How to make tomato lecho for the winter: Hungarian, Bulgarian, Russian. Choose your recipe for tomato leko for the winter

How to make tomato lecho for the winter: Hungarian, Bulgarian, Russian. Choose your recipe for tomato leko for the winter

The season of ripening vegetables requires the mistress of their early processing. Therefore, the harvesting of tomato lecho for the winter, in the process of preparing which all the vitamins are saved, is the most useful and all favorite dish.

Lecho came to us from Hungary and took pride of place among other recipes in Russian cuisine.

Tomato lecho for the winter - general cooking principles

The traditional recipe for lecho includes:

• tomatoes;

• pepper;

• salt;

• sugar;

• spices.

Recipes for tomato lecho are fairly simple and any hostess can handle this task. The main thing is to follow some recommendations of culinary experts with great experience.

1. Choosing the “right” vegetables. For lecho, you need to choose only strong, fully ripened, fleshy tomatoes, with no visible damage or dents. Pepper should be large, juicy, dense. Flabby, shriveled, overripe and mashed peppers should be immediately put aside.

2. Additional ingredients. The main components of classic lecho are tomatoes and peppers, but despite this, housewives add onions, honey, garlic, horseradish, eggplants to the salad. Good taste gives carrots, chili peppers, cloves, zucchini, cinnamon.

3. Proper canning. The quality of the preparatory work depends on how long the blanks will be stored. Sterilize jars and lids should always. After the cans are rolled up, you need to inspect them, observe: is it leaking, is the lid tight against the can.

Tomato lecho for the winter (at home)

Amazingly delicious lecho, made from peppers and tomatoes, is well preserved throughout the winter both in the cellar and at room temperature. A good combination of ripe tomatoes, colorful peppers and garlic with a pleasant eye. Ingredients

• Tomatoes - 4 kg

• Sugar - 200 g

• Large pepper, preferably multi-colored - 3.5 kg

• Salt - 3 tbsp. l

• Winter garlic (it's sharper) - 3 small heads

• Oil - a standard glass in 200 ml

• Peas black pepper - 1 tbsp. l

• Table (9%) vinegar - 50 ml

Method of preparation

The first step is to prepare the Bulgarian pepper. It needs to be washed, cut in half, remove the seeds. Cut into strips first and then into slices.

Next, prepare the garlic. It needs to be grated on the side of the fibers. Grater should have a medium division. This step is very important and the taste of lecho depends on its observance.

Tomato preparation. Washed and dried tomatoes must be minced.

Now you need to put pepper in a saucepan with high sides, add chopped tomatoes, add sugar and mix.

Then add coarse salt, pepper and peas. After adding each ingredient mass must be mixed.

Add the garlic and mix again. At the very end, you need to pour in sunflower oil without flavors and additives.

Now put the container with lecho on the fire and cook for 45 minutes after boiling, stirring occasionally with a wooden spatula.

After the time, add vinegar and continue cooking for another 10 minutes.

Ready lecho should be decomposed into clean sterile jars, roll up. Banks must be turned upside down and put a warm blanket on them. After cooling, the workpiece must be stored in the cellar.

Tomato lecho for the winter (without vinegar)

An unusual snack, the taste of which resembles a Hungarian lecho of the 70s. At the heart of cooking are two main ingredients: tomatoes and peppers, and not a drop of vinegar. They can replace tomato paste during cooking first courses and cabbage rolls. The taste of lecho like children, it can be used as a separate dish.


• Juicy tomatoes, but not overripe - 3 kg • Salt large - 1 tbsp. l with a hill

• A mixture of ground peppers - 1 tsp.

• Sweet pepper, preferably red - 10 pcs.

• Garlic - 7 pcs. small teeth

• Sugar - 1 tbsp. l

Method of preparation

First you need to prepare the vegetables: wash the tomatoes and red peppers under running water, remove the tops and seeds from the peppers. Garlic peel and cut.

In one container, add 1.5 kg of finely chopped tomatoes, and in another container - 1.5 kg of coarsely chopped.

Put in the pan red peppers and tomatoes, which are sliced ​​smaller. Stew for 10 minutes over low heat. Then add tomatoes, those that have been cut into large slices, sugar, coarse salt and ground pepper, mix well and cook for another 0.5 hour.

Finished lecho and tomatoes in the winter to expand on banks, cork, turn upside down, and when cooled down - send to the cellar for storage. Wrap should not be.

The output will be 7 half-liter jars.

Tomato lecho for the winter (with apples)

Ready lecho can be added to soups, and is used as a filling for pizza.


• Tomatoes - 4 kg

• Medium apples (summer varieties can be taken) - 5 pcs.

• Fruits of red and yellow pepper - 1 kg each

• Sugar - 5 tbsp. l

• Spices to taste

• Acetic acid (70%) - 1 tbsp.

• Salt - not more than 3 tbsp. l

Method of preparation

Put the chopped tomatoes in a large container and put the stew on a gas stove. When the mass is melted, remove from heat and allow to cool. Then wipe.

Add salt, sugar. Spices must be put in clean gauze: black and sweet peas of pepper, seeds of dill or cumin, cloves, properly tied and dipped in a boiling mass with tomatoes. Boil from 15 minutes to half an hour.

Add peeled apples, strips of red pepper. A little later - strips of yellow pepper. Cook for 15 minutes.

Add chopped garlic cloves and cook for another 10 minutes. At the end of cooking, pour in acetic acid, mix the billet, spread it over the cans and roll up.

Tomato lecho for the winter (with zucchini and pepper)

A universal recipe for lecho tomatoes for the winter. When preparing it, you can vary the amount of vegetables. Instead of squash, you can add blanched asparagus beans, cucumbers, squash or eggplant. The main thing is to have enough tomato paste.


• Zucchini fruits - 1 kg

• Bulbs - 0.2 kg

• Oil - 150 ml

• Multicolored pepper, so lecho will look original - 1 kg

• Ripe tomatoes - 1 kg

• Carrots - 0.5 kg

• Garlic (cloves) - 2 pcs.

• Essence of acetic - 18 ml

• Sugar - 1 tbsp. l

• Salt large - 30 g (can be more, depending on taste preferences)

Method of preparation

Peel carrots and shred not very thin straws. From young zucchini it is necessary to remove the delicate skin and cut them into 1 cm slices. Remove the core from hard vegetables.

In the bell pepper you must remove the seed part and cut into strips. Onions - rings, which are then cut in half.

Wash the washed tomatoes dry, put in a colander and scald with boiling water. After this, the skin is easier to remove. After freeing the tomatoes from the skin, they need to be crushed in a blender or grated on a grater with large cells.

Pour 30 ml of sunflower oil into a deep pan, heat up and put the carrot and onion.

When the vegetables are slightly stewed and become soft, it is necessary to add zucchini, pepper and salt to taste. Simmer for no more than 5 minutes.

Now you need to add tomatoes, garlic, pre-crushed, sugar and cook on low heat for 15 minutes.

At the very end of the quenching, essence should be poured into the lecho.


It should be added in droplets, constantly mixing the salad.

Ready leche shift into jars, cover with lids and put on sterilization. Half-liter jars are recommended to be sterilized for no more than 20 minutes, thus the treatment will not turn into a porridge. After 15 minutes from the start of sterilization, the remaining sunflower oil, brought to a boil over low heat, should be added evenly to each jar. Get banks, roll up and wrap.

Tomato lecho for the winter (classic Bulgarian lecho)

Opening a bottle of Bulgarian lecho in the winter you can enjoy the aroma of a fabulous summer and forget about bad weather for a moment.


• Carrots - 0.5 kg

• Juicy tomatoes - 1.5 kg

• Onions - 0.5 kg

• Vinegar 6% - 80 ml

• Sugar - 80 ml

• Olive oil - 2 tbsp. l

• Regular oil - 80 ml

• Salt - depending on your taste

Method of preparation

Wash tomatoes, slightly cut, put in a deep container and pour boiling water. After 1 minute, the water needs to be drained, and the tomatoes are again filled with water, but already cold. Then peeled tomatoes and grate on a grater with large cells or grind in a blender.

Pour the prepared mass into a large saucepan, boil over high heat, then reduce the fire and cook for an hour, stirring regularly.

While the vegetables are stewing, you need to chop the onion, or rings, or half rings, grate the carrots. It should make a thin straw.

Pour olive oil in a frying pan, heat over medium heat and fry carrots with onions. Then you need to stew vegetables for 10 minutes.

Prepared pepper cut into arbitrary pieces and hold in boiling water for 2-3 minutes. Then you need to drain the water.

When the tomatoes are out, add salt, sugar, vinegar, vegetable oil and mix. Now you should put in a pan carrots, fried with onions, peppers. Cook for 15 minutes. It is necessary to stir constantly.

At the very end of cooking you need to try leco to make sure that sugar and salt are added in sufficient quantity.

The finished lecho is decomposed into prepared, pre-sterilized and dry jars, rolled up and wrapped. To get and turn over the banks should be only after they cool down.

Tomato lecho for the winter (Hungarian)

Lecho (appetizer) in Hungarian is considered a traditional billet for the winter for many housewives. Ingredients

• Fruits of sweet green pepper - 1 kg 400 g

• Smoked bacon - 50 g

• Tomatoes - 600 g

• Fat - 80 g

• Paprika - 5 g

• Onions - 2 heads

• salt

Method of preparation

Prepared pepper should be cut lengthwise into eight pieces. To remove the skin from the tomatoes, they should be dipped first in boiling water, and then in the cold. After removing the skin, the tomatoes are cut into 4 pieces. Onions cut into half rings, pork fat - into small squares.

Fat should be fried in fat until it becomes transparent, then add onions. When the onion color becomes golden, you need to add tomatoes, pepper, paprika and salt. Simmer on high heat until half the liquid has evaporated.

After that, the fire must be turned down and stewed until cooked under the lid. Salad spread out in jars and roll up.

Tomato lecho for the winter (with eggplants)

From several vegetables you can make an appetizing and juicy snack, which will be appropriate even on a festive table.


• Sweet colorful pepper - 2 pcs.

• Tomatoes - 1 kg

• Onions - 2 heads

• Garlic (cloves) - 2 pcs.

• Small, strong eggplants - 2 pcs.

• Oil - 0.5 cups

• Ground pepper and coarse salt to taste

Method of preparation

All vegetables are cut in advance, as the cooking process is very fast. Pepper and eggplants cut into large cubes, onions - fine straws, tomatoes - half. Squeeze the juice from one part and chop the other.

Fry eggplants in oil, add onions and simmer for 10 minutes. Then add the pepper and simmer until softened.

Then you need to put the tomatoes, chopped garlic, cover and simmer for 15 minutes. Then pour the juice of tomatoes and simmer until tender. Ready lecho roll up in the usual way.

Tomato lecho for the winter (with apple cider vinegar)

Simple, but very tasty recipe.


• Onions and carrots - 0.5 kg each

• Colored pepper - 1.5 kg

• Apple Cider Vinegar - 150 ml • Tomatoes - 3 kg

• Oil - 200 ml

• Sugar - 0.2 kg

• Coarse salt - 2 tbsp. l

Method of preparation

Grind tomatoes and add spices, oil. Cook for 15 minutes. Then pour shredded carrots, after 15 minutes - pepper into strips. Boil for 0.5 hours, add vinegar, boil, spread on the banks and roll up.

Tomato lecho for the winter - tips and useful tips

• Some housewives prefer tomato paste instead of tomatoes instead of tomatoes, although this is not recommended. In order not to spoil the appearance of the salad and keep the taste of the lecho, for preparation you need to buy a good tomato paste. Saving once, you can cook a tasteless snack.

• Original flavor notes depend on whether dried herbs are added to it or not. From the fragrant herbs, preference is given to basil, parsley, cilantro, thyme and marjoram. In addition, dried herbs, in contrast to fresh greens, will provide long-term storage of preforms.

• A lecho can be stored for 2 years, although it is unlikely that a tasty billet will “live” to such a venerable age. Usually seals go to “cheers” for one season.

And how nice it is on a winter evening to gather with the whole family at the table, open a jar of fragrant lecho, and, enjoying its taste, remember summer days.

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