Ginger cake - unique taste! Simple recipes for biscuit, honey, souffle and quick ginger cakes

Ginger cake - unique taste! Simple recipes for biscuit, honey, souffle and quick ginger cakes

Not so long ago we only heard about ginger baking. Cookies are mentioned in many literary works of European authors, but cakes ... this is not often seen among classics. Let's correct this situation, the offered cakes with ginger are tasty and easy at the same time.

Ginger Cakes - General Cooking Principles

With ginger, you can make almost any kind of cake: biscuit, sand, honey, chocolate, soufflé. There are gingerbread cakes and instant cooking without baking, where ginger biscuits are used instead.

Ginger is most often added to the dough, less often to a creamy mass. This may be a dry powder or finely ground fresh root. In order not to get a sharp ginger taste, it is recommended to strictly observe the rate of the specified product (powder or chips).

Cheese creams are considered to be the best creams for ginger cakes. They are based on creamy or curd soft cheeses. They are more gentle, less sweet, always turn out lush. The only note is: such creams do not impregnate the cakes as well as, for example, oil or sour cream. In this case, they are additionally lubricated with berry or fruit jelly or impregnated separately.

Ginger Cake: A Classic Recipe



flour - 350 gr .;

two eggs;

one and a half spoon ripper and one - soda;

a glass of milk;

“Farm” oil - 125 gr .;

350 grams of sugar;

a piece of fresh ginger;

190 ml of strong brewed coffee.

In cream:

a spoon of cinnamon powder;

ginger - a small slice;

300 grams of cream cheese;

35 percent cream - 400 ml;

icing sugar - dvandigramma.

Cooking Method:

Cut the butter into a bowl, set on low heat and wait until it melts.

Grate all the ginger on a fine grater.

Measure out the required amount of flour. Adding ripper and soda, sift into a mixing bowl. Mixing the flour mixture with sugar, pour into it an egg, milk, cooled butter and warm coffee. Adding a teaspoon of ginger, mix thoroughly, breaking all the lumps.

Lubricate the bottom and walls of the split form with oil and fill it, pouring a third of the prepared dough. Putting in a preheated oven, bake the first cake. Temperature range: 180 degrees, time - 30 minutes. In this way, prepare two more Korzh. Immediately after baking, free the cakes from the form and leave to cool, laying on the grid.

Pour cold cream into a clean deep bowl and begin to slowly beat. When it becomes noticeably thicken, in portions we introduce powdered sugar. Beating in a strong foam, set aside.

Put the cream cheese in a separate bowl. Adding 1/8 spoon. grated ginger and cinnamon, beat until pomp.

Continuing to whip up the curd, in parts we add cream into it. Put the bowl with the finished cream for an hour in the fridge.

Perelaivayem cakes cream, collect in a pile on a wide dish. Level up the sides of the cake with the rest of the cream mass.

You can make a cake to your liking. The simplest solution is to rub chocolate onto the surface through a small grater.

Honey-ginger cake with cream cheese and sour cream


In the dough for the cake layers:

flour - 230 g;

two spoonfuls of dry ginger and one each of baking powder and soda;

150 milliliters of water;

sugar - 80 g .;

one egg;

ground cloves and cinnamon - half a spoonful of each spice;

60 ml of refined oil;

honey - 150 gr.


creamy “Peasant” butter - 120 g;

a glass of sour cream and the same amount of cheese cream, Philadelphia variety;

100 gr. powdered sugar;

vanilla powder - 1 gr.

Additionally, for registration:

chopped nuts.

Cooking Method:

Bring to a boil 150 ml of water. Pour boiling water over honey in a deep bowl. After adding the soda, mix thoroughly and set aside the foamed mixture.

To flour pour cinnamon, ginger, baking powder and cloves. Sort the mixture twice into a mixing bowl.

Beat up the sugar with the egg, add the sunflower oil and repeat the beating.

In the egg mass in three doses, we alternately mix the flour mixture and the honey mass. Adding a new portion of one or the other, mix thoroughly.

Turn on to warm up the oven, sides and bottom of a high form, with a diameter of up to 22 centimeters, lubricate with oil.

Fill the prepared form with dough, put it in the oven, the air temperature in which has already been established at 180 degrees. We bake honey biscuit for forty minutes, check the readiness with a match or splinter.

Letting the prepared biscuit stand in the form of 10 minutes, remove it and place it to cool on the grid. Cut the cooled biscuit in half, cut the top, it is useful for registration. Oil room temperature cut in deep tank. After adding the cheese, whip until fluffy, then, without stopping the beating, interspersed with sugar and sour cream.

We collect the cake on a serving platter, richly applying cream on the cakes. Align the sides, sprinkle the surface with a crumb from the cut tops. We decorate the ginger cake cores of nuts.

Carrot-ginger cake with a delicate cream cheese cream


For cream:

large lemon;

240 gr. soft cream cheese;

six glasses of powdered sugar;

a pack of softened "Peasant" oil.


three hundred milliliters of refined oil;

four large eggs;

lemon peel;

two spoons of ground ginger;

a pound of carrots;

a spoonful of fine salt and the same amount of soda;

a quarter of a spoonful of nutmeg powder and half of ground cinnamon;

flour and sugar - two glasses each;

two spoons of ripper.

Cooking Method:

First of all, prepare the cream, it must be cooled well before applying to the cake. To do this, in a spacious bowl combine cream cheese and butter softened at room temperature.

Scald lemon with boiling water, scrape off a bright layer with a fine grater. Having filled a tablespoon with it, we shift fragrant chips in a bowl with butter. Pour a spoonful of fresh citrus juice here.

Whip the cream at medium speed whips, gradually pouring icing sugar. Having a homogeneous fluffy mass, cover the bowl with a lid and put it in the fridge.

We oil the sides and the bottom of a round container with a diameter of up to 22 centimeters, lightly priprashivaem flour. Turn on to preheat the oven, raise the temperature to 180 degrees.

In a bowl convenient for kneading, mix vegetable oil with eggs pounded with sugar and beat with a mixer until absolutely homogeneous mass. Pour a spoonful of lemon zest, mix well.

In a separate bowl pour the flour. Add baking powder, ginger, nutmeg, soda and cinnamon. Peresyav, gradually pour this mixture into a continuously stirred oil mass.

We rub carrots with small chips, mix them with the prepared dough. Pour a third of the volume into the prepared form, put in the oven. Bake cake for half an hour, until dry sticks. In the same way, bake two more Korzh. Ready cakes, freeing from the form, until complete cooling, we maintain on the grid.

Shampooing the cooled cakes with cream, form a cake on a serving dish. Aligned with the remains of the cream mass of the sidewall and the top, decorate with finely chopped nuts.

Quick recipe for delicious ginger cake without baking


large orange;

half a tablespoon of sugar;

three hundred grams of fatty, 35 percent cream;

half a glass of brandy;

a pound of gingerbread;

bitter chocolate bar

Cooking Method:

Having rinsed with water, scald the orange with boiling water. After wiping dry, we scrape off a brightly painted zest with an orange grater.

Pour cold, almost ice cream into a dry, pre-defatted bowl. Beating with a mixer, gradually pour sugar to them. Having received a lush thick cream, stop whipping. It is important not to overdo it, long-term operation with a mixer can lead to the formation of oil, and not cream.

In a spacious bowl pour brandy.

Alternately we drop cookies in the brandy and spread it on a serving dish. This should be done extremely quickly, as the cookie absorbs alcohol intensively.

Having laid out the desired size of the layer, apply a thick layer of butter cream on it, top, wetting in brandy, lay out another “cake” of cookies and also richly lubricate it with cream. Repeat the procedure twice more, a total of four rows of cookies should come out.

Cover, smoothing the entire surface of the cake, the remaining cream, generously sprinkle it with grated chocolate.

Cover dessert with cling film and place it in the refrigerator for an hour to soak.

Ginger Mango Souffle Cake


two teaspoons of ground ginger;

wholemeal flour - 35 g .;

90 grams of sugar and a spoon of powder;

five eggs;

two limes;

350 grams of fresh mango fruit;

high fat cream - 150 gr .;

a small bag of granulated gelatin;

45 gr. white coconut shavings.

Cooking Method:

Mix and sift flour with powdered sugar and ginger. Add coconut chips and mix well again.

Separating the two proteins from the yolks, beat with a mixer with half the norm of sugar until stable peaks appear. To speed up the process to proteins, it is desirable to add a small pinch of salt. Carefully mix the protein mass with the flour mixture flour.

We cover the bottom of a detachable form with parchment. Put the dough on it and gently level on the bottom plane. We bake for a quarter of an hour at 180 degrees.

Ready biscuit cake leave to cool right in the form. Taking out, carefully separate the paper and put the cake back into shape.

Gelatin pour cool water and let stand ten minutes. During this time, peel and cut into small pieces of mango. Squeeze juice from lime and filter through a sieve.

Put the mango slices in a saucepan, watering with lemon juice set on low heat, simmer until soft.

Strain a little fruit juice. Cool slightly, dissolve gelatine in it.

Pour the gelatinous mixture to the slightly cooled fruit, and smash everything with a blender to a puree state.

The remaining eggs and sugar, combining, beat with a mixer until pomp. Enter fruit puree into the prepared mass and mix thoroughly.

Separately, whip the cream and combine them with the fruit mass. Pour fruit “cream” in the form of the biscuit cake, level.

Cool the cake by placing it in the common chamber of the refrigerator for four hours, then remove the knife blade dipped in hot water dipped in hot water from the mold.

Carefully put the ginger souffle cake on the dish, decorate the surface with mango slices or simply sprinkle with coconut chips.

Ginger Cake


three chicken eggs;

a glass of sugar refined sugar;

two spoons of honey and three glasses of flour;

a pack of natural oil;

a glass of nuts;

50 grams of ginger;

150 grams of cocoa powder;

800 milliliters of homemade milk.

Cooking Method:

Eggs, half of butter and sugar, as well as pour all the honey in a bowl and send it to a water bath. Stir until uniform and pour soda, remove from heat and pour two and a half cups of flour. Knead the dough.

Grind the cleaned and chopped ginger with a blender to a slurry, with a spoonful of sugar.

We sort the nuts, removing the fragments of the shell, crushing into a crumb. Stir in the dough with ginger.

The dough should be divided into equal halves. One of them is leveled on a brazier layer, approximately half a centimeter. The cake is baked in twelve minutes while heating the oven at 180 degrees. We take the pan out of the oven, and until the cake has cooled, cut it into two parts in the horizontal plane. The result will be two thin cakes, instead of one thick. We do the same thing with the second part of the dough and the cake from it. The edges of the cakes are cut and crumbled with a blender - they will be used to decorate the cake.

We pour a glass of milk and put the rest on the stove. In a small part of the milk stir the remainder of the sugar, three tablespoons of flour and cocoa. Pour the mixture in a thin stream into the milk that started to boil. Constantly stir, at a sufficiently thickened mass, put the saucepan aside and mix butter into the total mass.

Liberally grease the cakes and sides of the cake with cream, sprinkle with crisp gingerbread, leave for four hours in the cold.

Ginger Cakes - cooking tips and helpful tips

If for some reason you decide to replace powdered ginger with grated, fresh, add it in small pieces, each time trying the cream or dough to taste.

Lubricate the mold thoroughly with oil, and lightly coat it with a layer of flour. Ready-made cakes do not stick, and it will be much easier to remove them.

Beating cream, sugar or powder, enter it in parts, cream mass will come out much more magnificent.

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