Okroshka on kefir with mineral water - the queen of cold soups! A selection of different okroshka on kefir with mineral water, recipes and subtleties

Okroshka on kefir with mineral water - the queen of cold soups! A selection of different okroshka on kefir with mineral water, recipes and subtleties

Okroshka - cold soup, which was once considered only a summer dish.

Soon it was so loved by everyone that it began to appear in the winter, spring, autumn menu.

Okroshka recipe a lot, but a special love is cold soup on kefir with mineral water.

Okroshka on kefir with mineral water - general principles of preparation

Fat kefir for okroshka can take any. But from the low-fat dairy product cold soup is not very rich. To fix this, you can add a little sour cream or mayonnaise to kefir. Mineral water is used with gas. It is his bubbles that give the dish sharpness.

What else is put in okroshka:

• Cucumbers. It's hard to find a recipe without them. Cucumbers are laid fresh.

• Eggs. Usually boiled hard boiled. But in some soups they put a raw egg, scrambled with kefir.

• Greenery. It is added in large quantities. Usually it is a feather onion, dill, parsley.

• Potatoes. Not used in all formulations, laid in boiled form.

• Radishes. Occurs often, but not everywhere. In many recipes it can be added, the vegetable is in perfect harmony with most products.

• Beets. Occurs in some recipes, hash, used raw or boiled, depends on the dish. Sometimes add young beet tops.

All ingredients okroshka cut into cubes, for some products, you can use a grater. Kefir can be added immediately. Mineral water is usually poured before serving. Can be added directly to the plates.

Okroshka on kefir with mineral water (recipe with sausage)

The easiest and most familiar recipe for hash is kefir with mineral water. For cooking you also need any boiled sausage without bacon.


• 4 potatoes;

• 3 cucumbers;

• 4 eggs;

• 350 grams of sausage; • 1 bunch of dill;

• 2 bunches of green onions;

• 150 grams of radishes;

• 1 liter of kefir;

• 1 liter of mineral water.


1. Boil potatoes and eggs. Cool, clean, cut into cubes. Throw in the pan.

2. Add boiled sausage, which must be cut into the same cubes.

3. Enumerate the herbs, wash and chop finely. Also send to okroshka.

4. At the radish, we cut the tails, cut each crosswise, and then with thin plates. Throw in the pan.

5. It remains to add chopped cucumbers to okroshka. Some prefer to grate them.

6. Pour kefir, add salt and stir. Okroshka get thick.

7. Put the cold soup on plates, diluted with mineral water to the desired thickness. If necessary, add citric acid or a little fresh juice.

Okroshka on kefir with mineral water (dietary recipe)

Low-calorie okroshka recipe for kefir with mineral water, which even models can afford. The ingredients indicate chicken breast, but similarly, you can use turkey meat without skin or rabbit. Potatoes in the recipe is not.


• 0.4 kg chicken fillet;

• 3 eggs;

• 5 cucumbers;

• 0.2 kg of radish;

• 2 bunches of greens;

• 1 liter of kefir to 1%;

• mineral water.


1. Wash chicken fillet, remove skin. Throw in boiling water and boil for half an hour. Get out, give cool. Cut into small cubes and immediately pour kefir. Chicken soaked and will be more tender.

2. Boiled hard-boiled eggs are also cut, like chicken fillet.

3. Add cucumbers, cut into thin slices.

4. We throw a radish, which we cut arbitrarily. But it is better not to make large pieces so that the soup is more tender.

5. We sort out and cut the greens. It can be parsley, onion, dill and any other. We throw in okroshka.

6. Stir, salt.

7. Pour in mineral water, stir and immediately pour into plates until the gases have evaporated.

Okroshka on kefir with mineral water (recipe with beef)

Option meat, very nourishing and insanely fragrant okroshka with beef. According to the recipe is the weight of the treated pulp without stones. Potatoes in this cold soup is not added, but you can put on request.


• 0.6 kg of beef;

• 0.3 kg cucumbers;

• 5 boiled eggs;

• 2 bunches of greens;

• kefir;

• mineral water;

• 0.5 lemon;

• 0.2 kg of radish.


1. Cook the beef until ready. You can do this immediately in the pan for the first dish, adding more meat. Remove the piece from the broth, cool and put in the fridge for an hour.

2. Chilled meat gently cut into cubes, sent to the tureen.

3. Eggs are also cut and add to beef.

4. Enumerate, wash and dry the greens. Chop finely and send in cold soup.

5. It remains to cut the cucumbers with radish, pour it all together into okroshka. As already mentioned, potatoes are added at will.

6. Fill with lemon juice. Adjust the acid to your taste.

Okroshka on kefir with mineral water (recipe with boiled fish)

The recipe of amazing fish okroshka on kefir with mineral water. For cooking you need raw fish. Zander, cod, pike, catfish, pink salmon, trout will do. You can use several types of different fish, the taste will be more interesting.


• 500 ml of kefir;

• 700 ml of mineral water;

• 2 potatoes;

• 250 grams of fish fillet;

• 3 eggs;

• 1 cucumber;

• salt pepper;

• a lot of greens;

• 7-8 radishes.


1. Wash the fish fillets and put them in a pot of boiling water. But we pour not just water. Immediately throw peas pepper, a small piece of laurel, salt, any other seasonings. Give the fillet to simmer for about ten minutes, remove. Cooling down. Then cut the fish into cubes.

2. Potatoes simply boil in the uniform, then also cut into cubes.

3. Take a cucumber and also cut into cubes. If the vegetable is small, you can take two.

4. Add to the cucumbers with fish and potatoes chopped boiled eggs. 5. Next, throw chopped greens and chopped radish.

6. Mix kefir with mineral water, salt to taste and send to okroshka.

7. Pour into plates and immediately send to the table. If you want to keep the soup longer, it is better to dry the mixture until it is diluted and pour the liquid directly into the plates.

Okroshka on kefir with mineral water (recipe with green peas)

For this wonderful okroshka you will need fresh or canned green peas. Boiled sausage is used, but similarly you can take sausages, meat, chicken and make cold soup to your taste.


• 0.25 kg sausage;

• 0.2 kg peas;

• 700 ml of kefir;

• 500 ml of mineral water;

• 4 eggs;

• 1 bunch of onions;

• 2 cucumbers;

• 1 bunch of dill;

• 2 potatoes;

• 1 carrot;

• salt, citric acid.


1. Potatoes and carrots need to be boiled. You can do this in one pot. Then cool the roots, peel, cut into small cubes.

2. Boiled eggs should also be cut, like potatoes.

3. Add to them the sausage chopped in the same way, or boiled meat.

4. Cut the washed cucumbers and chop all the greens. Radish is added to the cold soup at will.

5. It remains to throw green peas, add salt, pour kefir. If it is not sour enough, you can add a lemon. Be sure to dilute and pour in small portions.

6. We add the mineral water to the plates when serving so as not to miss the gas.

Okroshka on kefir with mineral water (recipe with mustard and horseradish)

Many have to add mustard to okroshka. But few people know that cold soup will turn out especially tasty, if you also throw a little horseradish into it. It is best to use boiled meat.


• 1 liter of kefir;

• mineral water;

• 0.2 kg cucumber;

• 1 boiled potato;

• 0.1 kg of radish;

• 0.3 kg boiled beef;

• 6 eggs;

• greens and spices;

• 2 tablespoons of mustard;

• 1 tbsp. l horseradish canned. Cooking

1. Cut the meat, put it in the saucepan.

2. Add chopped boiled eggs, but not everything is cooked. Two pieces are left raw.

3. Follow the potato, also boiled. Optionally, you can throw more potatoes.

4. Add chopped greens and chopped cucumbers with radish.

5. Now beat with a fork raw eggs with prescription mustard and horseradish. Adjust the sharpness. If the mustard is vigorous, then you can put less. Add salt to them, stir.

6. Pour the cooked pot in okroshka and ready! When serving for sharpness, pour in mineral water.

Okroshka on kefir with mineral water (recipe with beets)

Beetroot soup is a delicious cold soup. It is also often called “Baltic.” Beets are best prepared in advance, as cooking takes time.


• 2 cucumbers;

• 1 beet;

• 0.2 kg sausage;

• green onions, dill;

• 1 liter of kefir;

• 4 eggs;

• 500 ml of mineral water;

• 1-2 potatoes;

• Radish to taste.


1. Potatoes with eggs should be boiled until cooked. Do the same with beets. All cleaned, cut into cubes, send in a bowl.

2. Add chopped greens, cucumbers. You can put and radishes, but a little.

3. Put the chopped sausage and you can add kefir.

4. Salt the cold soup and let stand a little, so that the beets let their color in it.

5. We adjust the density of mineral water, pour water into the plates when serving to the table.

Okroshka on kefir with mineral water (recipe with sorrel)

Recipe sour and very interesting okroshka on kefir with mineral water and sorrel. The dish is very fragrant, summer, tasty in its own way.


• 1 large bundle of sorrel;

• 6 boiled potatoes;

• 1 liter of kefir;

• 1.2 liters of mineral water;

• 3 eggs;

• 3 cucumbers;

• different greens;

• 300 grams of meat or sausage;

• salt.


1. Enumerate sorrel. Cut small, throw in the pan.

2. Add the rest of the chopped greens: onion, dill, parsley. Put a little salt and gently rub with hands, so that the greens are slightly moist and pour out the juice. 3. Add boiled and chopped potato tubers.

4. Put eggs, cucumbers.

5. Cut the sausage or lean meat. Also send to okroshka.

6. Pour kefir, mix. Add the right amount of salt.

7. Mineral water is poured directly into the pan, stir and can be served!

Okroshka on kefir with mineral water - useful tips and tricks

• Boiled meat or chicken does not always manage to be cut neatly. To make small and even pieces, you need to hold the products in the refrigerator. Products will get stronger, will be cut easily.

• Okroshka will be much more fragrant if all the greens are folded separately, then rub it slightly with your hands. For a better selection of juice, you can add some salt.

• If okroshka turns out a lot, then do not immediately pour in the liquid and add spices. You can put off some of the dry, chopped products and put them in the fridge. Dilute fresh cold soup will be at any time.

• Okroshka is not only a great cold soup, but also a great salad. Set aside some dry ingredients. Part of the dressing in the form of okroshka for dinner. And in the second part you can add sour cream or mayonnaise and use as a salad for dinner.

• If kefir acid is not enough, then add citric acid, citrus juice or vinegar to cold soups. You can also add crushed sorrel leaves.

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