Lingonberry tincture at home: cooking secrets. Home-made tasty liqueur from lingonberry on vodka, alcohol, cognac

Lingonberry tincture at home: cooking secrets. Home-made tasty liqueur from lingonberry on vodka, alcohol, cognac

People who appreciate the taste of alcoholic beverages, who love homemade liqueurs, will like cowberry liqueur. Experienced housewives appreciate this juicy berry: for the benefit, brightness, taste. In addition, it softens the smell and the specific taste of any alcohol, be it alcohol, vodka, brandy, or home brew.

Lingonberry tincture at home - general principles

Indeed, lingonberries are great for making homemade tinctures. Prepare a drink and from fresh berries, and from frozen, canned fruits. Some even deliberately slightly freeze the lingonberries, considering that the berry produces more juice in this way, which makes the taste of the finished tincture and its color particularly bright.

The principle of any tincture is the same: berries are washed, poured with an alcoholic beverage, removed for some time to insist, then filtered and poured into containers.

Often use sugar, sugar syrup or honey, so that the drink was not too tart and viscous.

To taste, other berries, berry bushes, vanilla, cinnamon and other ingredients can be added to the lingonberry tincture.

Tincture has a beautiful juicy color, indescribable aroma and taste. And even men who believe that homemade alcohol on the berries is a female drink will not give up tasting. Consider the most favorite and common recipes.

1. Quick recipe for cranberry liqueur at home on vodka


• canned lingonberries in juice - three jars;

• five glasses of sugar;

• any vodka - one liter bottle;

• liter can of filtered water;

• five fresh mint leaves.

Cooking Method:

1. Open the cans with canned lingonberries, fold the berries into a colander so that the juice stack (instead of canned lingonberries you can take natural lingonberry juice). Do not pour the juice, but pour it into a separate cup.

2. Cook sugar syrup: pour water into a metal container, add sugar, put it on the stove, turn on medium heat and boil until sugar is completely dissolved. Turn off the fire, leave the syrup for a while to cool. 3. Rinse the mint leaves, place on a paper towel to dry a little.

4. Pour the cooled sugar syrup into the lingonberry juice, add mint leaves, pour in the vodka, close with a lid, mix well and leave for forty-eight hours to infuse.

5. After two days, strain the infusion through a sieve, pour into bottles and place in a dark place, store at a temperature not higher than fifteen degrees.

6. This tincture is obtained very sweet and fragrant, can be used as a dessert drink.

2. Lingonberry and cranberry tincture at home with vodka


• cowberry berries - half a kilogram;

• cranberries - half a kilogram;

• vodka - seven glasses.

For sugar syrup:

• sugar - eight glasses;

• purified water - a little more than one glass.

Cooking Method:

1. Cranberry and lingonberry sort out so that in the finished tincture do not come across extra leaves and twigs, rinse under running water. Instead of fresh cowberry and cranberry fruits, you can take fresh frozen berries, just before preparing the tincture, thaw them well.

2. Grind all the berries in any way (in a blender or tolkushkoy) to make a puree mass.

3. Pour granulated sugar into the berry puree, pour in vodka (you can use alcohol instead of vodka), close the lid, let it stand for a few minutes.

4. Boil the syrup: add sugar in a deep pan, cover with water, put on the stove and boil for about ten minutes over moderate heat.

5. Do not cool the syrup, but pour the berry with vodka and sugar in a hot hot sauce, stir well.

6. Pour tincture into a three-liter jar and close with a plastic cap, put in a dark place and leave for ten days.

7. Strain the lingonberry drink through a sieve or cheesecloth to remove excess oilcakes and bottled, place in a dark, cool place for storage.

3. Lingonberry tincture at home on alcohol


• fresh cranberries - 12 glasses;

• liter of alcohol;

• currant leaves - eight pieces.

Cooking Method:

1. Take fresh berries, rinse in a colander with cold water (together with fresh cowberry fruits, apply fresh frozen ones), spread them on a clean, dry cloth to dry slightly.

2. Transfer the berries in three-liter jars.

3. Rinse the currant leaves, lightly dry them on paper napkins (you can use a leaf from raspberries, rose hips or any other berry trees).

4. Fill the berries with alcohol, add currant leaves, cover and place in a dark cupboard for one month to infuse.

5. After a month, strain the infusion and bottle.

6. This tincture is strong, so use one teaspoon as a medicine for diabetes, rheumatism, diseases of the urinary system, diarrhea, gout.

4. Lingonberry tincture at home with honey


• top quality vodka - one liter bottle;

• slightly less than a pound of fresh lingonberries;

• natural honey - one glass;

• cinnamon pod.

Cooking Method:

1. As in other recipes, be sure to sort out the fresh lingonberries, wash them thoroughly, put them into a large jar or other suitable glass container.

2. Add honey to the berries.

3. Pour in vodka.

4. Put the cinnamon pod, mix well with a wooden spoon.

5. Close the plastic cover and place in a dark place for thirty days to insist.

6. Strain the prepared tincture, bottled and use in small doses as a medicine against dysentery, with rheumatism.

5. Lingonberry tincture at home on brandy


• a small bottle of any brandy;

• one glass of fresh cranberries;

• sugar - three large spoons.

Cooking Method:

1. Prepared cowberry fruits in a two-liter jar, crush it with a crush (you can grind in a blender). 2. Pour brandy into the lingonberry puree, add sugar, stir well, cover and place in a dark warm place to infuse for half a month.

3. After 2 weeks, strain the infusion, squeeze the juice slightly.

4. Bottle, close the lids and place in a dark ventilated area.

5. This tincture is obtained medium strength, so it should be used in small doses for the treatment of diseases associated with the urinary system, and for diseases of the joints.

6. Cranberry liqueur tincture at home with brandy and vodka


• any brandy - a small bottle;

• any vodka - one liter bottle;

• fresh lingonberries - a little more than three kilograms (can be fresh frozen);

• fresh cherry fruit - five glasses;

• sugar - a little less than one glass (can be replaced with natural flower honey);

• two lemons.

Additionally prepare a few leaves of currant, raspberry, cherry.

Cooking Method:

1. Crank the lingonberries and cherries thoroughly, pour them separately into a colander and rinse with water, place on paper towels, leave for forty minutes to dry well.

2. Put all the berries in a common glass dish. Do not remove bones from the cherry.

3. In a bowl with berries, pour brandy, vodka, add sugar.

4. Wash the lemons, do not peel the skin, do not remove the bones, cut the fruit into small slices, put it in the container.

5. Stir thoroughly, cover the dishes tightly with a lid, leave in some dark cabinet and leave for ten days at room temperature.

6. After the allotted time has expired, strain the infusion, bottled, place in a dark, well-ventilated room.

7. This tincture is also obtained strong, so it should be used only in small doses, as a medicine.

Lingonberry tincture at home - tips and tricks

• For the preparation of high-quality beverage, you must carefully select the raw materials. It is not necessary that the berries be whole, but they definitely should not be spoiled, with obvious signs of rotting, moldy. Secondly, the fruits must be pre-picked and washed: the remaining dirt can negatively affect the taste of the finished drink. • Tincture prepared according to the above recipes can be not only an excellent aperitif, medicine, but also an excellent culinary product. It is often added to the dough, where it improves the structure of the mass, gives the product a special aroma, making the product softer, airier. It is used to prepare the impregnation for cakes, biscuits.

• Alcohol tinctures have a long shelf life, unlike drinks that do not contain an alcohol base. But still observe the rules of storage is necessary. It is recommended to store the product at home for no more than one year, after all, the tincture is not an aperitif, but more a drug that loses its properties after a certain time.

• It is forbidden to store the tincture in dishes made of metal, plastic; it is ideal to use any glass container for both preparing and infusing, storing.

• If during the opening of the cranberry tincture you find that it is not hermetically sealed or that a large amount of precipitation has accumulated on its bottom, discard it.

• Before consuming alcohol for medicinal purposes, it is important to get expert advice.

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