Beef Hashlama will surprise and please everyone! Want real oriental food - make beef khashlama

Beef Hashlama will surprise and please everyone! Want real oriental food - make beef khashlama

Beef Hashlama is a dish that is unique for its slowness.

You read the recipe and as if you see an old man, wise over the years, slowly and carefully preparing a treat. So it is necessary, if you want to serve juicy and soft beef to the table with a unique oriental flavor.

Beef Hashlama - General Cooking Principles

• One of the basic rules for cooking delicious khashlama - meat should be three times more than vegetables. The best part of beef carcass for a dish is brisket or pulp on the bone with cartilage. From such khashlama meat turns out to be rich.

• Ease of preparation - the undoubted advantage of Khashlama. It is enough to put all the ingredients of the dish into the cauldron and put it on a low fire. Meat with vegetables for two to three hours languishing on a little heat. If a thin-walled saucepan is used for cooking, then with a long stewing the dish can burn, therefore khashlama is cooked only in a cauldron, although there are adapted recipes for the slow cooker.

• Beef and vegetables are cut into large pieces, put in a pot or a multicooker bowl in layers. Sometimes pieces of meat are pre-slightly fried in oil or boiled with the roots.

• Beef and vegetables are almost always stewed in their own juice or meat broth. There are recipes for which they pour beer or wine.

• Khashlama - a complete hearty meal that does not require garnish. It can be served in different ways: liquid, in the form of soup; or put on a plate the pieces of meat and pour them with a small amount of gravy. In any case, the dish is abundantly sprinkled with greens.

Simple Beef Hashlama Recipe


• kilogram of calf brisket;

• two large onion heads;

• kilo of fresh meaty tomatoes;

• three bell peppers;

• garlic;

• spices “For meat dishes”;

• spicy greens: dill, cilantro, basil.

Preparation Method:

1. Chop the brisket, pre-washed with water. Slightly prisalivaem and set aside for ten minutes.

2. We shift the meat in the cauldron, on it - a layer of onions, half rings. Top put large slices of tomato. 3. From the peppers, remove the seeds, wash off their remnants. Cut the peppercorns in half and then - in narrow transverse stripes. Spread peppers on tomatoes.

4. Fill up with water to cover the top layer of vegetables quite a bit. Add some spices, slightly add.

5. At maximum heat bring to a boil. Then we reduce the fire to a minimum and, without letting it boil intensely, simmer the Khashlama for two and a half hours.

6. In the finished dish add garlic, ground with a fine grater, chopped greens and let stand for some time under the lid.

Beef Hashlama with Eggplants


• about a pound of sweet pepper;

• fresh beef - 1.5 kg;

• one kilogram of onions;

• carrot and fresh tomatoes - 1 kg;

• a pound of eggplant;

• fresh greens;

• Laurel leaves - 3 pcs.


1. First, rinse well and clean all vegetables. With the eggplant, remove the peel, remove the core from the pepper and carefully select all the seeds. Cut carrots, eggplants and tomatoes into large cubes. Pepper and onion shred rings.

2. Wash the meat. Well dry the piece of pulp with a towel and cut into large pieces of square shape.

3. Vegetables are divided into three parts, and the meat into two and lay out in layers in a large cauldron. First, a layer of onions, on it the Bulgarian pepper. Then a layer of carrots, on top of it are eggplants and tomatoes. Next comes the meat layer, sprinkle it with salt and pepper. You can add some favorite spices.

4. Between the pieces of meat lay a leaf of Lavrushka and repeat the layers. The last vegetables should be on top.

5. Place the cauldron for moderate heat, cover with a lid and beat the Khashlama for three and a half hours.

6. Decorate the finished dish with chopped greens and serve immediately.

Beef khashlama with potatoes (in beer)


• half a liter of light beer;

• one and a half kilograms of beef;

• Bulgarian, red pepper - 1 kg;

• 700 gr. carrots;

• big lemon;

• kilo of potatoes;

• kilogram of eggplants;

• Onions - 750 gr .;

• six large teeth of garlic;

• non-aromatic oil;

• hop-suneli;

• kilo fresh dense tomatoes.

Preparation: 1. Thoroughly wash the beef, cut into shashlik - in square pieces measuring 5 * 5 cm and put it in a bowl.

2. For a couple of minutes, put the lemon in boiling water, cut it in half and squeeze the juice. We delete casually got stones and transfuse to meat. Add hops-suneli, add some salt and mix thoroughly, gently pressing the pieces of beef with your hands. Leave a bowl of meat in the cold for an hour.

3. Pour some oil into the cauldron, roast it well and lower the pieces of marinated beef. Stir fry meat over intensive fire for two minutes and pour beer over to it. After boiling, simmer on low heat for 10 minutes.

4. Cut the carrot into small cubes, spread on top of the beef. After warming up for a couple of minutes, lay the half rings of the onion in the cauldron and close them with small slices of potato.

5. On top of the potato layer, lay out large pieces of tomatoes. We warm everything up on a small fire, without stirring for about two minutes. The next layer is made of eggplant pieces, and on them we put wide strips of sweet pepper.

6. Cover the cauldron with a lid, cook khashlama on low heat for two hours, waiting for the liquid to almost evaporate. In the finished dish press garlic with a press, mix well. We add salt to our taste and, adding greens, let it stand for about a quarter of an hour.

Armenian beef khashlama with wine


• two and a half kilo of beef pulp;

• dense, fleshy tomatoes - 4 pcs .;

• two large sweet peppers, preferably red;

• two large onions;

• half a cup of white wine;

• four large potatoes;

• a large bunch of fresh dill;

• hop-suneli;

• ground paprika and saffron.


1. Beef pulp washed with cold water. Drain with a towel and cut into large chunks.

2. Prepare the vegetables. Cut tomatoes into slices, peeled potatoes for 6 cloves. If the tubers are very large, then it is possible for eight. The flesh of sweet pepper is cut in wide, short strips, the onion is cut into half rings, and the large onions are cut into quarters of rings.

3. First, lay out the bow in the cauldron and evenly distribute it throughout the bottom. Cover the onion layer with pieces of meat. Sprinkle the beef with spices, add plenty of salt and cover it with a layer of bell pepper, on which we place the pieces of tomato and potatoes. Top with plenty of sprinkle with chopped dill, topped up with wine. 4. Close the cauldron, put on the most minimal fire and cook for about three hours until the chunks of beef are soft enough.

Recipe of beef khashlama for multicooker


• fresh beef, preferably with a small layer of fat - half a kilo;

• two onions;

• 400 gr. fresh tomatoes;

• carrot;

• cilantro and parsley - in a small bundle;

• seasoning “Hops-suneli”;

• 40 ml of refined oil;

• large eggplant.


1. Wash all vegetables thoroughly, cut into large pieces. Carrots and eggplant ringlets, pulp of Bulgarian pepper stripes. We leave one tomato and cut the rest into slices. Onion chop rings.

2. Pour the oil into the brew bowl and place half of the onion rings into it, and on top part of the tomatoes. On top of them put half the carrots and bell peppers, part of the eggplant and all the meat. Repeat vegetable layers, starting with onions. At last, eggplants should be laid. We do not mix the products laid out in the bowl.

3. Sprinkle hops-suneli on top of the vegetables, add some salt and coarsely chopped greens, close the slow cooker. We expose on the timer for two hours, we launch the “Quenching” program.

4. After an hour and a half after switching on, lay out the previously laid, sliced ​​tomato and the remaining greens.

5. After working out the program, we do not open the lid; let the Khashlama stand for fifteen minutes. You can turn on the “Heating” for this time.

Caucasian beef hashlama


• bone calf breast - 1.5 kg;

• 400 gr. tomatoes;

• large carrot;

• stem celery - 50 g;

• large onion;

• 70 gr. celery root;

• garlic;

• fresh cilantro and curly parsley - in a small bunch;

• a teaspoon of seasoning “For pilaf”;

• three large leaves of laurel;

• A sprig of fresh thyme or thyme.


1. We wash the brisket and chop it into pieces so that each one contains bone and cartilage. We spread the meat in the cauldron.

2. Coarsely chop half the onion, celery root and stalk. Carrot cut into four parts. We shift vegetables to meat and flush everything with water. We wait for boiling, then cook for half an hour over low heat, not allowing to boil. Roots remove. 3. Thinly chop the remaining onions, chop the tomatoes into slices.

4. In the cauldron to the meat lay the spices, laurel and a sprig of thyme. Dip the onion and simmer for six minutes. Add tomato slices, bring to a boil. Then reduce the heat and leave to simmer for two and a half hours.

5. Spread garlic with chopped garlic and chopped greens when serving.

Beef Hashlama - cooking tricks and useful tips

• Meat of both young and more adult animals will be suitable for Khashlama, prolonged quenching will soften it. The main thing is that the flesh was pale pink in color, without an unpleasant smell, and its fat layer did not have a yellowish tint.

• Without a cauldron, Khashlama can be cooked in a double-bottomed saucepan or a deep thick-walled saucepan. To ensure that the dish is not burnt, in such containers it is desirable to prepare khashlama, where, according to the recipe, the meat is stewed with broth or other liquids.

• Try to choose meaty tomatoes and peppers. They will give more juice, and the whole dish will turn juicier.

• When adding potatoes, do not chop the tubers finely. Large potatoes need to be cut into six parts, and medium in four. Small tubers will be quite cut in half. If you make the pieces small, they will boil over for a long time.

• Khashlama, like all oriental dishes, loves spices. The more you put them, the more aromatic the food will be, but remember about moderation.

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