Cake "Anthill" from cookies - quickly and tasty. Recipes cake "Anthill" from cookies with nuts, cottage cheese and marmalade


Delicious dessert can not only bake. If you have a biscuit, it remains only to cook the cream and make a delicious cake in a few minutes.

Cookies “Anthill” cake - the basic principles of cooking

Cookies for cake is better to take shortbread with the aroma of baked milk. It crumbles easily and has a pleasant aroma. But you can experiment, and use galetny, oatmeal, flaky cookies or cracker for cooking.

Basically for this dessert they use butter cream on condensed milk, but the cake will turn out tasty and sour cream. In principle, it is possible to simplify the preparation of dessert, simply by mixing crumb biscuits with boiled or regular condensed milk.

For a start, cookies are crumbled into small pieces. Then prepare the cream, spread it in crumbled cookies and mix.

The resulting mass is laid slide on a dish.

In the dessert, you can add nuts, sliced ​​dried fruit, marmalade pieces, coconut chips, etc.

Top cake can be poured chocolate icing.

The cake is left for several hours to soak.

Recipe 1. Quick cake “Anthill” biscuit


boiled condensed milk - bank;

walnuts - stak .;

crumbly biscuits - half a kilo;

poppy and chocolate for decoration.

Method of preparation

1. Fry the nuts in a dry frying pan and clean the thin film. Crush nuts in a special mortar or blender.

2. Cookies with crumbled hands into small pieces. Add nuts to boiled condensed milk and mix. Combine cookie crumb with condensed milk and stir.

3. Put the mass in the form of a slide on a beautiful dish.

4. Break the chocolate bar into pieces, place it in a small bowl and place it on a pan of boiling water. Pour the dessert with melted chocolate and sprinkle with poppy seeds. We send the dish for a few hours in the fridge.

Recipe 2. “Anthill” cake made from coconut chip cookies


three packs of biscuits 160 g each;

50 g shavings;

jar of a condensed regiment;

100 g chocolate bar;

100 grams of walnuts;

100 g plums oils;

cocoa - 80 g

Method of preparation

1. Pick the nuts from the trash, place them in a deep bowl and chop them with an immersion blender or crush.

2. Take a cookie so that it crumbles well. Break it into random pieces. Should be present and very small baby, and large pieces. Stir with nuts.

3. Combine condensed milk with pieces of butter. Whisk everything until a thick, uniform cream. Pour the cocoa and beat for a couple more minutes.

4. Put the cream in a bowl of cookies and nuts. Stir with a spoon. You should get a thick plastic mass, from which you can sculpt. If necessary, add more cookies.

5. Put the mass on a plate, giving it the shape of a slide. Smash the chocolate into pieces and place in a bowl. Place it on a pan of boiling water and hold until the chocolate is melted. If the icing is thick, you can add a couple of spoons of milk.

6. Cover the cake with icing and sprinkle with coconut. Take a couple of hours in the fridge.

Recipe 3. “Anthill” cake made from dried apricots


The foundation

Half a kilo of cookies with the taste of baked milk;

five pieces dried apricots;

a handful of walnuts.


500 ml of condensed boiled milk;

80 g sour cream;

200 g of oil draining. soft


milk chocolate.

Method of preparation

1. Cookies crush hands into small pieces.

2. Fry the nuts in a dry frying pan, peel and chop. Dried apricots pour boiling water. Drain infusion. Drain dried and cut into slices. Add all to the cookies and mix.

3. Pour the condensed milk into soft butter. Send sour cream and mix here.

4. Add cream to base and mix. Form a slide on a beautiful dish from the mass and leave to soak for three hours.

Recipe 4. “Anthill” cake made from biscuits with prunes, dried apricots and nuts


800 g of biscuits;

50 g of cocoa;

200 g of softened plums. oils;

50 g of raisins;

380 g of condensed boiled milk;

100 g of nuts, dried apricots and prunes.

Method of preparation

1. Breaking cookies in arbitrary pieces of different sizes. We put it in a bowl.

2. Fry the walnuts in a dry frying pan until golden. Then cool and chop into medium sized pieces.

3. Dried fruits are washed, put into a deep bowl and pour hot water. Leave for half an hour. Then we merge water and we cut prunes and dried apricots in small pieces. All dried fruits and nuts are added to the bowl with crumb. Stir.

4. Put the soft butter in the bowl of the blender, add boiled condensed milk and whisk until a dense dense mass.

5. We leave a little cream for decoration. The rest is laid out in a bowl with cookies, dried fruits and nuts. Stir with a spoon, and then with your hands. We spread the mass on a plate, forming a hill.

6. Add cocoa to the cream and stir. We coat the cake with chocolate cream. Decorate with nuts and leave it to soak for three to four hours.

Recipe 5. “Anthill” cake made from cookies with curd


Cookies “To Coffee” - 30 pieces;

vanilla sugar;

fat cottage cheese - 250 g;

powdered sugar - 80 g;

low-fat sour cream - 100 ml;

cocoa - 30 g;

oil plums. - half a pack.

Method of preparation

1. Cottage cheese put parts in a fine sieve and mash with a spoon. Add to the curd mass sugar powder, sour cream, vanilla sugar and soft butter. Stir until the consistency of the curd mass.

2. Cookies break arbitrary pieces.

3. Curd mass is transferred to chopped cookies and mix with a spoon. We take a beautiful dish and spread on it a mass of cookies and cottage cheese in the form of a hill. Sprinkle cocoa on top of the cake and leave for a few hours. Dessert should be well soaked.

Recipe 6. “Anthill” cake made from custard cookies


800 g of biscuits;

flour - 140 g;

milk - liter;

four fresh eggs;

sugar - 600 g;

vanilla sugar;

300 g oil drain.

Method of preparation

1. Break the cookies in arbitrary pieces and place the crumb in a deep bowl.

2. In a liter of milk, add plain and vanilla sugar. Stir and put on fire.

3. Beat four eggs with half a cup of sugar. Add flour to the egg mixture and mix.

4. In the boiling milk pour the egg-flour mixture, while intensively stirring with a spoon. Directly on the stove, whip the cream with a mixer. Get a lush mass without lumps. Cool the cream.

5. Put the custard into the crumb of the cookies in portions and mix so that there is not a single dry piece of cookies left.

6. Put the resulting mass on a plate in the form of a slide. Decorate with coconut or chocolate chips.

Recipe 7. Cake “Anthill” of cookies with marmalade


a pack of plums. oils;

condensed milk - bank;

biscuit - half a kilo;


Method of preparation

1. Cookies take sugar or coffee flavored. Baking break arbitrary pieces, but make sure that it was not too large. Must be present and baby. Place in a deep bowl.

2. Put the soft oil in the bowl of the blender, add condensed milk to it and beat until dense.

3. Cut the marmalade into pieces and add to the crumb biscuits. Stir.

4. Combine the cream with the base and knead first with a spoon and then with your hands.

5. Take a beautiful dish and start to lay out the resulting mass in the form of a slide. Send for four hours in the fridge. Decorate the cake with marmalade slices.

Recipe 8. Cake “Anthill” of raisin cookies


350 g biscuits;

100 g raisins;

can of condensed milk;

50 g chocolate;

can of boiled condensed milk;

packaging oil plums .; walnuts - stack.

Method of preparation

1. Raisin rinse. Put it in a bowl and cover it with hot water. Soak for a quarter of an hour.

2. Crumble cookies in small pieces. You can take the usual cookies and chocolate, so the dessert will turn out more interesting.

3. Roast a glass of nuts in a dry frying pan for five minutes. Stir constantly during frying. Put the roasted nuts in the bowl of the blender and grind. Add walnut chips in broken cookies and mix.

4. Drain the raisins. Steamed raisins send in a bowl with the rest of the ingredients and mix again.

5. Put a soft butter and two types of condensed milk in a bowl. Now mix everything until you get a plastic mass. Ensure that no dry biscuit pieces are left.

6. Form a cake in the form of a slide on a plate. Crush chocolate on the smallest grater, and sprinkle it on the cake. Allow it to soak for a few hours.

Cookie “Anthill” cake - tips and tricks

The main secret of a delicious cake is high-quality condensed milk. Use a product that contains nothing but cream and sugar.

Take sour cream for the cake with a fat content of not more than 15%.

Observe the correct proportion of ingredients for the cream: 200 g of butter, take 360 ​​g of condensed milk.

Cookies better to take shortbread or milk.

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