Food in a multicooker burns

Food in a multicooker burns

More and more kitchen equipment comes to the aid of hostesses. If even a mantovark even seemed to be a luxury, now many people in the kitchen have a slow cooker.

And it is great if she serves her mistress faithfully. And if it delivers a lot of trouble in the form of burnt food? What to do? Change to a new one or try to understand the reasons for these troubles?

Acquaintance with the multicooker and the first errors

What do hostesses do when they buy a slow cooker? Most often, they are superficially acquainted with the instructions, immediately taken to cooking, and choosing not simple recipes, but the most intricate. And they make the first mistake.

After all, even the same brand of multicooker work differently. Everything depends not only on the heating element, the material from which the bowl is made, but even on the voltage in a single apartment.

And in order to understand how a multicooker behaves in this or that case, you need to get acquainted with it slowly.

It is advisable to be in the vicinity of her during the first days of cooking, in order to immediately notice any surprises in the form of runaway broth or porridge starting to burn. It is then that problems can begin with a further culinary process.

After all, if the food in the bowl burns, then it affects its non-stick coating, because even with careful laundering of the burned food, micro-scratches may appear on the walls of the multi-cooker. As a result, the non-stick layer is broken, and in this place the food will burn again and again. Conclusion:

  • First you need to be familiar with how to use the multicooker.
  • To begin with the application of the simplest recipes, gradually moving to more complex ones.
  • If the food comes on when all the rules are followed, then you need to contact (until the warranty period has expired) the service center or the store where the purchase was made. After all, maybe all the problems in the temperature sensor, which regulates the temperature in the slow cooker.

But if everything is in order on this side, and the food still burns, then the reason is in the wrong mode.

Choosing the right multicooker mode

No wonder in a multi-cooker laid several programs. Most often there is “Stewing / Soup”, “Baking”, “Steaming”, “Milk porridge”, “Buckwheat”. In more expensive multicookers, there are additional modes.

Therefore, deciding to cook a dish for any recipe, you need to choose the right program, because in different modes, a specially set temperature is automatically set.

The principle of operation of the multicooker is the same as the iron. After all, when ironing silk fabrics, the hostesses do not set the iron wheel on “Flax” or “Cotton”. Otherwise, a hole is immediately formed on the fabric.

But when cooking in a multicooker milk porridge (even rice), the hostess can safely set the mode “Buckwheat” or “Pilaf”. In this case, the food and burn, because the milk porridge is cooked over low heat with constant stirring. And if the temperature is increased, then the porridge will either run away (if there is a lot of liquid), or it will burn, if it is thick. This happens when the wrong mode is selected, if a higher temperature is programmed in it than is required for cooking a particular dish.

Proper product placement in the slow cooker is the key to success

If the mode is chosen correctly, but the food still burns, this may be due to a violation of the proportion between liquid and dry products. Even non-capricious buckwheat will burn in a regular saucepan, if you pour a little water. What can we say about the multicooker, in which everything is brought to automatism.

Also of great importance is the sequence in which products are sent to the multicooker bowl.

It is not in vain that a booklet with recipes is attached to each multicooker, in which the exact amount of ingredients is given and the order in which they are laid out. After all, because of the products that are chaotically placed in the bowl, the temperature can be disturbed and the food will start to burn. Especially if water or juicy vegetables are not added on time.

If problems with liquid dishes do not occur so often, then with baking the situation is much more complicated.

Baking in a Multivarke

Many housewives complain that baking in a slow cooker either turns out to be pale and not baked, or burns.

This can be for several reasons:

  • the non-stick coating is broken;
  • the pan is made of poor quality material;
  • thermal sensor does not work well;
  • wrong recipe.

If the hostess herself cannot cope with the first causes, then she can reconsider the latter.

Suffice it to recall how the baking in the oven behaves. If the dough is sweet and savory, then it stays pale for a long time. And on the contrary, fat and sweet dough quickly blush. Baking sticks to the baking sheet if it is not oiled or covered with parchment paper. The same thing happens with baking in a slow cooker.

  • Therefore, in order to prevent the dough from burning in it, it is necessary, first, to be sure to oil the bowl with oil.
  • Secondly, do not put a lot of sugar in the dough, which starts to burn at high temperatures.
  • And you also need to know the exact time for which the dough is well cooked. In multi-firms of different companies, the preparation time of the dough with the “Baking” function is programmed differently - from 20 to 40 minutes. Therefore, it is necessary by trial and error to determine for what period of time a particular dough is baked.
  • We need to learn how to determine the readiness of baking. After all, in a slow cooker, it looks completely different from cooked in the oven, because in a slow cooker, even a perfectly prepared cake has a pale surface. And just turning it over on a dish or towel, you can see how it reddened. Therefore, the readiness of baking is checked with a toothpick and proceed from this time.

Conclusion: so that the food in the slow cooker does not stick, you must strictly follow all the recommendations for cooking this or that dish.

  • Properly set the mode.
  • Adhere to the exact norm of bookmark products.
  • Do not increase the cooking time. After all, even a stewed potato can burn if it is cooked for a long time.

Hostess Tips

  • If the food burns even if the mode is correctly selected and there is no damage on the surface of the pan, you can artificially reduce the temperature slightly. To do this, just open the valve to release steam. Then the temperature in the pan will decrease by a few degrees and the boiling will not be as active.
  • Although the multicooker is designed for independent self-preparation of dishes, you still need to take part in the process yourself: stir porridge in time or add a little water.
  • After all, the recipes are designed for the average quality of products. For example, different varieties of rice require an unequal amount of liquid, white cabbage is boiled faster than the “Dutch woman”, and it takes more time to cook the domestic chicken than for the chicken.

Many housewives believe that the slow cooker needs to be tamed. But in fact, you just have to agree with her, given all the nuances of her work. And then it will really be very useful and indispensable kitchen appliances.

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