Eggplant Saute - the best recipes. How to properly and deliciously prepare an eggplant sauté.

Eggplant Saute - the best recipes. How to properly and deliciously prepare an eggplant sauté.

In the classic sense, a sauté is a dish prepared using a special technology, which consists of a preliminary short-term frying of the products included in the recipe. So that they do not stick, the contents of the pan should be shaken periodically. Shake it up, not turn it over with a spatula or fork. This is the secret - it is believed that the surface of the products will not be damaged, and they will keep all the juice. By the way, “sote”, translated from French, means a jump (leap), i.e. shaking the pan, the vegetables seem to bounce on it. Hand on heart, one can say that very few people roast them according to all the rules, but the name “saute” behind the dish is firmly entrenched.

Eggplant Saute - General Principles and Methods of Cooking

To prepare an eggplant sauté, you will need a thick-bottomed stew pan to prevent the vegetables from burning (or a cast-iron cauldron) and a frying pan for roasting vegetables. Even better, if there is a special stew-pan with a long handle and high sides, this is for those who want to feel like a real cook and start throwing vegetables in a frying pan with deft movements so that they do not stick.

Eggplant Saute - Food Preparation

The main ingredients for an eggplant saute are Bulgarian pepper, onions, tomatoes and eggplants themselves. Alternatively, carrots can be added. From spices and spices - garlic and parsley. Some recipes include black pepper or ground pepper, sugar and bay leaf.

For saute, eggplants are cut large - in slices or circles, the remaining vegetables, most often, finely chopped noodles or half rings.

Eggplant Saute - the best recipes

Recipe 1: Aubergine Saute “Favorite”

Cooking this dish is not difficult, even an aspiring hostess can handle it. And the result will please households and will allow to diversify the usual menu. Eggplants and tomatoes do not need peeling. Carrots can be cut into thin straws, so it will look beautiful in a dish. But if there is no time or special desire, you can simply grate it on a large scale, the taste will not become worse.

Ingredients: 4 medium eggplants, 2 pcs. Each. carrots and bell peppers, one onion, greens - parsley and dill, 4 cloves of garlic and 4 tomatoes, vegetable oil. Method of preparation:

Cut eggplants crosswise into 0.5-0.8cm circles, cool with salt, set aside for half an hour to let the juice (get rid of bitterness).

Chop the tomatoes into large pieces into cubes, chop the onion and pepper into thin half rings, and grate the carrots.

Heat oil in a pan, fry vegetables, laying them alternately - first onion, then pepper, carrot and, last of all, tomatoes. Salt the vegetable mass and slightly stew until soft.

Rinse the eggplants with water, squeeze well and fry until lightly crusted on both sides. Then put them in a saucepan, cover with roasted vegetables on top, sprinkle with chopped herbs and garlic. Bring the mixture to a boil and simmer for 10 minutes under a lid. At the end of cooking, if necessary, dosolit to taste. Stir the ready sauté and serve immediately. This dish is delicious in any form: cold, hot or warm.

Recipe 2: Aubergine Saute “Fragrant”

The magical aroma emanating from this dish during the cooking process tickles nostrils in a teasing way, and the hand stretches to the spoon in order to scoop once more from the saucepan, more, ostensibly “on trial”. Therefore, sauté is better not to cook on an empty stomach.

In this recipe, a carrot is cut into circles, but it is not forbidden to cut it smaller, for example, into straws (for those who do not like coarsely chopped carrot stew).

Ingredients: 2 pieces of large eggplants, Bulgarian sweet pepper and bulbs, 1 large carrot, 1 head of garlic, a bunch of parsley, 3 ripe red large tomatoes, ground black pepper, vegetable oil, salt. For lovers of sharp little one, you can add a half-size hot pepper of a small size.

Method of preparation:

Eggplant (with the peel) cut into circles 0.7-1.0 cm, sprinkle with salt or put in salt water (2 tablespoons with a slide / 1 liter of water) for half an hour to remove bitterness.

Onions cut into narrow rings, fry in butter and put in a saucepan for stewing. There the same vegetables will be placed in layers. Each layer is slightly salted. Shred carrots into thin circles (cut into plates across the carrots), fry and lay on the onion.

Top with sliced ​​sweet noodles (half rings). Those who love spicy foods can add hot peppers. Chop the garlic with thin plates (along or across), and sprinkle with the chopped parsley over the pepper (1/3 of the total mass). The next layer is eggplant. Previously, they must be washed in water from salt, squeezed and fried until golden brown. Sprinkle with garlic and parsley.

To make it easier to remove the skin, tomatoes must be scalded with boiling water. Clear. Cut into slices or circles, cover them with a layer of eggplant. Top with the rest of the greens and garlic and close the pan with a lid.

Bring the contents of the saucepan to a boil and reduce the heat to minimum, simmer for about 50 minutes with the lid closed, without mixing the layers. At the end of cooking, try on the salt and add ground pepper. Ready saute, laid out in plates, sprinkled with fresh herbs. Served cold or hot.

Recipe 3: Eggplant Saute “In a Hurry”

The peculiarity of this recipe is that the chopped vegetables are not fried, but folded into the pan in layers in raw form. This is a bit away from the classic cooking option, in which the ingredients are necessarily pre-fried. But why not give a chance to this recipe, especially when you want to cook food tasty and quick.

Ingredients: 4-5 tomatoes, 2 pieces of eggplants, bulbs and paprika, garlic 4-5 cloves, 1 tsp sugar, to taste salt and pepper, half a cup of vegetable oil, parsley.

Method of preparation:

Eggplants and tomatoes, along with the peel, cut into 0.5-0.8 cm slices (if the vegetables are large in diameter, the circle can also be cut into 2 halves), onions and peppers - into half rings. It is advisable to take eggplants from young people so that they can not be soaked beforehand.

Fold the vegetables in rows in a saucepan, lightly sprinkling layers - onion, pepper, eggplant, tomatoes. Repeat one more time. The last layer should be tomatoes. Sprinkle with sugar, chopped herbs and garlic, ground pepper and sprinkle with oil. Cover and simmer for 40 minutes over low heat.

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