tomatoes. We take them out of the juice, chop. You can simply twist the blender. Add to stuffing.

5. Cover the pan and simmer the sauce for about twenty minutes.

6. Open, put chopped garlic and some Provencal herbs. Enough incomplete teaspoon. If you want to get more

liquid gravy, you can add a little boiling water or broth, which remained after the paste.

7. Try on the salt, if it is not enough in the tomatoes, then add.

8. Tomim dish for a couple of minutes on the stove, served with pasta.

Bolognese with minced meat, fresh tomatoes and wine

Wine is often used in classic Bolognese and minced meat recipes. Mostly take a drink from white grapes, it is fine

softens meat and gives a pleasant taste.


• 500 grams of minced meat;

• 700 g of ripe tomatoes;

• 120 g onions;

• 0.5 glasses of wine;

• spices;

• 2 cloves of garlic;

• 5 tablespoons of butter.


1. Clean the onion heads, cut into small cubes. Pour the oil into the pan, lay out the garlic, cut into several pieces.

Fry, throw away. In the fragrant oil fall asleep onions, begin to fry.

2. After a couple of minutes put the mince, stir with a spatula to prevent the lumps from sticking together. As soon as the meat turns light,

about a minute later, pour wine to it. We wait. Until it is completely evaporated.

3. For now, let's do some tomatoes. Immerse the tomatoes in boiling water, after making small cuts on the skin. We take out in a minute,

shift in cold water and remove the thin skin. Clean the pulp of tomato chop combine, but you can just cut with a knife.

4. Fill tomato mass with minced meat, lightly salt it, cover the pan. Stew meat in tomato for about thirty minutes, make fire


5. Fill the Bolognese with greens, salt to taste, you can add a little pepper for spiciness.

Bolognese with minced meat and milk

Recipe Bolognese, which is prepared with milk. Especially well this dish is obtained from ground beef.


• 180 ml of milk;

• 600 g minced meat;

• 2 onions;

• 800 g of tomatoes in their juice;

• 40 ml of oil;

• salt and pepper;

• garlic, greens.


1. Pour the oil into the pan. Fry on it 1-2 slices of garlic, cut in half. Carefully remove, throw away.

2. Add chopped onions to the butter, cook literally 1.5 minutes.

3. Now you can lay the stuffing. Stirring, cook it for about three minutes.

4. Milk is better to warm up, because the meat does not like sudden drops. Add to the pan and evaporate without a lid over medium heat,

until it leaves and absorbs all the moisture in the meat.

5. It's time to chop the tomatoes in your juice. Pour them into the stuffing.

6. Now you can slightly salt the sauce, cover the pot, reduce the heat. Stew for about half an hour to get homogeneous, light and

tender sauce.

7. We taste at the end, we add salt. Pepper, add fresh herbs or a bit of a mixture of dry Italian herbs.

Bolognese with minced meat and mushrooms

Option of tender and fragrant sauce Bolognese. In addition to the mince need fresh champignons. Although, there are recipes with other mushrooms,

sometimes even use canned foods.


• 400 grams of minced meat;

• 250 grams of champignons;

• 30 grams of butter;

• 20 ml of vegetable oil;

• 120 grams of onions;

• 120 grams of cream 15%;

• 700 grams of tomatoes in their juice;

• spices, greens.


1. Cut the onion, put in a pan with warm vegetable oil, fry for a minute.

2. Add minced meat to onions, stir, continue to fry.

3. In the second pan put butter. We put on the stove, let it heat up.

4. We cut the mushrooms into small cubes, spread them in butter, fry for about eight minutes.

5. Grind tomatoes. Together with the juice, pour over the minced meat, cover the pan. After boiling we reduce the fire, simmer about a quarter hours

6. Add cream to mushrooms, salted. We evaporate on average fire. Moisture should not remain.

7. Shift the mushrooms in the cream in the pan to the stuffing, stir. We add salt, it is possible and other seasonings, the Italian mixes.

8. Cover the pan again. Stew bolognese for about twenty minutes until done.

Bolognese with minced meat, vegetables and tomato paste

Vegetable version of the sauce with minced meat. If any of the ingredients are not, then you can exclude it. Pasta is added with fresh tomatoes,

which will give a bright color to Italian gravy.


• 500 grams of minced meat;

• 2 bulbs;

• 1 large carrot;

• 2 peppers;

• 40 g of pasta;

• 3 tomatoes;

• 300 ml of broth or boiling water;

• 2 celery stalks;

• 35 ml of oil;

• 100 ml of wine.


1. Fry the onion in butter for two minutes, add the carrot, cut into small cubes. Cook for another couple of minutes, add celery,

cut in the same pieces as the carrot.

2. Cook another two minutes, then put the minced meat. Fry until lightening. We fill the Bolognese with wine. Evaporate alcohol on

medium heat.

3. Scald tomatoes with boiling water or pour them for a few minutes, remove the skin, cut the flesh into cubes.

4. Cut the peppers into cubes.

5. Put the pepper in the sauce for the mince first, then lay the tomatoes. Stir. Warm up to boil.

6. Tomato paste is diluted with hot broth or boiling water from the kettle. Fill the sauce.

7. You can immediately salt and flavor the dish with other spices so that they reveal their flavor to the maximum.

8. We cover, stew until full readiness about 20-30 minutes. Do not give bolognaise much to boil.

Bolognese with minced meat and black olives

The option is very fragrant and really Italian sauce. If you like more savory tastes, it is better to use green olives, but

You can add more lemon juice.


• 600 g minced meat;

• bank of olives;

• a pair of bulbs;

• half a small lemon;

• a can of tomatoes in its juice;

• 130 ml of wine; • 6 spoons of olive oil;

• 0.5 tsp. oregano;

• A pair of cloves of garlic.


1. Flavor the oil. To do this, pour it into the pan, heat it up, throw garlic slices cut into several pieces and

fry a little. We get the vegetable and throw it away.

2. Lay the chopped onion. As usual, lightly fry until transparent.

3. It's time to lay the stuffing. Cook it with onions for about three minutes, stir. Fill the white dry wine in the pan.

We evaporate moisture. You can use the same amount of milk instead of wine.

4. As soon as the wine leaves, we put crushed tomatoes in bolognaise, bring to a boil. Salt, put oregano.

5. Cut olives in halves. If they are large, then you can make quarters. Add to sauce. Cook another ten minutes.

6. Cut a lemon, squeeze the juice out of one half right into the pan, stir it, turn off the stove after boiling. Optional

add greens to the bolognese sauce.

Bolognese with minced meat - tips and tricks

• If it is necessary to dilute the sauce, it is better to use water after cooking the pasta for this purpose.

• It is possible to improve the taste of purchased ground beef with the help of spices. Feel free to add sweet ground paprika, hops-suneli,

Tasty with dry concentrated broth.

• If there is little ground meat, you can add a little chopped bacon, chicken breast, sausage or ham to the pan.

• Bolognese can be cooked not only from meat or poultry, but also from fish. Such recipes are also in Italian cuisine. Special

interesting is the sauce with salmon.

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