Lean yeast and flaky pastry for pies, pies and dumplings: all the secrets. Recipes of lean dough on water, rolled oats, soda

Lean yeast and flaky pastry for pies, pies and dumplings: all the secrets. Recipes of lean dough on water, rolled oats, soda

Delicious baking can be done without eggs, natural butter, dairy products.

Fine lean yeast and puff pastry for pies, pies and dumplings is no less tasty, airy, diverse.

The place of dairy and fermented milk products is vegetable (lean) oil, soda.

Fine, tasty products with filling and without filling, with frosting and various “topping”, to fry fritters, to bake crispy cookies are made from tender lean yeast and puff pastry for pies, pies and dumplings.

To master the secrets of making such a text must not only those who want to fast. If an allergic kid grows in a family, lean yeast and flaky dough for pies, pies and dumplings is simply irreplaceable. Those who adhere to the vegan outlook will be able to enjoy baking and vegetable dumplings.

Lean dough - general cooking principles

For the preparation of lean yeast and puff pastry for pies, pies and dumplings, you can use dry or pressed yeast. In this case, the yeast airy dough. It is made on the brew or straight way.

In the first case, you must first obtain a yeast base with a high froth. A simpler, straightforward way allows you to get lean yeast and puff pastry for pies, pies and dumplings quickly, simply, without unnecessary trouble and worries: will it rise?

In any case, to obtain lean yeast and puff pastry for pies, pies and dumplings, you must first mix the dry ingredients, and then gradually introduce the liquid, kneading the elastic mass. But dry ingredients (sugar, yeast, salt) should be dissolved in water beforehand.

After kneading, the dough must “rest” - soak a little in a cold place or, on the contrary, be warm.

Lean dough for pies

Lean pasta can be fried in vegetable oil or baked in an oven. The use of yeast makes the dish airy, tasty. It will not differ from the usual baking. Ingredients:

• white or whole grain flour (3 stacks);

• an ordinary glass of water heated to body temperature;

• packaged active yeast;

• a couple of tablespoons of sugar (regular tablespoons);

• 4 table. spoons of any plant. oils;

• a teaspoon of medium ground salt without a hill.

Cooking Method:

With the sifted flour mix in the required amount of salt.

A bag of active freshly packaged yeast dissolved in water.

Pour sugar into water, mix until dissolved.

Gradually add the liquid to the flour, knead the dough first with a wooden spoon, then with your hands.

If necessary, add flour, giving the mass the necessary elasticity.

Knead vigorously until the mass starts to peel free from the hands.

Leave in a bowl, covered with a cotton or linen towel or by closing the bowl with a transparent film for food purposes.

Rearrange in the heat, wait for the rise.

Rising dough knead it again to leave warm.

When it comes up the second time, start cooking pies with any lean filling.

Lean Yeast Dough

Universal yeast dough is suitable for any baking. It will make wonderful sweet and savory buns, pies, pies, flatbreads.


• kilogram of white flour;

• warm water (two and a half faceted glasses);

• sugar (three tablespoons);

• packaged yeast (one pack);

• dessert spoon of salt;

• natural oil (olive, sunflower, flax, etc.) - 6 table. spoons.

Cooking Method:

Heat water in a saucepan (not above 38 degrees).

Pour water into a separate container.

Pour the active yeast, granulated sugar, medium ground salt, while stirring, dissolve all the ingredients.

Sift flour into a wide bowl.

Pour in a little liquid, knead the dough.

At the same time with each portion of yeast water pour a spoonful of butter.

Knead the dough with greased hands.

You need to knead for at least ten minutes to get the mass as homogeneous as possible.

Cover the dough with a towel or close under the film, leave for an hour warm.

When the mass increases two times, knead it, knead again for about five minutes, immediately use.

Lean dough for the cake

Fine pies with different lean fillings, sweet, vegetable, berry, mushroom or poppy can be prepared according to the recipe below. Please note: “live” pressed yeast is used, and the finished product must be in the refrigerator for at least ten hours. By adding the appropriate spices to the dough, you can make the pastries more saturated to taste.


• water body temperature (about one and a half glasses);

• lump of pressed yeast (50 grams);

• odorless vegetable oil (180 ml, or faceted glass, not full to the top);

• medium ground salt (table. Spoon);

• a quarter cup of granulated sugar;

• kilogram of white or whole grain flour.

Cooking Method:

Pour the yeast into the water, then dissolve the granulated sugar in the yeast water, a measured amount of salt.

Immediately measure the desired volume of oil, pour into yeast water.

Knead hands a soft, rather sticky dough.

Cover the container with a film or a lid, put it in the fridge, preferably overnight.

Wait for the rise of the test is not necessary. Taking it out of the refrigerator, you can immediately bake a pie.

Fast puff pastry

Such a dough according to the “lean” recipe is tasty and easy to use. It turns out fantastic crumbly slicks, pies, "tongues", rolls.


• half a glass of water;

• equal amount of vegetable oil (optional);

• generous dash of salt;

• two glasses of white flour.

Cooking Method:

In a skillet mix water and oil.

Pour the emulsion into a separate container.

Salt the sifted flour.

Add flour to the oil emulsion, kneading elastic dough.

Leave the finished product for half an hour under a wrap or napkin.

After half an hour, you can lay out the dough on a wide board sprinkled with flour. Roll out a thin dough layer with a rolling pin.

Spread a few drops of olive oil over the surface.

Carefully fold the reservoir inside the envelope, roll it out again.

Repeat the process “lubricate - roll out” four more times.

Use immediately or put in the fridge.

Lean dough for dumplings

Tasty lean dough turns out elastic, gentle. It can be rolled out very thinly or thicker, as you like. Any fillings in the dumplings from this dough will be eaten with a bang. Ingredients:

• three glasses of white flour (can be mixed with wholegrain, oatmeal, soybean);

• an ordinary glass of water (cold boiled is needed);

• a generous spoonful of salt with a hill;

• any butter (two tablespoons), preferably olive.

Cooking Method:

Sift flour, mix with salt.

Pour in water.

Knead sticky, rather liquid batter.

Leave the mass for half an hour so that the flour swells well.

For a minute knead elastic dough.

Pour in oil, continue kneading until stickiness test returns.

Put the dough in the fridge for two hours. It otlezhitsya, will be homogeneous, will acquire the necessary elasticity.

Fast yeast-free dough

Lean dough without yeast is prepared easier and faster than yeast, without a lifting step. Immediately after kneading, you can bake or fry.


• take two glasses of warm water;

• teaspoon (no slides) edible soda;

• three spoons of vegetable oil;

• teaspoon (without top) salt;

• the amount of flour, sufficient to obtain an elastic, not hard dough (about three or four glasses).

Cooking Method:

Sifting flour, mix soda with it.

In the water, dissolve the salt, then pour the oil.

Pour the liquid into the container for kneading, pouring flour, knead elastic dough.

It should make a pleasant, rather dense mass.

After kneading, you need to give it a rest at room temperature for about half an hour.

Lean shortcrust pastry

From the tender dough prepared according to this recipe, you get excellent sweet, fresh, salty pastries. Her success is in the use of ice water. Shortbread dough is universal, suitable not only for cookies, but also for pies, pies, pies.


• 150 ml of ice water;

• half a spoonful of salt;

• 150 ml of any vegetable oil;

• two and a half (three) glasses of white flour;

• sugar (only for the sweet version of the dough) - two spoons.

Cooking Method:

Clean water for half an hour put in the freezer.

Pour salt into the water, stir.

Pour the oil into the water.

Beat vigorously with a mixture of water and oil emulsion. A white foam should appear.

Stir flour with sugar. Gradually pour the oil emulsion into the flour mixture.

Knead the dough tightly. Add flour if necessary.

Lenten dough on rice broth

Very original version of the dough, from which you can bake delicious airy buns. They remain soft, fresh for a long time. Optionally, in the dough, you can add dried onion powder, onion and green. A great option for breakfast or lunch - to the soup.


• one hundred grams of rice;

• half a liter of water;

• three hundred grams of white flour;

• one hundred grams of whole grain flour;

• a tablespoon of soy sauce;

• four tablespoons of oil;

• one and a half tea boats dry active yeast;

• half a spoonful of salt;

• big spoon of granulated sugar.

Cooking Method:

In a small saucepan, boil rice, fill it with the specified amount of water. The broth is drained and cooled to a temperature of 40 degrees. The output of the finished broth should not be less than 230 ml.

Pour into the broth oil, soy sauce, mix.

Add sugar, juice, onion powder (optional), yeast into flour.

Pour in liquid, knead elastic, fragrant dough.

Remove under the film for an hour and a half - for lifting.

Lenten dough on buckwheat

The original recipe for fragrant lean dough with a pleasant buckwheat flavor. From such products go great pies with mushroom filling.


• 350 grams of premium white flour;

• 4 table. spoons of buckwheat instant cereal;

• packaged yeast;

• dessert spoon of sugar;

• half a spoonful of salt, better than fine grinding;

• one big spoon of butter;

• standard glass of boiling water.

Cooking Method:

Pour the buckwheat flakes with boiling water, leave for five minutes.

Yeast stir in warm, just above body temperature, water to foam.

Stir flour with sugar, medium ground salt.

Pour in yeast, swollen flakes, add flaxseed or buckwheat oil.

Quickly knead the flavored dough, cover with a napkin, wrap, towel.

Leave for an hour and a half to climb.

Fast vanilla dough

Excellent, thinly rolled dough from which crispy pastries are obtained. It is cooked very easily.

Ingredients: • a pound of flour;

• standard glass of water;

• 3 table. spoons of sugar;

• two bags of yeast;

• 2 table. spoons of butter;

• a little vanilla (literally a pinch);

• one third of a spoonful of salt

Cooking Method:

For sponge mix fresh active yeast with warm (required) water, two spoons of white flour, sugar.

Opara should rise to fifteen minutes.

Sifted, flour flour gently mixed with fine salt.

Enter into the brew oil, two thirds of the flour mixture, vanillin.

The consistency of the dough is as if pancakes are planned.

Pour the remaining flour on the work surface, put the dough, knead until it stops sticking. If necessary, add flour.

Transfer the dough into a sealed bag, tighten tightly and place in a deep container with ice water.

Twenty minutes later, when the bag of dough floats up, it can be considered ready.

Lean dough on a dough

Airy, fluffy dough is obtained by the sponge, the most troublesome way. You can make your family happy with pies, buns, buns. To cook such a product is troublesome, but the result is worth it.


• six hundred grams of white flour;

• one hundred ml of oil;

• 25 grams of pressed fresh yeast;

• dessert spoon of sugar;

• ordinary glass of water;

• two teaspoons of salt, preferably medium or small.

Cooking Method:

In a small amount of warm clear water, dissolve the fresh, easily breaking yeast on the plates, then dissolve the sugar.

Introduce some white sifted flour (a spoon or two), mix, put for lifting next to the battery or a working oven.

Twenty minutes later, sprinkle salted brew, spoon 1/2 part of the flour, cold water, medium or fine salt.

Quickly knead the dough.

Remove for an hour in the heat.

Pour the oil over the top, add the remaining flour, knead thoroughly.

Remove again for lifting minutes to thirty-forty.

Lean dough on soda water

Wonderful lean pancakes get lush, airy, if you knead the batter in highly carbonated water. They will rise in a skillet without kefir and will be no less tasty.


• 2 stack. white flour; • sugar to your taste;

• three glasses of sparkling water;

• 0.5 cups of oil;

• spoon baking powder;

• one teaspoon salt of medium grinding.

Cooking Method:

Sift the usual white flour of the highest grade, pour sugar over the hill, salt a little, put baking powder and mix until homogeneous with a spoon or fork.

Pour soda, constantly vigorously stirring the dough. Lumps break up.

Pour in the oil, mix well and set aside for ten minutes.

Lenten dough “Dumplings dumplings”

This product is an alternative to the usual dumpling dough. It will turn out elastic, moderately tight, perfectly combined with any filling for ravioli or dumplings.


• two glasses of white flour;

• three-quarters cup of boiling water;

• 2 table. spoons of any vegetable oil;

• medium or fine salt.

Cooking Method:

Sift flour.

Pour salt into flour, mix.

Pour the oil.

Boil water and immediately pour it in a thin stream into the flour.

At the same time very energetically stir the dough with a fork.

Sprinkle flour over a wide board, put choux dough on top, knead the mass vigorously.

Cover with foil, leave to rest for fifteen minutes.

Veggie dough on soy milk “Vegetarian”

A good way out for vegetarians, vegans, people who are allergic to milk protein is the soy “milk” dough. Vegetarian pastries pleases excellent taste, and yet it is more useful due to oatmeal. An ideal product for baking bread, buns, tortillas, pies, frying pies.


• two and a half glasses of plain white or whole grain flour;

• the same glass of oatmeal;

• 3 spoonfuls of baking powder;

• two generous tablespoons of granulated sugar;

• 450 ml of soy store milk;

• the same amount of vinegar;

• pinch of soda;

• salt (spoon without top);

• spices (optional): paprika, cumin, ground coriander.

Cooking Method:

In half the rate of soy milk pour baking powder.

All beat well.

Immediately pour the second part of the milk, pour spices (optional). Mix well.

Sift both types of flour separately. First, in wheat or whole grain flour. Mix thoroughly. The mass should resemble a batter for pancakes.

Set aside dough for ten minutes.

Add flour from ground oatmeal, granulated sugar, mix.

Leave the product alone for half an hour.

Lean dough - tricks and tips

  • Straight layered dough is more sensitive to medium temperature. Therefore, where the dough climbs, the dough rises, even the slightest drafts are unacceptable, otherwise the baking quality will seriously deteriorate, it will fall.
  • Flour of any kind and quality, used for lean yeast and puff pastry for pies, pies and dumplings, must be sieved through a special mug, colander or sieve. It will be tastier due to the saturation of flour with oxygen. It is especially important to follow this rule for yeast dough: yeast will start working faster, the dough is guaranteed to rise.
  • In order to properly dilute the yeast, you need to mix warm water with a spoonful of sugar. Fresh yeast needs to be poured so that only a little water covers them. In this case, you get a wonderful foam "cap".
  • In order for the yeast to ferment well, the temperature in the room should be no higher than thirty degrees. If the room is hotter, then the blocking processes will stop.
  • If the room is very cold and you cannot find a warm place for proofing, you can take warm water into the bathroom and immerse the container with the dough there.
  • The lean yeast and puff pastry for pies, pies and dumplings is perfectly and simply kneaded in breadmaker. The ingredients listed in the recipe, you need to fall asleep in the container in the sequence indicated in the instructions.
  • The perfect dough should not be dry, otherwise it will lose elasticity. If you are too clever with flour and the dough turned out to be very tight, you can remedy the situation with warm water and oil.
  • For convenience of working with the finished dough, the hands can be oiled. The product will no longer stick to your fingers, you will not have to mix the flour, as a result, the dough will turn out not too dry, hard.
  • To make sure the yeast dough is ready, you need to make a recess in it with your finger. If the groove did not spread after five minutes, retained the shape, the dough is ready.
  • If it was not possible to use all lean yeast and puff pastry for pies, pies and dumplings, it must be carefully wrapped with cling film and put into the freezer.
  • It is not possible to knead for a long time the lean, yeast-free dough, otherwise the baking will not be crumbly.
  • The more butter there is in the dough, the more crumbly the baking will turn out.
  • It is necessary to bake the lean dough at a low temperature (from 180 to 200 degrees) and for a maximum of forty minutes.
  • If there is no soda for making fritters from the lean dough, you can replace it with hot water. High temperatures will increase the stickiness of the flour.
  • Dumplings made from lean choux pastry should be cooked for no more than four minutes from the moment of ascent. Otherwise, they will simply boil over. From this dough, you can fry pasties with a lean filling.
  • Lean lean and flaky dough for pies, pies and dumplings practically does not differ from traditional variants. Cooking is just as easy, and eating is very tasty.
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