Beyliz liqueur at home: production history and cooking. The best recipes for homemade liqueur "Baileys"

Beyliz liqueur at home: production history and cooking. The best recipes for homemade liqueur

“Baileys Irish Cream” is a great drink that has won the hearts of many millions of people around the world thanks to its great aroma and delicate taste.

The homeland of this drink is Ireland, a country that is known for its passion for soft alcohol.

General principles of cooking Beyliz liqueur at home

“Beyliz” has, as a rule, cream or creamy caramel flavor, contains 17% alcohol and sugar in the proportion of 20 g per 100 ml. It should be stored at a temperature not exceeding +25 ° C, the total shelf life is 24 months, regardless of whether the bottle is opened or not. You also need to know that if you follow your figure or are on a diet, then you should not get involved in this liqueur, because it is sufficiently high in calories and contains 327 Kcal per 100 g of drink.

If you use the real “Beyliz”, then you can not doubt its highest quality. Each batch of the drink passes all steps of quality control, and each of the ingredients in the recipe, including additives, has an exclusively natural origin, no preservatives and artificial colors are used.

Liquor “Beyliz”, in addition to the classic creamy look, is also coffee, mint-chocolate, creamy and caramel, as well as with the taste of hazelnut. This drink is so good that it can be used in absolutely any form. You can make great cocktails from it, mix with other alcoholic beverages, add to coffee as an alternative to sugar and cream, or use as an additive to desserts such as cake, cookies, ice cream, fruit salad and much more.

This drink is able to give any product tenderness, comfort and luxury. The only thing is that it is not recommended to mix with tonic, carbonated water or citrus juices, since the liquor in the liquor may start to curl up on gas and acids, due to which the liqueur will lose its original velvety taste.

The liqueur "Beyliz", in addition to many positive qualities, like any alcoholic beverage, there are contraindications.

Drink can not be consumed:

  • Persons under 18;
  • People suffering from diseases of the kidneys, liver, gastrointestinal tract and central nervous system;
  • Persons with individual intolerance to whey protein;
  • Pregnant and lactating women.

Home-made liqueur at home - tricks and tips

To begin with, let's see how correctly Beyliz is drunk. This drink should be drunk from special slightly cooled liqueur glasses (it is not necessary to cool the bottle itself). If the drink is served with ice, then it should be served in glasses of wine or martini. Liquor is usually considered a digestif, that is, it is served after a meal, along with dessert.

As for snacks, the “Beyliz” usually does not bite. But you can perfectly complement the drink with the help of ice cream, various desserts, fruits, chocolate, cookies or cottage cheese.

Preparing Beyliz liquor at home is not only possible but necessary, and it is much easier to make it than you imagine. Home-made liquor can be used as a standalone alcoholic drink, in cocktails or as an additive to desserts. Of course, it’s impossible to keep home-made liquor, unlike factory, 2 years, the maximum allowable period is 6 months. In any case, the fresher the drink, the better.

To make Beyliz at home, first of all, you need to decide on its basis. As a basis, you can apply Irish whiskey or good vodka. The quality of vodka at the same time should be the highest, otherwise all your efforts may be in vain.

Do not worry if during the infusion in the bottle will drop a little sediment. It's all about the quality of the cream, so all you need to do is shake up the drink.

In the cooking process, you will encounter the fact that a drink made at home will not be as dense as the original, but there is nothing to worry about. If this happens, then an ingredient such as egg yolk can be added to the recipe. The yolks will be able to give the drink the desired thickness and softness, their amount per 0.5 drink should be 2 pieces.

It is also not at all necessary to insist on a drink for 72 hours, if you have no time at all, two or three hours are enough. So, we finished with the recommendations, we turn to the main thing: recipes of the “Beyliz” liqueur. We will analyze in detail the 3 most popular drink recipes.


To make a classic version of this liqueur, prepare the following ingredients:

  • good vodka - 0.5 l;
  • fresh cream, fat content 30% - 350 ml;
  • natural condensed milk - 1 can;
  • vanillin - 1 bag.

The most common mistake of all inexperienced lovers of liquor is the purchase of cheap, low-quality vodka. Despite the fact that its taste will hardly be felt behind other ingredients, it is the quality of vodka in the recipe that is the key factor. If you want your homemade liquor to bring you only positive emotions, and not a headache and hangover the next morning, use high-quality alcohol.

Manufacturing process:

1) to begin with, cool the cream and whip it well;

2) add vanillin in a couple of minutes and continue to beat;

3) after that, pour a can of condensed milk with a thin stream, and after another 5 minutes - alcohol;

4) all components must be thoroughly mixed until a homogeneous mass;

5) then leave our drink insist. It is advisable that he stand in the refrigerator all night or even several hours, but if you hurry, you can limit yourself to two or three hours.

Council If you left the liquor to insist in refrigerators for several days, do not forget to shake the bottle once every 24 hours so that the precipitate does not fall out.


Also a very popular kind of drink is the chocolate “Beyliz”. To prepare it at home, we need the same ingredients as in the classic version, the only ingredient that needs to be added is 150 g of dark chocolate.

Manufacturing process:

1) First you need to prepare the chocolate, it must be melted in a water bath. To do this, use a small bowl, otherwise the chocolate can spread a lot. It is necessary to melt until it turns into a homogeneous mass, but it cannot be brought to a boil.

2) while the chocolate is melted, you can begin to beat the pre-cooled cream and vanillin. 3) after 5 minutes, add condensed milk and continue to beat until the mixture warms up a little;

4) after that you need to add melted chocolate. Be careful, if condensed milk and cream are too chilled, chocolate can harden into grains, which is fraught with spoiled drink;

5) at the end pour vodka.

When all the ingredients are well mixed and re-whipped, the drink should be poured into a bottle and refrigerated to insist for the same period as in the previous recipe.


For the preparation of coffee "Baileyz" prepare the same ingredients as for the classic version of liqueur, as well as 5 tbsp. l instant coffee.

Manufacturing process:

1) First you need to dissolve instant coffee in a certain amount of warm cream or vodka and leave to cool. Then the coffee should be cooled and filtered through cheesecloth. In order to avoid undesirable consequences, the procedure is best done a couple of times;

2) then you need to thoroughly whip the chilled cream with vanilla and continue to beat, then gradually add condensed milk;

3) after that we fall asleep coffee, if it is dissolved in alcohol, we pour it immediately;

4) whip all ingredients until a homogeneous mass is obtained for another 7 minutes, after which we pour the liquor into a bottle and leave in the refrigerator.

Important! Coffee must be well dissolved and without grains, otherwise liquor may not work.

In conclusion, a few words about how to properly serve this drink. Before serving liqueur, re-filter it so that it does not have extra fat. It is served, as a rule, chilled or with ice. To do this, detail the ice in a blender, pour in the same liqueur and again thoroughly whisk well. You need to pour the drink in martini glasses, sprinkling it with a pinch of cocoa on top, this will soften the strength of the liqueur a little.

Well, perhaps all the recommendations. Prepare a magnificent “Beyliz” and enjoy its delicate and refined taste, without leaving your home!

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